Free Jewelry Cleaning at Tiffany…New service, they used to Charge, watch video

Tiffany is offering complimentary jewelry cleaning service right now, watch video for details! This is new, they usually charge. This is not a sponsored video, I got my Tiffany jewelry cleaned for free & am passing the tip on to you. Please share video with your friends as well, because FREE is a good thing! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications of new videos I upload. And, please leave your comments below 🙂

Contact your local Tiffany & Co. to confirm if they are offering the complimentary jewelry cleaning service and for more information.

If you are interested, you can watch more of my videos here YouTube: Paola Hernandez-Jiao. Thanks for your support!

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Tip Del Día: Servicio gratis en Tiffany & Co., limpian tu joyería Tiffany gratis, oprime para ver el video, les estoy compartiendo el tip, compártelo con tus amistades ya que “gratis” es algo buen ¡Gracias por tu sintonía! Si te gusta este video por favor oprime “Like” y “Subscribe” para subscribirte a mi canal de YouTube (oprime aqui) y enterarte de cuando pongo videos nuevos. ¡Gracias por tu apoyo!

Comunícate a tu tienda Tiffany & Co. local para confirmar si están ofreciendo el servicio de limpieza de joyería gratuito y para mas información.

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