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My Weekend In Photos

It’s hard to believe another weekend passed! It definitely felt like summer time because we went to the Races in Del Mar, and to visit my grandmother and aunts in Rosarito, something we do each summer!

Friday, we went with a group to the Races in Del Mar, it was fun, nice to see the beautiful horses, and to spend time with my hubby & friends!

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Saturday I woke up excited, felt like a little girl! For a few weeks now I had been anticipating this weekend because I made plans to to go visit my Mamita (grandmother) and aunts in Rosarito! They spend some time there in the summer. We’ve had plans the past few weekends, so this was the Saturday I had reserved to go visit my beloved Mamita! She is very, very special to me, as close as a mom, one of the wisest people I know and has shared her advise with me over the years. Fortunately, my nieces were able to go with me, so it was like old times (when I was single), and we took a day trip to Rosarito! Just the three of us! It was  a treat to spend time with my nieces! I still see them often, but don’t get much one-on-one time with them! They are growing so fast! We chatted during the entire drive and while visiting my Mamita. It was nice to see my grandmother, aunts, cousins, and mom was also visiting, so it was an extra nice time with family!

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Sunday was a relaxing day at home! Finally! We’ve been busy lately, with all kinds of fun plans & outings, but I was looking forward to being at the house & enjoying our home! I made myself a cappuccino, ok two cappuccinos to start my day, and enjoyed the day with my hubby! We did not leave the house all day….ahhhh, I needed a day like this! The car search continues, so we spent time looking for cars on-line. I decided I wanted to make my own homemade baked plantain chips, which ended up becoming a four hour process. They came out yummy, but I decided I will just stick to buying them at Trader Joe’s. Their plantain chips are quite healthy, low on fat & sodium, and natural with only oil and salt. Plus, they keep longer. But, at least I tried it and realized they are probably just as fattening due to the oil the recipe included. I’ll write a separate post of the recipe I used (found it on-line) and steps I followed.

cappuccino mug spain july 2013

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We got to spend some time with the kitties! They are so cute! My husband showed me a trick Blackie does – when he climbs on his back. I must admit, I’ve become quite attached to the kitties! I was not much of a cat person when we first got married, but I have become attached to both of them!




Hope you had a wonderful weekend too! What did you do?

Best wishes for a great week! Let’s get lots done this week!