HOPE In Uncertain Times: 21-Day Free Meditation Experience by Oprah & Deepak


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Hope is a very important feeling for me. It is something I never lose, hope! In Spanish we use the word ‘esperanza’ for hope. There is a popular saying in Spanish, “La esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde” (hope is the last thing we lose). I did some research and was surprised to find it comes from a very old myth about Pandora’s box. In current times, or at least the way I have heard it used my entire life is as a way to not lose hope during a challenging time. Even if a situation is bad, you always have hope that things will end up in a positive manner. I have heard this saying hundreds, if not thousands of times. For me, hope represents a way to rest in my faith, but I also believe in taking action to get results from my prayers. I am aware there are situations I cannot control, no matter how much I do, this is where hope, faith and miracles come into play. But, that is a whole other blog post.

As much faith as I have, as a Catholic who prays daily, I also like to take action to try to make things happen and am somewhat factual about things. I am not one to only pray and hope for the best. No offense to people who do that, it is just my personal preference. For example, if I were looking for a job, I wouldn’t only pray with intention for the job I’d like, I’d also actively look for a job, apply for jobs, network, go to the interviews (research the company beforehand), and send a follow-up thank you e-mail after an interview. My point is that I would take action to reach my goal or achieve what I want, not only hope for it. This can apply to lots of aspects of life, such as buying a home or a car, taking a special trip, weight management, and success in a career. I once heard someone at work say, “hope is not a business plan.” Initially, I thought that was kind of a negative comment, since others were saying, “we did our part, not let’s hope people watch the show” or buy the product we are selling, I really can’t recall the exact project, but that particular phrase stuck in my mind. Later, after further thought on the comment, I somewhat agreed. Lots of people hope for the best, even in business matters, but they don’t put in the work or take the necessary steps to achieve success. Having said this, I still believe more in the statement, “we can do our part, put in all the work, and then still be hopeful for the best”. It is a way to stay positive. “Let’s hope for the best” to me, is almost like saying, “let’s leave things in God’s hands, while staying positive” which is something that has taken me years of practice to achieve and truly rest in. Hope, for me, is like faith. I can’t see it, but I can feel it and it can bring me inner peace. My faith has helped me through several challenging times in my life. That is hope for me! A hope for good things to come, for happiness, blessings, health, love, prosperity and much more. As well as a hope for the good in other people, our leaders, and our world.


(Graphic from Chopra Center Meditation)

Along with my hope, come actions. Just like I exercise to manage my weight and for my health, I also pray and meditate for my emotional health and inner peace. It is easy to worry. Worrying can lead to stress. Many times I worry about things which are really not that important or bigger problems which I cannot change. I have learned to try to let those thoughts of worry go. Meditation had helped me with this. The less I worry, the happier I feel and the healthier I will be.

This is why I was so pleased when I read that the next 21-Day Free Mediation Experience from Oprah & Deepak Chopra was going to be about Hope In Uncertain Times, as a Path to Health and Happiness. How wonderful and timely! Right now, we are living in uncertain times in many aspects. Not only in our country, but around the world. You know what I am referring to. I don’t need to go into detail about the violence, the racism, the hate, the economy, the changes, the list could seem endless. Lately, I am even torn about watching the news because there is so much violence. And, I love watching and reading the news! I used to work in the television industry and politics, and even before that I enjoyed watching the news and staying up to date on current affairs. Lately, things seem to be getting worse. Many of us worry about these uncertain times. We worry not only for ourselves, but for our country, our families, our children, and our communities. A friend said she read that professionals stated some people are going through the stages of depression due to these uncertain times. It is sad. But, we still have hope. We know that there are lots of good people, those that want to share, give, teach, love, and live a peaceful life. I always believe, in the end, good will win. We may not be able to see it tomorrow, or in a year or five years, but I hope in time, we will.


(Graphic from Chopra Center Meditation)

What we can do, to have a certain level of peace and happiness during these times of uncertainty is keep the faith and hope. We can share our love, make a difference in our communities, be good neighbors, good citizens, and share our happiness and positive hope with others. I find that meditating and praying bring me inner peace. When I have inner peace, I am able to share that peace and happiness with those around me. Do I still get upset, yes, do I still worry or get sad, yes, but I try to manage those feelings through prayer and meditation. It also helps me to try to let go of negative and worrying thoughts about things (and people’s actions) which I cannot control and things which are uncertain during these times.


(Graphic from Chopra Center Meditation)

In the past, I have written about the positive effects mediation and prayer have had on my life. I am grateful to Oprah and Deepak for sharing their knowledge and these 21-Day Meditation Experiences with us. They are free! When I was learning to meditate, these 21-Day experienced helped me greatly! If you already meditate, I hope you enjoy this experience. If you are new to meditation or want to learn, these sessions can help guide you. They helped guide me! It only takes twenty minutes a day, if you can do even ten or five minutes a day, it will be helpful! Overall, regardless of how much you are able to meditate, these daily sessions have introductions with positive words. I am always open to hearing positive words! They brighten my day, and I find them to be a wonderful way to end my day in a relaxing and peaceful manner. This experience is accompanied by a free companion booklet. I think this is a new addition to the 21-Day Meditation Experiences! I was able to open the booklet and it is easy to print. It’s a nice addition and useful tool!


(Graphic from Chopra Center Meditation)

Remember, you will get out of these sessions as much as you put in. If you can, do them daily. If you skip a day, don’t worry, you can listen to that session the next day (in past, sessions have been available up to five days before being closed). It takes time to form a habit…they say it takes 21 days. I have a habit of praying daily, usually at night right before I go to sleep. I end my days with appreciation for all the blessings we have and hope (as well as requests) for blessings in the future!

Here’s the link if you would like to register for the 21-Day Free Meditation Experience: Hope In Uncertain Times. It starts today.

Happy meditating, stay positive, and never lose hope! Do you meditate or pray? How does it help you?



PS: In case you missed it, how I learned to meditate and how it helps me clear my mind.

4 thoughts on “HOPE In Uncertain Times: 21-Day Free Meditation Experience by Oprah & Deepak

  1. “Chaos can be a prelude to creativity,” said Deepak Chopra.  “In these times of seeming confusion, a deep dive into consciousness can help us find the light of hope that we need to begin true transformation. Our next 21 Day meditation experience is timely for this next stage of our evolution.”

  2. Genuine hope is an intrinsic part of who you are, and it’s capable of transforming your world as you see it. Hope is always available, yet we’re the ones who must activate it with self-awareness. The message in this mantra is that the power of hope is here every day. When we are conscious–aware, wide awake–we make this hope a real and powerful force in life. It becomes a solid foundation that we can stand on in turbulent times.

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