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Unexpected Gift

I try to get to know my neighbors. I feel it helps us become part of the community and neighborhood we live in. A neighbor, which I had never met, invited the women in the neighborhood to a “Ladies Beauty Afternoon” at her home and I attended. I brought Alessandra with me because my husband wasn’t feeling well and even though he accepted to watch her, I tried to be considerate and let him rest. The invitation did not say children were not allowed and I would have left immediately if it was a issue. I knew it was a product sales related event. I didn’t plan to stay long and know that Alessandra will stay in her stroller for a while (as long as she is entertained by a book, toy, or the surroundings). My neighbor was a very nice lady, warm, and welcoming! I asked if it was ok that I brought Alessandra and she said she was glad I did. We were having an interesting conversation and ended up staying longer than planned. She surprised me with her fluent Spanish speaking skills and knowledge of the Hispanic culture. Somehow we got on the topic of religion and I told her I was Catholic. She went to get a children’s book and gave it to Alessandra as a gift. At this point Alessandra was starting to get a little squeamish and the book was the perfect way to keep her entertained for a little longer. The book is in Spanish. I was so pleased because it was such a nice gesture, but also because I have been looking for books in Spanish for Alessandra. When we arrived at home, I was glad we went to the gathering and that I brought Alessandra with me. The lady and I are now friends on Facebook and I plan to stay in touch with her! I am grateful to have met her! She surprised me with her kindness and the generosity in giving a gift to Alessandra on the day we first met her!

The picture above is Alessandra reading the book (she doesn’t read yet, but she mumbles what she thinks the book says). I have read the book to her several times.

Has someone you just met ever given you an unexpected gift?




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