Adding An Inexpensive Relaxation Tool To Your Home


When I go to spas, I like to see the candles lit up. The flicker of the flame and the scent of the candle alone immediately make it a relaxation zone and add some zen to the experience. I also comment on lit candles when I visit friends homes. I walk in and can smell the nice scent. We have candles at home, in every room except for my husband’s office and the guest room. I even have them in the bathrooms. But, I am not very good about using them. So, lately, I have made more of an effort to light up the candles. I only light them in the room I am going to be in. For example, if I am watching television in the evening, I’ll light the candles we have on the end tables. Same thing if I am reading in the bedroom. To make it easier to light up the candles, I keep matches or a lighter in a drawer next to the candles. Having the matches close by has made a huge difference! Somehow, this simple lighting of the candles immediately creates a more relaxing environment! I no longer save the candles for special occasions, like when we have guests over or a party. I enjoy them as often as I can, daily if possible! Plus, candles aren’t just for the winter time or indoors. We’ve been enjoying them year-round. They are also great in the yard as centerpieces, decorations, or as motifs to set an ambiance for a dinner outdoors!

So, light up your candles! Don’t wait for a special occasion, make everyday special! You deserve it!

As a tip, I try to place the candles near to where I am sitting, so I always remember to turn them off. For example, I keep them on the end table nearest to couch where I am sitting (next to the television remote), this way it is easy to blow them out when I turn off the television that evening. In the bedroom, I place a candle on my nightstand and usually read in bed. This way, the candle is within arms reach and I can easily turn it off before I go to sleep.

Do you use candles often at home? Do you have a favorite brand or scent of candle?



PS – An easy way to brighten up your bathroom in one step.

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