San Diego County Fair Media Party


One of my favorite media parties of the year is the one held by the San Diego County Fair! In the past it has been held on the Friday prior to the Fair opening to the public and we would get to samples of food from almost all the food booths, plus play games at a few booths and get on select rides. This year, the Media Party was held on the Friday which was Opening Day at the Fair. There was a reception and members of the media received a packet with vouchers for food at select booths or rides. My friend Liliana joined me for the party this year. We had a blast! We tried some of the tasty food and walked around enjoying the entertainment and taking in all the colorfulness of the Fair!

This year’s theme is Mad About the Fair (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). In the past few years, I had only been to the Fair on the night of the Media Party because my schedule was so busy. When my nieces were younger, I used to take them and we’d make it a family outing with my brother’s family. About three years ago, I actually worked at the Fair on Tuesdays because the television stations had the 10News Experience and Azteca exhibitor booth. I would attend to meet viewers and work at the booth. I wouldn’t get to enjoy the Fair exhibits and games because we were working. This year, with our baby it gave me a different perspective of the Fair. I have been to the Fair three times! The first time for the Media Party, then a few days later with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. And, a week later with my hubby, baby, and another couple. Each time the experience was different. On the day of the Media Party, we stayed in the reception area held in the garden, visited the food court area, and enjoyed seeing the flower and cake exhibit area. On the second visit with my sister’s family, we went earlier in the afternoon and enjoyed the food, the Family Funville area and children’s rides. It was fun to see my nephews laughing and having a good time on the rides! The third time, with my hubby and friends, we went in the early evening. After enjoying our dinner, we had dessert, and went to the carnival booths. My hubby won a stuffed animal for Alessandra. Even though we didn’t get on the rides, it was interesting to see the variety of options. We also walked through three of the exhibit halls. At the end, we visited the California Grown Exhibit where animals were displayed and I had fun showing the different animals to Alessandra. This was a first for me as a mommy!

This year, I enjoyed different parts of the Fair, which I hadn’t done in years! It was fun to have an “adult night” at the Media Party, then enjoy the Fair through the eyes of children with my nephews on my second visit, and on the third visit to spend time with my hubby, baby, and friends! Below are pictures from my visits to the Fair. I hope you enjoy them! They are a small glimpse of the many things there are to see and do at the Fair.

The San Diego County Fair runs through July 4 (closed on Monday’s, except July 4). In addition to the carnival games and rides, there are many beautiful exhibits this year, themed festivals, animals, concerts, exhibitor booths, and of course the delicious food! As I say, we only get to eat these types of yummy treats once a year….at the Fair! There are special promotions on select dates. Kids’ Day is each Tuesday the Fair is open (children twelve and younger are admitted free. You can find more details at San Diego County Fair.

Have you been to the San Diego County Fair?



PS: In case you missed it, another fun event is the San Diego Latino Film Festival Media Kick-off Party!


With friends at the Fair Media Party.


The Media Party reception was held in the Garden Show Exhibit area.

IMG_9509 IMG_9514 IMG_9515


The Garden Show section was breathtaking! Such creativity and attention to detail!

IMG_9564 IMG_9565 IMG_9566 IMG_9567 IMG_9568


The food court area, there are so many options, it was hard to decide which food to have!


The Mad About the Fair theme is visible all around the Fair.


We enjoyed an ice-cream for dessert!

IMG_9521 IMG_9535

I brought a cinnamon role home for hubby to enjoy, it was delicious!



The famous Chicken Charlie’s booth, serving unique dishes every year!


The Krispy Kreme Triple Decker Cheeseburger from Chicken Charlie’s.


The Turkey legs are always popular at the Fair! The huge size always impresses me!


One of the music stages.


The cake decorations were amazing! They are part of the Home and Hobby exhibit, and are based on this year’s theme.

IMG_9545 IMG_9547IMG_9551

The Flower Show.

IMG_9549IMG_9548 IMG_9554 IMG_9557


Took a picture of the themed exit as we were leaving on the evening of the Fair Media Party.


Enjoying the Fair with my nephews and baby.


Tasting the delicious treats!


With Alessandra, on my third visit to the Fair.


Enjoying one of the exhibit halls.

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