I Feel Pretty: Movie Review


(Photo of the theater screen before the movie began) 

Beauty is a subjective thing. Different people may have varying opinions about what is beautiful or who is beautiful. But, in society, sometimes beauty is generalized, particularly when it comes to women and the fashion industry. I am a fan of chick flicks, particularly when they are comedies. With everything going on in the world, and sometimes as hectic as our own lives can get, I think it is good to go watch a feel good, comedy! I had seen the trailer for I Feel Pretty and found the scenes funny! Luckily, I was Continue reading

New Series: Today’s Gratitude Photo – First One

Star Of India

A few years ago, I went to see a chiropractor. I had a few appointments with him. He was a calm doctor, with a kind of zen peace to him. He always had interesting plans on weekends, did lots of activities in nature, and practiced meditation. After a few appointments, I got to know him better and we would chat about various topics during the appointment and after my adjustment if he didn’t have a patient immediately after me. During one of our conversations, he mentioned Continue reading

Visiting the Children’s Nature Retreat & Interacting with 120 Animals


We are always seeking places to take Alessandra where she can learn and have fun at the same time. Locations where the entire family will have a good time! Recently, we have been reading more books about animals to her and she has learned to identify many of them. She also likes to Continue reading

Summer Fun: Parties, Dinner By the Bay, Birthdays, Movies, House Guests, Bowling, & More

Our Summer Fun in Video, parties, dinner by the bay, birthdays, movies, house guests, bowling, & more, all of this in two weeks, click to see video! Thank you for watching! If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications of Continue reading

So Moved: The Art and Science of Motion – New Video from VIP/Media Premiere Party


I was invited to the VIP & Media Premiere Party at the Fleet Science Center for So Moved: The Art and Science of Motion and Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery exhibits. The So Moved exhibit is fun for the entire family and open through June 11. Click below to view video from the Continue reading

Visit Science Fiction, Science Future Exhibit at Reuben H. Fleet


One of my favorite museums in San Diego is the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. I like that their exhibits are interactive, so children (and adults) can play and learn! It is one of the most family-friendly museums in San Diego! I was invited to to the Media Opening Night Continue reading

A Beautiful Stroll at Balboa Park

Hi friends,

There are many ways to stay active! One of my favorite ways is to walk. I prefer walks outside. I find them relaxing and a great way to clear my mind, to get some fresh air and de-stress. The walks I enjoy the most are with friends! Lola is my exercise buddy and we try to go for speed walks at least one to three times per week. I have written about these walks before. We have fun every time, we catch up on our lives, chat about a million topics, we call it our “therapy time,” and for me it has become “me” time.  Most of the time we walk by the bay downtown and Little Italy, where Lola lives. Downtown is close to my office and easy to drive to after work, then I head home afterwards.

We like to periodically mix it up and walk at other locations. Balboa Park is one of our favorite places to walk at. It also happens to be close to downtown and there is ample free parking, which is a plus. Balboa Park is a beautiful public park with many museums, art studios, restaurants, event venues, fountains, and attractions. It is very green with lots of plants! It makes for a scenic walk and there is always interesting people walking. It is a tourist attraction, but also a popular for locals. There are beautiful venues and buildings where brides and quinceañeras take pictures.

Last Friday, Lola and I decided to go for a walk at Balboa Park. The weather was nice and warm, it was the perfect way to unwind from a long week at work, and also get some fresh air while we got in some exercise! We walked for a little more than one hour. In case you are wondering, here’s our route: we  parked in the Federal Lot located at Park Boulevard and Presidents Way (behind the San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum), walked northeast on the sidewalk along the Organ Pavilion parking lot, walked into the Spreckels Organ Pavilion, continued north towards the San Diego Museum of Art, walked past the fountain heading east towards the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, walked around the fountain heading north past the San Diego National History Museum, turned west towards the San Diego Zoo, turned south and walked through the Spanish Village Art Studio, headed south past the San Diego National History Museum, walked into the Zoro Garden, headed west back towards the San Diego Museum of Art, then south towards the San Diego Aerospace Museum, walked all the way to the Museum, turned around and walked north past the Starlight Bowl, turned right at the Hall of Champions towards the Federal parking lot. We ended the walk with a cool down walk around the parking lot & some stretches….we kept chatting the entire time, ha!

So, next time you have an opportunity, visit Balboa Park or a park near you – enjoy the scenery and get active! Stretch your legs and get some fresh air!

Here are some pictures from our walk, hope you like them!

Do you visit parks in your area? Which park is your favorite? Do you go for walks, if yes, where? Have you been to Balboa Park?




We started our walk close to the San Diego Hall of Champions and headed north.

DSCN9154 DSCN9156

There were a few groups of people taking pictures at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion.


We said hi to photographer Aron Martinez. I have worked with him on the Quinceañera Expo.


He was photographing a bride and her bridesmaids.


We also saw a Quinceañera getting her photos taken.


I stopped to use the restroom and when I came out, Lola was taking this picture. Can you see what she was photographing? Look close in the sky.


It is the moon….do you see it?


Lola stopped to take a picture. There are palm trees throughout the Park.


The Park is so green, beautiful!


It has amazing hallways and walkways!


The San Diego Museum of Art was set-up for the Art Live charity event.


We walked past the fountain.

DSCN9177 DSCN9178 DSCN9181 DSCN9182

The architecture is amazing!


There were lots of families enjoying the Park.


This is the fountain in front of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, one of my favorite spots at the Park!

DSCN9186 DSCN9188

No, we didn’t go inside the Zoo, these are giraffe sculptures located at the Miniature Railroad.

DSCN9192 DSCN9193

One of the entrances to the Spanish Village Art Studios.DSCN9194 DSCN9195 DSCN9196 DSCN9199 DSCN9198

Sculptures of flamenco dancers in the Spanish Village Art Studios area.DSCN9202 DSCN9203 DSCN9204

We walked into the Zoro Garden (also a butterfly garden). DSCN9205

There are lots of flowers around the Park.


We stopped for a picture in front of the Lily Pond.



This couple saw us getting our picture taken and asked us to take their picture. They were tourists and had just gotten engaged! The fiancé (groom) had planned it, so he would propose to her at Balboa Park, so romantic! Lola took multiple pictures for them.


There are a few statues around the Park.


And art sculptures.DSCN9217

A little boy was playing on this art sculpture.

DSCN9220We walked past the Japanese Friendship Garden.


This is the cafe located at the entrance of the Japanese Friendship Garden.



We saw this antique classic car waiting for a wedding couple that was getting their picture taken.


We walked past the Spreckles Organ Pavilion again, on our way towards the southwest side of the Park.

DSCN9150 DSCN9151

We walked into the area where the House of Pacific Relations Cottages are located. They are open and have free cultural events or performances almost every Sunday.


We saw lots of beautiful flowers during our Walk at Balboa Park!

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