Moto Jacket – Styling from a Magazine Picture

Hi friends,

I subscribe to a few fashion magazines and receive several catalogues at home….even though I don’t always get around to reading them. But, when I do, I get ideas for outfits, learn about trends, tips, products, and much more! When I see an outfit I like, my mind quickly does a scan of my closet and I try to remember if I have similar items to put that “look” together. When I do, I’ll rip out the page and take it to my closet, then set out to put the outfit together.

I found this look in the White House Black Market catalogue. I had just purchased a similar jacket at Nordstrom Rack and was looking forward to wearing it. I had green pants from Arden B. in my closet and liked the contrast. The tank top has been part of my wardrobe for a few years and I started wearing it more often in recent months. The shoes are versatile nude color and the leather is super soft, so they are comfortable to wear. The scarf is a gift that a friend brought me back from a vacation in China. And, voile, I put the “look” together! A similar outfit, but with items I already had in my closet!

The outfits I photograph for the blog are outfits I really wear, all day! Not just outfits I put together for a photo shoot. I think it is important to be comfortable and practical with outfits! It is also important to be realistic with what one will actually wear to work or for the day! So, these are real outfits that I wear!

Hope you like the look!

Do you get inspiration for outfits you wear from magazines or catalogues? Or, where do you get your inspiration for looks you put together?



PS- I have worn this outfit three times: to work and my nephew’s Awards Ceremony at his school, on Mother’s Day to the dinner held with family, to my comadre Marissa’s birthday party. The jacket is light, so I will wear it a few more times this summer and into the fall. I may mix and match it with blue or burgundy pants, and jeans!

DSCN9560 DSCN9583 DSCN9575 DSCN9574


The first time I wore the outfit was to work and my nephew’s Awards Ceremony at his school.

paola isabella marissa bday At my comadre’s birthday dinner,  with my goddaughter and her favorite American Girl Doll.

outfit moto jacket


This is the picture from the catalogue – where I found the inspiration for the look.

PS 2-  The day I wore this outfit to work we had a cake for my boss and I helped cut it. It was not a good idea to cut a cake while wearing a long scarf like this one. It kept swinging forward and I was worried I’d stain it with cake frosting. Next time, I will just take off the scarf before I begin to cut the cake 😉

Jacket: Blanc Noir, Nordstrom Rack; Pants: Arden B., Tank Top: Target; Shoes: Levity; Scarf: Gift from China; Belt: Banana Republic; Bracelet: Forever21

Photos by: Lola Raggio

Sisterly Advice: Asking Yourself “What can I get done today?”

Hi friends,

As you may know by now, my sis and I are very close. We are each others best friend! We speak on the phone almost every day and see each other often. She is probably the person that knows me the best, plus she’s known me her entire life, ha! You may relate, if you have a sister or girlfriend you are close to.

My sister gives me great advice and I have learned lots from her over the years. It is nice to see that my litter sister has grown to be such an amazing woman and good mom. In some ways, we are very different and in other ways we are very similar. We vent with each other, often! We are also honest with each other. We are supportive of each other, but don’t always tell the other what she may want to hear. We all need this type of person in our lives!

Recently we were talking about how our lives have changed since we got married and her life even more since she had children. We both feel very blessed with our families! She told me something she has learned to do is ask herself “what can I get done today?” And do just that – and that is already a very full day since she works full-time as a teacher, has two children, a husband, and runs her household. All moms out there can probably relate. She told me over the years, particularly after she had her second son, she has learned that somethings will just not get done on weekdays. For example, she will wait until the weekend to wash laundry. Before, she’d wash laundry on weeknights, no issue, but now, she prefers to spend time with her boys in the evenings. She has an evening routine to make dinner, help her son with homework, bathe them, clean the kitchen, and prepare for the next day (lunches, clothes, son’s backpack, etc). And, she still finds time to spend time with her husband and pack his lunch for the next day. Amazing, right?

Over the years, I have learned to say no and not take on too much, because then I end up exhausted! Particularly now that I am married, I look forward to coming home every evening to spend time with my hubby. I have also taken on less weeknight and weekend outings or speaking engagements, because I need some “me time” and like to spend weekends at home, and with my hubby.

The words my sister said have stuck in my head the last few days and I can relate. Just last week, I had very long days at work because we were covering the fires and organized a phone bank with the Red Cross to help the fire victims. I was working 12 – 16 hours a day and getting home very late. When I arrived at home, I barely had energy to talk to my hubby, but did manage to ask him about his day. So, something had to give, and what gave was exercise and my blog. I wasn’t able to exercise last week or write a blog post for a few days. I was exhausted every night and ready to go to sleep as soon as I arrived home. The good thing is I knew it was temporary due to the urgency the fires caused. I felt so bad for all the families that lost their homes or businesses, and people that had to be evacuated from their homes. My eyes got watery a few times just seeing the coverage of the terrible fires and homes being lost to the flames. So much was happening so fast! How was it possible for so many fires to start in one day? Terrible! I was glad I was able to provide information to viewers through the work we do, and I was able to help raise funds for the Red Cross. That made the long hours worth it.

We all have responsibilities and lots of demands on our time, but are there things that we added to our day that could have waited or just simply were really not that urgent?

So, next time you are feeling overwhelmed or tired, ask yourself, “realistically, what can I accomplish and get done today….and not end up exhausted?” And, do just that. The laundry can wait 🙂

Are you close to your sister or a girlfriend? What is the best advice they have given you?


Letting Go of the Little Things

Hi friends,

Before I got married, I lived alone for about five years and prior to that I lived with my sister for about ten years, we were roommates.  We each had our bedroom, with individual closet, and full bathroom. Neither of us cooked much, we are both organized and clean, so the house was clean all of the time. My sister moved out when she got married, after she moved, I rarely used the kitchen and turned her bedroom into a guest room/home office. I had never lived with anyone else, apart from our parents and siblings.

After I got married, my husband and I decided I would move into his house since it was larger. I wanted us to live in my home because I really like the Eastlake area and my family and friends live just minutes away.  He said it was too small (it is about half the size of the home we live in now) and so, I moved into his house, which is now our home. As many of you that have lived with someone and/or are married can relate, there are many changes that come with living with someone, particularly if you are sharing a bedroom. We each have our own office, so we have our own spaces, but we pretty much spend most of our time in the kitchen, family room, and bedroom. My husband does spend lots of time working in his office on weeknights.

When we first got married, I would notice little things that were not in order, like papers on the kitchen island or clothes stacked on the chair on his side of the bedroom.  Now, I just shrug them off or don’t notice them at all.  The reason I changed was because of  “love.” There are very few things that my husband does that bother me. I also acknowledge that we each lived alone for a long time prior to getting married. So, we were both somewhat set in or ways. Acknowledging that and accepting that has helped me “let go of the little things.” Those little things that could bother me or that I could nag my husband about, but now realize that in the large scheme of things and  our life as a couple are really not that important.

This is a simple examples of what I am referring to. Like many other people, he for some reason does not change the empty roll of paper towels or toilet paper. Why? I have no idea. I have never even asked him. He probably changed it when he lived alone, but doesn’t change it now. Every time I see an empty paper towel roll, I just chuckle. Then, I simply walk over to the pantry, grab another roll, change it, and put the empty roll in the recycle bin. As easy as that, no nagging, no getting upset, just a chuckle and in seconds there is a new roll of paper towels ready to be used. I don’t even think he notices that its been changed, and honestly it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we have peace in our home and if I can do little things to help create that peace, we will both benefit from it. In the overall scheme of things, my husband does so many other large and little, and wonderful things, that I appreciate, so this little thing does not bother me. It is funny because years ago, this may have bothered me, but now I realize that it really is better to not sweat the little things, to just let them go. I will surely write future posts with samples of little other things I just let go and how that has contributed to my happiness and that of our marriage 🙂

This may seem like a silly example, but it is a little observation I made of something that I just let go.

Do you have little things that you let go or pass? Has it helped you live a happier and more relaxing life? Have you started to let go of the little things now that you are older? I’d love to hear from you.



DSCN0073 DSCN0071

The empty role.


The pantry is just a few feet away, so I can easily get another roll.

DSCN0079 DSCN0083

In just a few seconds, I replace the role and voila!


Then, I recycle the empty role.

The empty role in the bathroom in our bedroom.


Luckily, we keep additional roles in the bathroom area.


This is our guest bathroom…..notice the empty role?

DSCN0093 DSCN0101

Fortunately, we keep this storage bin in the bathroom, which makes it easy and convenient to replace the role.

DSCN0104 And, just like that…..we continue to keep peace in our household 🙂

My Week in Photos

Hi friends,

Hope you had a great week….and weekend! This past week, was extraordinarily busy for me….and very fun! There was lots going on! I know I haven’t written a Week In Photos post in a while, but I’ll try to get back to posting these since some of you commented that you liking seeing them, thanks!

What did you do this past week….and weekend?

Hope you like the post & have a great start to your week….May starts in a few weeks! Unbelievable how fast time goes by. I wish you an amazing, productive, and HAPPY week!



live well sd interview studio live wel intreview studio practive

My week started with meetings for Live Well San Diego, a partnership the stations have with the County of San Diego for this program. I manage the stations partnership and this is a very exciting project for me! I am motivated & inspired to work on this initiative! I also hosted an interview for Azteca San Diego regarding Live Well San Diego, called Vive Bien San Diego in Spanish!

birthday cake alex

This week was full of festivities at the station, one my colleagues in the department had a birthday and we celebrated with this delicious tres leches caramel cake (from Costco). I had never had the caramel version, it was different & yummy!

jy luch leomande lunch jay pellegrino

This was my boss’ last week at the station and the department staff went out to celebrate his farewell lunch. The lemonade glasses were cute and I had a Pellegrino, for some odd reason these are the only two pics I have from the lunch. We were all reminiscing and chatting, maybe that is why I didn’t take too many pics.  We also had cake for him at the station.

ut night and day

Someone very kind left Thursday’s Union Tribune newspaper on my desk at the station….Lola and I are in it! Thanks for this anonymous act of kindness 🙂 I showed it to Lola, she always gets a kick out of pictures of us in publications. Also, thanks to the photographer for taking our picture! We met him last week at FWSD’s Flaunt Your Fashion event.


Lola and I went to the movies at Westfield Mission Valley, we saw The Other Woman….and she took my outfit of the day pics before the movie. I changed my shoes and took off my jacket, and we managed to take a 30 minute walk outside the mall before the movie started. She also motivated me NOT to buy See’s chocolates before the movie. I love See’s chocolates and there is a store at the mall. We each had a See’s chocolate lollipop instead, it has less calories and fat. I’ll post those outfit pictures soon!

isabella classroom

My goddaughter had a play at her school and we visited her classroom afterwards. They called it the “After Party with the Cast!” She showed me around her classroom & shared her school work with me. She is such a sweet girl, beautiful, and smart! Just like her mom, my comadre.

DSCN9593 DSCN9595I went to San Diego Magazine’s Best of North County event on Friday evening, it was fun! One of the best events I’ve been to in San Diego! We spent time with Catherine Arambula (far right), from Mana de San Diego, and Karen Mullen (second from right), from San Diego Magazine. Lola is the one in the light green jacket.

mod team pic complete mod 1 balboa park

Bright and early on Saturday, I participated at the March for Babies at Balboa Park. It was nice to spend time with my 10News and Azteca San Diego colleagues and friends. The weather was windy and cold,  and it started to rain just as the walk portion started, look at the banners on the stage….the wind broke them off! We were still there, with thousands of San Diegans, supporting the March of Dimes, a great organization that helps moms and babies!

DSCN9603 DSCN9610


After the walk, I went to the baptism of my friend Lizeth’s baby boy. It was a nice ceremony at St. Pius X (I went to grade school at St.Pius, it was nice to visit the church again). The baby looked adorable & Lizeth was beautiful! Her dress was perfect for the occasion and the headband looked wonderful on her – a nice touch, loved the look! After the ceremony, she had an intimate luncheon with family. I was honored to have been invited to share in this very special moment! Lizeth is one of my closest friends, like a sister to me. It was nice to catch up with her and her family, her mom is an aunt to me. She is a very wise woman! I visited Lizeth the day her baby was born…. and look forward to seeing him grow up! Many more celebrations to come as he grows up!



She had keepsakes & so many cute details for the baptism….and for dessert, multiple types of cheesecakes, delicious! I had a piece of the key lime pie!

DSCN9638 DSCN9667 DSCN9702 DSCN9751

Lola and I went to FWSD’s Spring Into Fashion Showcase at Harrah’s. We had fun, as always….ran into some of the designers I know and some new one’s as well. It was nice to see a few Hispanic designers at the Show! I took lots of pictures and will write a blog post about the event this coming week.

nap sunday

Finally, Sunday arrived… much fun as I had during the week, I needed a day to rest and re-charge at home. I even took a nap in the middle of the afternoon, because I was feeling sleepy, it was a Sunday, and I needed it. I had been invited to attend two events held today, but knew I would have a full week, so I had declined. I know my limits and have learned to say no, and dedicate some R&R to myself. I have another full week ahead of me, it would have been too much to work seven days straight. I also wanted to give my skin a break, when I have shoots and work events, I wear pretty heavy make-up. I like to give my face at least one day to breathe…I call it no make-up Sunday! I’ll write a blog post soon about learning to say no and allow yourself some down time.

mod oceanside

Sunday afternoon, I was looking at pictures on the March of Dimes California Facebook page and saw that they posted this picture of me from the March for Babies walk in Oceanside two weeks ago. I shared it on my Facebook page.

mod fb sign paola kim

They had also posted this for the March for Babies held Saturday at Balboa Park, this was the caption:   “We’re looking forward to welcoming Kimberly Hunt 10News and Paola Hernandez of 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV and Azteca América San Diego: as our March for Babies hosts and media sponsors for our San Diego event in Balboa Park Saturday, April 26. Be sure to say hello and thank them for their incredible support!”

As you can see….I had a full and HAPPY week! Feeling blessed and looking forward to having another awesome week! Be HAPPY!

FWSD: Flaunt Fashion Series

Hi friends,

Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) held their first of the Flaunt Fashion Series, featuring Designer MarAlonzo. Lola and I attended the event last week, at the W Hotel San Diego. There was a Catwalk Show, guests were greeted with a hosted signature cocktail, and there was music, mingling and networking. I took some pictures and share them below. You can also view more pictures on FWSD’s Facebook page.

FWSD’s next event is their First Annual Spring Showcase,  on Saturday, April 26, at Harrah’s Resort Southern California. More details regarding that event can be found at FWSD’s website.

Hope you like the pictures from the Flaunt Fashion Series!




paola lola fwsd flaunt fashion series


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FWSD: Day 2


Chilly Spring Day


Hi friends,

Sometimes, if I like an item, I will buy it in more than one color. Not all of the time, but occasionally, I will do this. For example, I have a few skinny jeans in the same design, just different colors…a few jackets, tank tops, shoes, skirts, even bracelets. I am trying to not do this anymore, but I don’t really think there is anything wrong with it. This jacket is a perfect example of this occasional shopping habit I have. I have it in red & camel color. It is so nice and warm, and comfortable to wear. I like that I can wear it open or closed, casual or dressed up. I have only worn this one twice. I wore the red jacket multiple times this past winter. I bough them on sale at Arden B in Westfield Horton Plaza.

Spring has begun, but we are still having a few chilly days in Southern California. I attended the Latino Film Festival a few days ago, and needed an outfit that would be comfortable to wear all day at the station, but could  transition to the festival, and would photograph well because I would be meeting viewers at the station’s exhibitor booth in the theatre.  I tend to get cold in movie theaters, so this jacket was the perfect item to wear! It is light enough for day, yet warm enough for night.

I matched it with black tuxedo skinny jeans, a black tank top, and gold accessories. The shoes jazzed up the outfit and added that little extra stylish touch to transition the look into night.

Hope you like the look!

Do you have any camel color jackets? Do you have shoes you wear to jazz up an outfit?



DSCN8792 DSCN8778 DSCN8775 DSCN8774 DSCN8771

edith interview edith heashot DSCN8806Jacket: Arden B; Pants: NYDJ; Necklaces: Swarovski & Betsey Johnson;  Shoes: J. Renee; Belt: Mango

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Tricks to Motivate Myself to Exercise: #1

Colaboracion con Periodico El Latino

el latino



Fotografia tomada en la Qinceaneras Expo, con Fanny Miller, la Presidenta y Editora, El Latino San Diego

Articulo de

Vida y Estilo Latina

Queridos amigos,

Antes que nada, bienvenidos! Con esta columna anuncio mi colaboración con El Latino, el periódico Hispano líder en el Condado de San Diego. Le agradezco a Fanny Miller, la editora, esta oportunidad. Será un placer poder conectarme con ustedes cada semana por medio de esta columna. Compartiré con ustedes sobre mis experiencias como Latina en este país, como mujer, profesional, y consejos de belleza, moda, y estilo de vida. Espero les guste y nos conozcamos mas por medio de esta columna. Nos divertiremos! De antemano les agradezco su apoyo! No duden en comunicarse conmigo – hay que conectarnos! Un abrazo, Paola

Vivir Una Vida Feliz Con Tu Propio Estilo

Todos anhelamos ser felices! Mucho de lo que hacemos es con la finalidad y meta vivir una vida feliz. Nuestro estilo de vestir y como lucimos también aporta una parte a nuestra felicidad.

Desde mi niñez, recuerdo ver a mi abuelita muy bien arreglada, aveces sencilla, pero siempre impecable, elegante, y con estilo. Creo de ella y mi mama fue de quien aprendí a tener mi propio estilo. Cada uno de nosotros tenemos nuestro propio estilo, quizás no lo sabemos, o no lo hemos descubierto, pero lo tenemos. No siempre es necesario tener la ropa mas cara, zapatos de diseñador, o lo ultimo de la moda, para lucir con estilo. Es suficiente tener artículos clave en nuestro closet y combinarlos con algunos artículos que están de moda. La elegancia y el estilo, no son una moda que pasa, son parte del porte de uno, de como uno puede hacer lucir el atuendo, cualquier atuendo. Hasta el atuendo mas casual se ve bien, si uno lo sabe combinar y lucir.
Debido a mi tipo de carrera profesional, es necesario que tenga una variedad de ropa y que sea de calidad, pero no por eso significa que tengo que comprar todo de diseñador o gastarme todo mi salario en mi atuendo, zapatos, y accesorios. Desde antes de tener este trabajo, que es mas visible públicamente que otros puestos que he tenido, he procurado andar bien vestida, moderna, aveces sencilla pero elegante. Con el paso de los anos he aprendido cual es mi estilo, que tipo de ropa me favorece, y lo mas importante, con que ropa me siento mas agusto.

Es muy importante que uno se sienta cómodo con lo que trae puesto. No me refiero a solo sentirse físicamente cómodo, como que la falda no este demasiado apretada, sino que sea algo con lo que nos sentimos cómodos emocionalmente también ya que demuestra nuestra personalidad y estilo. Por ejemplo, por mas moderna que me quisiera vestir, si me pusiera algo muy rockero, no me sentiría agusto ya que ese no es mi estilo personal. No tengo nada contra ese look, pero no es un estilo para mi tipo de personalidad. Otro ejemplo podría ser, si una mujer acostumbra vestirse muy conservadora, probablemente no se sentirá agusto con un atuendo muy escotado o revelador. Cada quien su estilo, lo que le gusta, y como se siente cómoda! Tu sabes cual es tu estilo?

Esta es la primera nota de una serie que escribiré sobre Vivir Una Vida Feliz Con Tu Propio Estilo. En las siguientes columnas compartiré con ustedes como: procurar ropa que nos favorezca a nuestro tipo de cuerpo, como mantenernos dentro de nuestro presupuesto y aun así lucir bellas, piezas claves para todo guardarropa, piezas en las cuales vale la pena inventir, y como estar contentas con nosotras mismas y lucir con nuestro estilo propio, sin importar si tenemos unas libritos de mas o menos, hay que ser felices y lucir esas curvas!

Para mas sobre Vida y Estilo Latina, y ver mis fotos de Atuendos del Día, los invito a que nos conectemos por medio de mi blog Ahí se pueden comunicar conmigo y dejarme sus comentarios o preguntas.
Un abrazo y hasta la próxima semana,


Muchos televidentes de la region de San Diego conocen a Paola Hernandez-Jiao como conductora de television. Es autora del blog, sobre moda, belleza, estilo de vida, y experiencias personales.

Para visitar la pagina de El Latino San Diego, opriman en esta foto (link/enlace):

el latino

Leopard Inspiration


Sometimes, there are fashions that are new or come back that I am just not too crazy about, or I feel are just not for me. The leopard print is one of them. I like it, but in moderation. I have a few leopard scarves, belts, and shoes, but that is about it. This is my first leopard blouse! Can you believe it?

I’ve seen leopard clothing and accessories everywhere and like how it looks on others, it just seems a bit much for me. I tend to lean more towards classic styles and solids, with a touch or two of print (nothing too crazy on the print either). Maybe it is because I work in the television industry and solids look better on-air, or maybe because I know for the most part that solids make one look thinner (unless you wear certain stripes that give the illusion of being thinner). I do like seeing leopard prints on other women. In my opinion, it is beautiful and bold if you accessorize it correctly and don’t over do it. Just a touch of leopard print, maybe a purse, shoes, belt, scarf, and either the skirt, pants or blouse (not everything together at once though, in my opinion).

A few weeks ago, I was out shopping with Lola after one of our speed walks downtown and bought this blouse. I liked the print and particularly that it is easy to care for since it is a polyester blend (dry cleaning and ironing are not required). Lola also liked it and that convinced me to go out of my comfort zone and buy it. To keep it simple, I wore it with a black skirt and accessorized it with a gold necklace.

Recently, during a visit to my hair dresser, she was wearing a short black skirt with booties, she looked stylish and classy. After about an hour, I noticed she was wearing black pantyhose. That is probably what made her whole outfit look classy for work, versus sexy (which is fine if that is the look she was going for – and could easily change into after work for a “night out” look). So, I decided to wear my booties and black pantyhose with this outfit.

I felt like a million bucks that day, stylish, yet not too over the top in leopard print.

What is your opinion on wearing leopard print? Do you own any leopard print items? What are they? How do you match and accessorize them?



DSCN8519 DSCN8523

DSCN8547 DSCN8542

Blouse: Forever21; Skirt: Ann Taylor; Belt: Versace; Booties: Nine West; Necklace: Forever21; Bracelets: Coach & Forever21


Aveces hay modas nuevas o que regresan las cuales no me enloquecen, o simplemente siento que no son para mi. El estampado de leopardo es uno de ellos. Me gusta, pero en moderación. Tengo algunos artículos con estampado de leopardo, como mascadas y cintos, pero nada mas. Esta es mi primer blusa con estampado de leopardo! Lo pueden creer?

Veo el estampado de leopardo en todos lados y me gusta como se ve, solo que me parece mucho estampado para mi. Yo tiendo a usar mas los estilos clásicos y sin estampado, quizás con un toque o detalle de estampado, pero mas bien uso colores sólidos. Quizás sea porque trabajo en la industria de la televisión y los colores sólidos son mejores para grabaciones, o quizás porque se que los colores sólidos hacen que uno se vea mas delgado. Si me gusta ver ropa con estampado de leopardo en otras mujeres, es bonito y fuerte a la vez, si lo combinas adecuadamente, sin los excesos. Quizás solo un toque de estampado de leopardo, quizás la bolsa, zapatos, una mascada, cinto, o ya sea una falda o blusa, pero no todo junto a la misma vez.

Hace unas semanas andaba de compras y me medí esta blusa. Me gusto el tamaño del estampado y que el material es facil de cuidar ya que es una combinación con poliéster (que no requiere de limpiaduria o mucho planchado). Aunque este estampado no es mi estilo normal, decidi salir de mi zona de costumbre y la compre! Para mantener el estilo sencillo y no caer en el exceso, me combine la blusa con una falda negra y accesorios dorados.

Recientemente, durante una visita a mi estilista, ella traía puesta una fada negra corta con botinas, se veía moderna y con estilo. Después de como una hora, note que traía puestas unas pantimedias negras. Las pantimedias hacían que su atuendo se viera apropiado para el trabajo, en lugar de verse demasiado sexy. No tiene nada de malo verse sexy, si ese es el estilo que ella estaba procurando, pero se que esa no era el propósito para su atuendo. Tenia anos que yo no usaba pantimedias, pero decidí ponermelas  con las botinas para este atuendo.

Me sentí muy cómoda con este atuendo, moderna y con estilo!

Que te parece este atuendo? Cual es tu opinión sobre el estampado de leopardo? Tienes artículos con este estampado? Cuales son, zapatos o ropa? Como los combinas?

Un abrazo,


Spring Peplum Top

Hi friends – Hope you had a nice weekend!

Sometimes, you can find the cutest clothes at the places you least expect. A few months ago, while buying household items, I saw this cute blue & mint peplum top at Target, yes Target! Isn’t it cute? I was excited to finally wear it! It is peplum style, so it is flattering for all body types. I like the exposed zipper detail it has on the back, it adds a little edge to it. It has been hanging – unworn – in my closet for a few weeks because I had tried it on with different skirts and pants, but just couldn’t find the right bottom to wear it with. I recently bought this dark red pencil skirt at Macy’s, and voila, I had a skirt to wear with the blue peplum blouse. Of course being the practical dresser that I am, this red skirt is a classic style, which I will be wearing often and hopefully for years to come. I matched it with brick red belt, to accentuate my waist, and nude heels to elongate the legs. I opted for silver accessories since the belt has a silver buckle and the zipper on the back of the blouse is silver tone.

I wore this outfit for a Disneyland Resort interview I hosted for ABC10 and liked it so much that a week later I wore it to host an interview on Azteca San Diego regarding the San Diego Latino Film Festival. They are different stations, with different viewers and I was covering different topics, so I figured the viewers wouldn’t notice – I try to wear different outfits for interviews & shoots 😉 .

I wore a Tory Burch white cardigan sweater throughout the day since the air conditioning makes the station a bit cold. This outfit will be wonderful for the spring and summer. I can also see myself wearing it outside of work, maybe for a luncheon or baptism (there area few infants among my family and friends, so I have a few baptisms coming up).

Do you have any peplum tops? Do you have pencil skirts? What do you think of the red and blue combination?

Funny note: Last time I wore a red & blue outfit, granted both colors were a lot brighter than these, many women commented on how they liked the pop of the bright colors….on the other hand, the men (my husband included) said they were “superhero” colors, haha, guess it reminded them of Superman in his red & blue superhero suit. Funny how mens minds work differently than womens’!



DSCN7844 DSCN7811 DSCN7810 DSCN7836 DSCN7839 DSCN7833 DSCN7832 DSCN7821Blouse: Mossimo, Target; Skirt: Tahari, Macy’s; Belt: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Bebe; Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. Silver

How I wore it for work: 

aulani group

During the ABC 10 interview.  – with Mickey Mouse and the Disneyland Resort team.

latino fil festival interview

During the Azteca San Diego interview – with Ethan Van Thillo, from the San Diego Latino Film Festival.

Being Appreciative: Caring for a Family Member


Hi friends,

Appreciation and gratitude are something I am always trying to be aware of. It was taught to me early on by my family, to be thankful for our blessings. Even when things aren’t going well, I try to look at the positive side and to be appreciative for the good things, or think, it could have been worse, or to see the lesson learned from the experience (even unpleasant experiences since these may later be “aha” moments, or as they say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”).

This past week has been one where I have been truly appreciative. My husband had knee surgery. Being the wise, assertive, and independent man that he is (love him for these qualities), he didn’t seem too overly concerned with the surgery, or at least he didn’t relay it to me. I, on the other hand, being a woman, was trying to plan things beforehand, to read about it, so we would be prepared and know what to expect. I was concerned mostly for his health and well being, but also about trying to adjust my schedule for the surgery date he selected, so I would be available to take care of him. He had already postponed the surgery once due to work commitments. His work schedule is even more demanding than mine, so I adjusted as much as I could once he selected the new surgery date.

I wanted to be prepared, so I set-up the guest room downstairs for him in case he couldn’t go up the stairs to our bedroom, bought his favorite snacks and drinks, some easy to make meals, had some magazines ready and prepared his ice machine (for the knee). He also did some pre-surgery preparations, such as buy the ice machine, crutches, and setting up his mini-office in the bedroom since he had to have bed rest the first day. He had his laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, tablet and iPad mini on his nightstand. He set-up our computer table (looks like the trays used at hospitals, the wheels slide under the bed and the tray fits over your lap) on his side of the bed. He was already working a few hours after we got home from his surgery. By the next day he was on phone conferences and working from home. His home office is just across the hallway from our bedroom, but he did not use his office for three days. I think it is the longest he has gone without using his office. By the fourth day, he went into his office, so I knew he must be feeling better.

Having helped a friend who had knee surgery, I knew the recuperation process can be challenging. My husband’s knee surgery was to fix a torn meniscus and some injuries to the bone. So, it wasn’t as serious as a knee replacement surgery, but it does require care and therapy. The surgery also required general anesthesia, which is always nerve wrecking for me, particularly because I have an uncle who went into a coma and is now handicapped after having complications with anesthesia from a simple, routine surgery. My husband thought he would be driving and back in the office after three days, because the doctor told him he would be up and moving in three days. Which really meant, minimal activity and barely walking on crutches.

I enjoy taking care of my husband, this week has just been a different type of care. I have gone up and down the stairs so many times every day, it is almost funny. I have brought him his meals on trays, ice and more ice, his phone, his clothes, drinks, if he needed something, I got it for him. I started to remember stories my sister and friends – who are moms – have told me about how exhausted they are at the end of the day because they just don’t stop. They joke that they would fall asleep anywhere at the end of the day, they are just that tired. That is how I felt. I have very long days and have been exhausted many times before, but this was different. My sister laughed when I told her about my week and how in a way it reminded me of how tired she tells me she feels at night. I was so tired, I don’t even remember dreaming. The night’s sleep felt like a blink, literally, like I had just closed my eyes and laid down for a few minutes. But, this is just temporary –  on Saturday, I got to sleep in a few hours, my baby (hubby) is an adult after all and managed ok without me for a few hours that morning 🙂

This week, I am thankful for many things – in particular our health, that his surgery went well, we have medical insurance, live in a country with advanced medical procedures and excellent surgeons and hospitals, that my boss and colleagues were understanding and supportive, for the good wishes and prayers from family and friends…that my hubby and I have each other to take care of the other when one of us is in need.

Have you taken care of a family member after surgery or an illness? Have you been taken care of by a loved one when you had surgery or were sick?

Good night….I am starting to reach that point of exhaustion and still have to fill the ice machine one more time and remove my make-up before I can go to sleep tonight.




This is the electric ice machine, it is pretty amazing, it circulates the cold water under the pad which wraps around the knee.

Pictured above are my hubby’s crutches.

Week in Photos

Hi friends,

Hope you are enjoying the MLK holiday weekend (a looong weekend)! This past week was busy….as usual, but also fun. The Quinceanera Expo is coming up and I was asked to be the emcee again. I am looking forward to the event and this week went to Aurora’s Bridal for the dress fitting. I will be working with Aurora, dress designer and boutique owner, on the dress I will wear for the event. The stations sponsored the YMCA’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Human Dignity Awards Breakfast and I attended, it was  an inspiring and wonderful event!

This week, my sister was still on break from school (she is a teacher), so I visited her and my nephews after work one night and we all went for a walk to get some exercise (the boys were on push carts/car toy strollers). After our walk, I played with my nephews and enjoyed a delicious dinner sister made. It is such a treat to see them on a weeknight!

My hubby, Jim, had a cold the week my nephew, Joel, was born, so he wasn’t able to meet him. This week he was finally able to join me for a visit to my brother’s home and met the baby!

This week, I found some healthy snacks – ready to eat fresh pico de gallo cups – with jicama, cucumber, & orange. On Thursday, I went to a Zumba class with a new instructor and enjoyed the class! I will definitely be back to that class. It is the little things in life, like this, that bring me joy, ha!

Hope you continue to enjoy the weekend & holiday!

How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend? Are you going to the MLK Parade in downtown San Diego on Sunday or in your town?



auroras storefront

auroras silver dress

aurora 3aurora 2 aurora swatches

I started my week with a visit to Aurora’s Bridal for the dress fitting for the upcoming Quinceanera Expo – I will be the emcee.


Got out for a walk with my sis and nephews 🙂

mlk group pic

Attending the YMCA’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Human Dignity Awards Breakfast.

quince expo video

Quinceanera Magazine produced a promo spot for the upcoming Quinceanera Expo….ahhh, it was nice to see they included shots of me from past events – where I also participated as emcee. I posted the video on my Facebook page if you’d like to see it. I am looking forward to emceeing the event – hope to see you there!


I buy fresh papaya at Northgate Market about once a week and was pleased to discovered they now sell fresh pico de gallo cups. I got a cup and ate it as an afternoon snack. It is a healthy, low-cal snack!

1548176_10200984375679725_303721028_o jim meets joel  I am enjoying time with my hubby and family this weekend….made waffles for breakfast for my hubby (I ate one, it was delicious!) and he met my nephew, Joel 🙂

My Week In Photos: Start of January

Hi friends! The holidays have past and I am back in full gear at work! I had already started planning the stations’ community outreach projects for 2014 last year and the first week of January was busy with interviews, lots of meetings and production work, as well as scheduling. I am looking forward to the projects we are going to work on – they involve lots of support for the local community & San Diegans, so excited!

The highlight of my week was the birth of my nephew, Joel! He is a cutie! My brothers family did not live in San Diego when my sister-in-law was pregnant with my nieces, so I did not get to see her pass through the stages of pregnancy. It was wonderful to see her body change as the baby grew and to see the baby development in the ultrasounds! This baby is such a blessing! The entire family was excited and we were anticipating the birth with much joy! The baby was born on a Friday afternoon and the lobby area at the hospital started filling up fast as we all headed to see my sister-in-law and meet the baby! We had to take turns to enter the room, you could tell we are a big Mexican family, ha (it’s wonderful)! I have been spending more time (more than usual) with family these past few weeks, to offer support with the new baby & my nieces, as well as visiting my sister and nephews before they all go back to school (my sis is a teacher). My sister-in-law sends me messages with pics of the baby, so cute, they brighten my day! I look forward to seeing Joel grow up & to loving him!

Hope your first week of January was good! What have you been up to? Any exciting plans for January…or 2014? Do share!



1531704_371523629651381_1837597034_nMeet Joel! I am a proud aunt!


Claudia Llausas, Azteca San Diego anchor/reporter, and I enjoyed meeting viewers at the 10News Experience & Azteca booth at the San Diego International Auto Show.


Interviewed YMCA representatives, Michael Brunker and Luciano Villela, regarding the upcoming YMCA Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Dignity Awards Breakfast. I am looking forward to attending the event on January 17.

1026273_604348696281576_1113135812_oWith Luciano Villela, YMCA Board Member.


Celebrated Dia de Reyes – Three Kings Day. Did you have rosca?

freeway I interviewed Rafael Sigler, spokesperson for Freeway Insurance – it is always a pleasure to work with him, he’s a pro & always prepared!

photo-1Lola and I went to see the new Hercules movie, in 3D! It was great, full of action, and good special effects! Every time I would look over at Lola to make a comment, I would laugh because we looked so funny in the 3D glasses. We took a pic as we were leaving, ha! Lola thought we looked dorky in the pic, but I think it is a fun pic….since it was a 3D movie (maybe we do look a bit silly). It still made me laugh when I posted it here, ha!

1553084_10200932513263197_469170601_oWent to see Disney’s Beauty and The Beast musical – amazing & beautiful! It’s become one of my favorite Broadway shows!

My Week in Photos – Last Days of the Year

 paola mickey mouse front xmas tree lobby abc interview dec 2013 holidays disney resort parks

Hi friends, hope you are having a nice holiday season! I worked through the Christmas holiday, but did take Christmas day off and we went out of town to spend Christmas Eve and day with family! I was back to work December 26. We hadn’t been to San Francisco for a few months, so I took a few days off during the last week of December to go to San Fran with my hubby. We were back in town for New Year’s Eve, to welcome the new year with family!

The weeks before Christmas were packed with work, hosting interviews, writing scripts, production, planning for 2014, a phone bank for the Month of a Million meals campaign, completing goals…oh and a visit from a very famous Mouse & his friend Donald Duck….and this was just at work. In my personal life, it was the normal holiday busyness, shopping for gifts, preparing for Christmas, and the pleasant side – spending time with family and friends! It was a packed few weeks, but tons of fun!!! How did you prepare for the holidays?



paola disney donald duck azteca jesse eddy hoidays 20131402274_10200728435001368_1213166811_o

One of the favorite (& most fun) parts of my job is hosting interviews – particularly when my friends from Disneyland come to the stations! They were doing a media tour regarding the Holidays at Disneyland Resort. This was the Hispanic marketing team – I hosted & produced the interview for Azteca. This year Mariachi Divas joined the holiday team, it was a special treat to meet these Grammy Award winning musicians!  Donald Duck danced to the holiday music performed by Mariachi Divas!  So cute, an unforgettable moment 🙂

virgen de gualdalupe veladora en northgate market dic 2013

I purchased a “veladora,” votive candle, for the Virgin Mary’s Saint Day (Santo). I’ve been pretty good about turning it on to pray every day (when at home), even if just for a few minutes, and being thankful for all my blessings!  azteca en la comunidad paola liz landa barbara jimenes interview set MMM 2013

We shot the mid-campiagn interview for the Month of A Million Meals campaign.

paola mickey mouse front xmas tree lobby abc interview dec 2013 holidays disney resort parks

Later in the week, Mickey Mouse stopped by the station with the Disneyland Resort general market team. I hosted and produced an interview for ABC10 regarding the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. Even though I have been producing and hosting these interviews for years now, I always feel giddy when I see Mickey Mouse! How lucky am I to get to interview Mickey Mouse at work?

coffee in Oc fairmont dec 13 2013 DSCN6541

My hubby and  I went to Newport Beach and stayed at the Fairmont Hotel for a little weekend getaway. They had beautiful Christmas decorations and this amazing gingerbread house! It was nice to get away during the hectic-ness of the holidays and have a relaxing breakfast….and sip my coffee calmly.

risotto oc jim dec 13 2013

While in Newport Beach we had dinner at an Italian restaurant. I enjoyed the best seafood risotto ever! It was so good that I brought the leftovers home and had it for lunch the next day, ha!

DSCN6601 DSCN6578

We did some Christmas shopping at Fashion Island (in Newport Beach). There was an amazing Christmas tree (super tall, compare it to the palm trees in this pic) & beautiful holiday decorations.

DSCN6630It was my niece’s birthday and we went to her party at Lazer Journey! Love this little girl! It’s a pleasure and honor to be her aunt, and see her grow up!

MMM photos phone banck paola gavon chopper the biker dpg

The Donation Day Phone Bank we organized for Month of a Million Meals on ABC10 & Azteca San Diego was successful! Chopper the Biker Dog joined us for part of the Phone Bank, such a cute doggie!


I watched my nephews on a Saturday and we decorated a gingerbread house – it has become a holiday tradition! It was fun to spend the day with them!

fireplace 2-13 homs santee dec 2013

My hubby started the fireplace on one of the weekends and I enjoyed it while sipping my morning coffee!

holiday gifts wraps 2013

The weekend before Christmas, I spent a few hours wrapping the final batch of gifts.

MMM studio interview make cover pic blog jan 2014

We shot the last interview for the Month of a Million Meals campaign – a last push to ask for donations, we were close to reaching the goal and still had a week to continue fundraising!

shoot at home girls paola text calendar

The day before Christmas Eve, we shot a series of promo commercials with my nieces at my home. The promos are for the Community Calendar segments I host on Azteca San Diego 15. My nieces appeared in them, so we scheduled the shoot at a time when they were on break from school. Thanks to the wonderful team of producers and videographers I work with the spots look excellent! It was a fun shoot – I’m so proud of my nieces, such talented young girls!

airport sf

Took a few days off from work before New Year’s Eve to go to San Francisco with my hubby.

DSCN6990 DSCN7012

Went to South Coast Plaza in Orange County for some after Christmas “sales” shopping. This is one of my favorite shopping centers. The holiday decorations were beautiful.


Welcomed the New Year in San Diego with my hubby and family! We went to dinner at my brother & sister-in-law’s home, it was delicious & fun! We all stayed up past midnight (nieces included) and welcomed 2014 with joyous celebration!

Mixing It Up


Lola (bff) and I have been exercising together for more than seven years now, mostly speed walks. This week, we decided to mix it up a bit and go to the pool. She lives in one of the nicest buildings downtown and they have a great lap pool! We have only gone to the pool area once, years ago, and that was to use the jacuzzi, haha. Yesterday we went into the pool, for the first time! We were the only one’s there, so we had the pool all to ourselves. The weather was very warm and the water was just the right temperature. She jumped in, it took me a few minutes to first wet my feet, then get into the pool. We had a good workout threading through water, doing kicks on the edge, acqua jogging around the pool, and doing our version of water aerobics. Most importantly, we had fun – and we were still able to catch up while we exercised! We kept saying, “this was a great idea, we need to do this again!” We felt like kids in the pool! We exercised for about an hour, then spent the last ten minutes in the jacuzzi and left super relaxed! I think I worked different leg muscles because I felt the workout on my legs when I was getting ready to go to sleep. We will definitely be doing this workout again….soon!

So, if you are looking for a way to mix up your exercise routine try a pool! It is also a much softer workout on your knees, hips, back, and arms than other aerobic workouts. You don’t need equipment, just a bathing suit and the desire to stay active!

Do you do water aerobics?



Lola y yo hemos hecho ejercicio juntas por mas de siete anos, por lo regular son caminatas rápidas. Esta semana, decidimos cambiare un poco a la rutina y fuimos a la alberca. Ella vive en uno de los edificios mas bonitos en el centro de San Diego y tienen una alberca muy padre! Solo habíamos ido al área de la alberca una vez en el pasado, y eso fue hace anos y para entrar al jacuzzi, jaja! Ayer, nos metimos a la alberca. Eramos las únicas en el área de la alberca, así que tuvimos toda la alberca para solo nosotras dos. Estaba haciendo bastante calor y el agua estaba a una temperatura agradable. Lola se metió de un tiro, yo primero me moje los pies, luego me fui metiendo poco a poco. Tuvimos una buena sesión de ejercicio, trotando alrededor de la alberca, pataleando de la orilla, y haciendo nuestra propia versión de aqua aerobics. Lo mas importante es que nos divertimos – y pudimos platicar para ponernos al tanto de nuestras vidas mientras hacíamos ejercicio! Varias veces dijimos, “que buena idea, tenemos que hacer esto mas seguido!” Nos sentíamos como niñas en la alberca! Hicimos como una hora de ejercicio y de ahí nos pasamos al jacuzzi por diez minutos, salimos sintiéndonos super relajadas! Creo que trabaje diferentes músculos en las piernas porque pude sentir el ejerció en la noche cuando me estaba recostando para dormir. Definitivamente vamos a hacer esta sesión de ejercicio de nuevo….pronto!

Así que si estas buscando una opción para variar tu rutina de ejercicio, ve a una alberca! Hacer ejercicio en una alberca tambien es mas suave en tus rodillas, piernas, brazos, y espalda que otros tipos de ejercicios aerobicos. No necesitas equipo especial, solo un traje de bano y las ganas de mantenerte activo!

Tu practicas aqua aerobics?

Un abrazo,


DSCN4165DSCN4161 DSCN4171DSCN4169DSCN4162 DSCN4163

Networking: Making “Business Friends”

ed lopez event group pic aug 15-1013

I receive invitations to many events, most held in the evening after regular work hours. My schedule is quite busy (just like many of you), and I try to be as efficient and productive as I can in my workday.  I still work long hours, but don’t mind because I enjoy my career, it is part of my life and it blends together. Each event I attend after work takes time from my personal time. I have to decide which events to go to and balance attending these with exercise, my hobbies (lately with my blog posts), and my favorite thing to do…spend time with my hubby and family…oh, and getting some rest after work. In my twenties, I attended lots of work related events because of the position I had and because I was also increasing my network of business contacts. I have a few binders full of business cards. At this point of my career, I still attend events, but a lot less, my max is about one per week (that includes super fun events, like gallery openings or food/wine/cultural related receptions). At these events, I still network and see if there is a connection related to an opportunity for the TV stations where I work, but if I run into someone I am fond of, I will likely stay there and catch up with them.

Over the years, I have met lots of people, thousands, and some have become what I call “business friends.” They are more than a business contact or acquaintance, but not as close as a personal friend that you call often or would go for a walk with. These are people that I am fond of and genuinely care about. Some of these people I’ve known for more than ten years, some for less than one. These business friends have seen me grow and advance in my career, and I have seen them advance into different positions as well. Over the years, I have gotten to know them better and learned about their families, travels, and hobbies. In some cases, we’ve called each other for career advice.

There are occasions when the events I get invited to are to celebrate the success of a business friend. I automatically know that will be the event I choose to attend that week because it is to celebrate a friend! Today, I attended one of those events. A good business friend became the Executive Director of a non-profit organization and there was a reception held in his honor. I had a wonderful time, of course my guest was Lola (bff), which added to the fun! It was a small and intimate event, with about forty people. As soon as I walked into the reception I saw three people I have known for years and got to catch up with them. As I moved through the room I kept seeing more people I know and an fond of.  In just a few minutes, we were laughing and sharing stories, tips on traveling, and even recipes! It was also nice to hear that they follow my blog and even mentioned some of the posts, and gave me suggestions for topics for future blog posts. It warmed my heart! It was nice to see the friend that was being honored and be there to show my support in this new stage of his career.

I have met two of my closest friends through my career and networking, they are as close as sisters for me (one of them introduced me to my husband…so this business friend, turned personal friend, introduced me to the man that is the love of my life). In another post, I will share about those stories and these wonderful ladies. So, when you attend networking events, don’t just think about how the people you are meeting can help you advance your career or become a client for your company. Don’t take me wrong, still network and build your contact database, continue connecting with more business people, but also try to enjoy the event. Be selective of the events you attend and have fun! For all you know, you could make some “business friends”….some of which may become personal friends….and have an impact in not only your professional life, but also your personal life!

ed lopes event mireya, mediccis, lola aug 15-13



My Weekend in Photos

Hi everyone –

Much of my happiness comes from spending time with family & friends! I am truly blessed in so many ways!


It was a very busy & long work week, so by Friday evening, I was ready to party! I say party because my sister-in-law organized a small birthday party for my niece. It was nice to celebrate my niece, spend time with my family, laugh & relax! It has been a pleasure and honor to see my niece grow up all of these years! Next year is the big 15th birthday….her Quinceanera!!


I was looking forward to Saturday because I was going to spend time with one of my closest friends, Lizeth! She is like a sister to me! We went to the baptism of our friend Xochitl’s son, Maximiliano. The baptism was held at the beautiful Holy Spirit Church in Tijuana and the reception at the Campestre Country Club. In Xochitl’s words, it was a “Fabulous Baptism!”  She did not forget any detail, it was beautiful! From the dessert table, the centerpieces and decor, the view, the baby’s baptism attire, Xochitl’s outfit, everything was exquisite! Baby Max is growing so fast, he is a cutie! I carpooled with Lizeth and her husband, and we chatted the entire time, from the drive there, to the time at the reception, to the drive back, haha! It was nice to catch up with her!! I’ve missed spending time with my friend – we talk on the phone often and each time we get together we simply continue where we left off. I am lucky to have her as a friend!  When we arrived back at her home, I was able to visit with her mom and aunt for a little while, and see baby Mauricio, he is precious, just two months!

DSCN2117 2

Today, I did something I have not done in about three years! My hubby was out of town, so I slept in until my body woke up, then read in bed and caught up on my Facebook friends posts! Ahhh! I used to sleep in on Sundays when I was single, but hadn’t done it in a long time! I spent a much needed relaxing day at home and started editing a video for my vblog (video blog – coming soon)! I enjoy our social, active lifestyle, but appreciate at least one day a week to relax and get some down time!

How was your weekend and did you do anything fun? What do you have planned for the week?

Best wishes for a wonderful, productive week! Let’s go out there and make things happen!



Highlight of My Work Week

Hi everyone, how was your past work week? Mine was fantastic! Extremely busy…got lots done! I am working on four large projects and it’s exciting, lots going on, love it!

paola joey fatone my family recipe rocks pic 7-30-13

One of the highlights of my week was an interview segment I produced. In addition to being a TV host, managing the community outreach projects and doing lots of production for ABC10/10News and Azteca San Diego, I also produce segments for the Live Well Network, our sister station. This week I produced a segment with Joey Fatone, singer & actor, host of  the cooking show My Family Recipe Rocks (he is best known from his days on ‘N Sync and season on Dancing with the Stars on ABC). He and his team (Disney production staff) were all friendly and it was nice to work with them. Producing these segments is always interesting, the best part is the people I get to meet and work with!

paola joice carola cardenas ymcs north county 8-2-13

My other highlight of the week was a meeting I had with Joice Truban Curry and Carola Cardenas from the YMCA. I’ve known Joice for years and she is full of energy! It was nice to meet Carola and learn more about the YMCA in North County. I rarely leave the station for meetings or lunch due to my packed schedule, this meeting was wort it, we had a nice time and it is always a pleasure to see Joice!

Highlight of My Work Week

salvation army pr committe paola in burgindy dree hair up july 25 -13

I have busy weeks every week, but I laugh and have fun at work everyday! Really, I do! We have a great team & they say the funniest things! My days are stressful & full of deadlines, but I love what I do & feel fortunate to have a career that I enjoy! This week was quite good, with lots of production, shoots, and exciting projects moving forward. Every month, I meet with the Salvation Army Public Relations Committee. We are mostly women & recently Jesse Navarro joined the committee so we took a group picture. The women that form this Committee have become my friends and I look forward to seeing them every month! This Committee does so much to help the underprivileged, it is very satisfying work. The meeting was one of the highlights of my work week.

robert paola crig luis races picture in studio july 22 2013

The other highlight was hosting and producing the interviews for Races at Del Mar, mainly because of their spokesperson Luis Valdivia, Marketing Manager, Del Mar Fairgrounds, and meeting Craig Dado, VP Marketing Del Mar Races/Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. In addition, I got to work with Robert Santos, 10News anchor, one of my favorite people at the station! Luis and I have known each other since we volunteered on the board of the San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (in my mid-twenties). I was working for a non-profit at the time and Luis was working for a public relations agency, this was about 10 years ago. He is a genuine person, a professional, and always kind. We’ve known each other so long we joke and can also be direct when it comes to business matters. It was my first time meeting Craig, but he was nice! It’s always nice to meet new people and even more when they are nice!

What was the highlight of your work week? Maybe….seeing your co-workers/friends, helping a client, getting a promotion, saving a life? Share your highlight of the week!

Hugs….now, let’s enjoy the weekend!


My Weekend in Photos

Another fun weekend! I feel fortunate to have friends and family that include us in their festivities! My career also keeps me busy and provides opportunities to attend interesting events!

What did you do this weekend?

Mine was packed with fun outings:

Friday, after work, I went to the The Family Health Center’s – Spirit of the Barrio Fiesta. It was a fun event! They had an “Elected Officials Tamal Making Contest.” I spent time with my friend Carlette Lewis at the event, we used to work together eons ago at the Workforce Partnership and have remained friends. It was nice to catch up with her!


Saturday was a very anticipated day – my nephew Andrew’s 5th Birthday Party! It was nice to celebrate this amazing, cheerful little guy that brings so much joy to our lives! I love my nephew so much, he is very important in my life! It was nice to see family and friends!


After the party, we went to my sisters home to unwrap the gifts. It was a fun day with family and friends as we celebrated one more year in our beloved Andrew’s life! He is a true blessing in our lives!

A funny story about my outfit that day is that I tried it on with about three pairs of shoes, all wedges, to decide which one’s I would wear. When I arrived at the birthday party I was handed a pair of socks to wear – instead of my shoes. I had forgotten about the “no shoes” rule at this location 🙂  I felt like Carrie in Sex & the City, from the episode where she is asked to take her shoes off as she arrives at a child’s birthday party, haha! I was fine with it, I just laughed because I had put some thought into which shoes looked best with my outfit.


Sunday, we went to Long Beach for baby John’s baptism. John is my friends Susana & John’s son. He is a cutie! Susana and I have been friends since college. She has been a good friend to me throughout the years, always lending an ear when I needed career advice. I was meeting baby John for the first time, he is adorable! I have remained in contact with Susana and had seen many pictures of him. He is a beautiful baby, even more adorable in person! He could be a Gerber baby!


By coincidence during our drive to Long Beach for the baptism we got a call regarding a car we had looked at on-line (I am considering getting a different car). Since we were going to be in the area we drove a bit further north to Los Angeles after the baptism to see the car. By that time, I was in need of coffee – and we searched for a Starbuck’s! I drink coffee every morning, either at home or work, but rarely go to a coffee house to get one. The coffee was a nice treat! I really enjoy road trips with my hubby because we chat about a million things, from plans we have, to our thoughts and opinions, to stories about our past. My hubby in one of the smartest and wisest people I know (and I know some smart people!), which leads to interesting conversations. My hubby’s previous boss describes him as MENSA due to the amount of knowledge and level of retention he has. After a long day & the road trip, I was ready to hit the sack by the time we got home! But, as we say in Spanish, “La bailada nadie me me la quita!” Which means, “no one can take the dancing away from me” referring to the “good time I had”!

DSCN2629DSCN2626paolas tarbucks la july 22 2013

Happy Monday to everyone – and best wishes for a productive week! Make it a great one!

Do you have any big plans for the week?





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Do you have a sister? I do, her name is Monique, and she is a blessing in my life! Today is her birthday and I visited her to give her a hug, gifts, and celebrate her day! Our friends know that we are very close, and many have said they admire the friendship and special relationship we have. A relationship with a sister is a unique one. My sister is not only family, she is my closest friend, confidant, and supporter. She is one of the most important people in my life and that I love the most. I can confide in her about my most personal things, I know she will not judge me, and that our bond is very special and strong. She can understand and relate to what I go through, regardless of the situation. That is a nice feeling.

I am thankful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful sis! We see each other often and chat on the phone almost daily. Every time I see her, I automatically smile!  If I don’t see her for a week I already miss her and my nephews! On special days, like today, I stop and reflect on how nice it is to have a sister like mine, of how fortunate I am.

My sis is only three years younger than me, so we have been part of each other’s lives since she was born – well, our entire lives!  We shared a room growing up and continued as roommates when we moved back to San Diego in our early twenties – I was starting my career, she was studying at SDSU. She was my roommate until she got married. I remember that on her wedding day she got ready at our home (vs. our parents home). I got ready at her home for my wedding.I was her maid of honor, she was mine. I was in the delivery room with her when she gave birth to her beautiful two boys. I have been in the emergency room with her and she has brought me chicken soup when I have gotten sick. We have cheered each other on, celebrated our successes, and been each other’s shoulder to cry on or lent an ear when the other simply needed to vent. We have partied together and grown together, supporting each other every step of the way, through each stage of our lives. We can laugh, cry, and be silly together! Regardless of what life throws our way we say, at least we have each other and we are oh so thankful for that!

So, today on her birthday, I wish her the best – health, happiness, and pray for many more years of nice memories as sisters! Happy Birthday sis – te quiero mucho hermanita!

Do you have special memories with your sister or a close friend you consider a sister? Share them here.

Hugs….to you and all the sisters out there,