How a Ringing Bell Can Make a Difference


I was honored to be included in Giving Back Magazine’s November Issue which featured Community Leaders regarding how they were going to “give back” to local charities these holidays. I included the Salvation Army in my portion of the article because I have been volunteering with them for more than six years. I have seen first hand how they help thousands of San Diegans every year. As a member of their Public Relations Board for the San Diego & Imperial Counties Chapter, I have seen how they impact people’s lives, not only during emergencies and disasters around the world, but also locally. They have thrift stores which in addition to raising funds for their programs, also provide jobs, they also have camp programs for youth, the Kroc Center for children and families, they have a rehabilitation center, senior centers, food distribution services, a shelter home for women, and many more programs. They are rated as one of the best charities in regards to the percentage of funds that actually go to the charity and not administration or salaries. If I recall correctly, about 90% of every donation goes directly to the programs to help others, to the charity directly, that is amazing!

This holiday season, I supported the Salvation Army by producing and hosting two interview for them regarding their Holiday Fundraising Campaign and Toy Drive. I also volunteered as a bell ringer on the All Star Bell Ringing Day. We had fun! I was located at a Walmart in Santee, along with three other local celebrities – the Fox San Diego Sports Girls and the Chick-Fil-A Cow, and Lynn from the Salvation Army. My toes were freezing at the end of the night, but it was worth it! It was nice to see so many people donate to the red kettle, every little helps, some people donated ten, five, one dollar…or coins. They searched in their pockets for change and donated it. It was nice to see parents teaching their children to donate by allowing their children to be the one’s to place the money in the kettle and telling them that it was to help families in need. It also warmed my heart to hear stories from people which had been helped by the Salvation Army locally. So, next time you hear a bell ringer, hopefully you will donate in the red kettle, every little helps. If you’d like to support the Salvation Army , you can donate on-line at their site and also sign-up to be a bell-ringer, here’s the link. I’ve enjoyed volunteering with them, it is very satisfying!

Merry Christmas!

Do you volunteer with any charities?




All Star Bell Ringing Day: Lots of children went up to the Chick-Fil-A Cow to get a hug & take a picture with him. He told us he borrowed his jacket and hat from Santa, cute!


Interview day: We took a quick picture while they were preparing the guest in the background for the interview on the set.

salvation army interview hoidsys 2013 in studio

We took a group picture in the studio after the interviews. The man in the orange shirt is Justino, our wonderful floor manager, it is great to work with him during interviews! Standing next to me is Suzi Woodruff-Lacey from the Salvation Army, we’ve become friends over the years, she is sweet and a creative public relations expert!

My Week In Photos – November

azteca en la comunidad studio iterview set MMM 1 paola liz landa barbara jimenez nov 8 2013

November was a very busy month! I am usually quite busy, but during November we launched a new holiday initiative called Month of a Million Meals at the television stations where I work. I am managing the initiative, it is a large undertaking, starting the campaign from scratch and working with Feeding America San Diego to raise one million meals for local families in need. It has been a true pleasure to work with the Feeding America San Diego staff and to be part of such a good cause! This campaign was huge because it involved multiple facets, promotion on various platforms, a Holiday Celebration Event at Westfield Plaza Bonita and working with multiple departments within the stations, in addition to the external partners and cross-promotion with other media. We started from scratch, from developing the plan, the promotion, the logo, landing pages, promo spots and scripts, to working with the station anchors and reporters (as well as a national TV host & the Azteca America Network reps), and of course, translating everything to Spanish for the Azteca station….and much more! I am glad to say the campaign has been successful! We rolled out the campaign a few days early and even though it has been many, many hours of working late, it has been worth it because we will help so many families! We still have a few more weeks to go, the phone bank this coming week and some more production and web postings, but we are doing well! In addition to the campaign, I had my regular projects and television hosting responsibilities to complete, and planning for 2014, so there was lots going on during November!  Anyway, this is the reason, I have not been as active on my blog as usual, but I seem to be getting back to my normal work schedule, so I plan to post on a regular basis again! Thank you for your patience & support!

Instead of doing a “Week in Photos” post, this is “the last weeks of November.” Have you worked on any large projects that have consumed your time and required you to work longer hours?



The picture posted above is from the first Month of a Million Meals interview I hosted on Azteca San Diego (I also produce these interviews – for both ABC10 & Azteca San Diego). In total, we produced eight interviews for the campaign over a six week period….compared to the two interviews we usually do for station sponsored events – you can see why this is such a large campaign!


Due to my schedule, I haven’t been able to attend too many events these past few weeks, but did make it to Mana de San Diego’s Brindis Gala. The theme was Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and it was a fun event!


Special thanks to my hubby….he’s been very understanding of my hectic schedule, he’s been so supportive, he’s even been getting take-out for us to have for dinner on nights that I’ve had to work late! On this night, he got it at Boston Market…I had the mashed potatoes & corn for dinner, and the chicken for lunch the next day (this is a large piece of chicken).

sundae greek restaurant jim dec 1 2013 countertop

And he even gets dessert! This was his, but I had two spoonfuls of it, delicious! He knows I try to eat healthy, so I usually only have a bite of his dessert.


In between the other shoots for commercials and community interviews, I also had the pleasure of hosting an interview with Rafael Sigler from Freeway Insurance. He’s a pro & it’s always a pleasure to work with him!

sunsetn outside station nov 12 2013 antenna in backfround parking lot copy

The time changed and it was usually dark by the time I left the office…I did catch this sunset one evening.

five guys burger & fries

Another night, my hubby took me to dinner to Five Guys Burgers & Fries, I didn’t eat a burger, but did enjoy their fries, just the right crunchiness, super tasty! I will definitely be back!

coffee mug SF on coffee table background tanksgiving wreath & fire[p;ace nov 9 2013

I put out a few Thanksgiving decorations and enjoyed relaxing with a cappuccino at home on one of the weekends!

paola bill griffith studiio photos studio recording MMM holiday ce;ebration promos

I had the opportunity to appear with 10News’ Bill Griffith in promotional spots for ABC10 & Azteca San Diego 15 for Month of a Million Meals’ Donation Day at Westfield Plaza Bonita’s Holiday Celebration.

1456530_353988334738244_1914415482_nMy hubby & I had a trip to Hawaii planned, so in between it all, I took a few days to get away with him. I was replying to e-mail and taking calls – while sitting by the pool or on the beach, so I was able to enjoy the trip!

The Joy of Cinema


As a fan of movies, I am a supporter of film festivals. I have seen hundreds of movies, many for pure entertainment (i.e.: blockbusters, comedies, chick flicks), some for their message about society, and I enjoy documentaries to learn about an infinite number of  subjects, such as history, nature, biographies, travel, and more. Over the years, I have been to a number of film festivals. The San Diego Latino Film Festival is presenting Exitos de Cine Latino (Successes in Latino Cinema) through August 29th at two local theaters. I have enjoyed seeing a few of the movies. If time permitted, I’d see more of the movies! This festival showcases movies from Latin America, Spain, and Mexico, meet and greets with movie directors and actors, and nightly musical performances at the movie theatre. The proceeds benefit the San Diego Media Arts Center’s programs. The television stations (where I work) are sponsoring the festival and we had the opportunity to give a welcome before one of the movies. It was nice to see a good turn out, run into contacts from radio stations and the festival organizers, as well as support a good cause. If you have an opportunity, stop by and catch a movie! For more details, visit: Have fun at the movies!

Have you been to a film festival before? Have you been to the San Diego Latino Film Festival?



Espanol: Como fan de peliculas, apoyo a festivales de cine. He visto cientas de peliculas, muchas por entretenimiento (comedias, éxitos de cartelera, y comedias románticas), algunas por su mensaje social, y disfruto documentales para aprender sobre un gran numero de temas, como historia, la naturaleza, biografías, viajes, y mas. Al paso de los anos, he ido a varios festivales de cine. El Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego esta presentando Exitos de Cine Latino hasta el 29 de agosto en dos cines en San Diego. He disfrutado de ver algunas de las películas. Si tuviese mas tiempo disponible, viera mas de las películas! Este festival presenta películas de Mexico, Latino America, y España, oportunidades de conocer a directores y actores, y entretenimiento cada noche en el cine. Los fondos recaudados benefician a los programas del Media Arts Center de San Diego (Centro de Medios). Las televisoras (donde trabajo) son patrocinadoras del festival y tuvimos la oportunidad de dar la bienvenida antes del comienzo de  una de las películas. Me dio gusto ver que habia bastante gente en el festival, encontrarme a compañeros de radiofusoras y los organizadores del festival, y poder apoyar esta buena causa. Si tienes la oportunidad, ve a ver una o varias películas! Para mas detalles sobre el festival, visita: Que se diviertan en el cine!

Has ido a un festival de cine? Has ido al Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego?

Un abrazo,


DSCN4055 DSCN4065 DSCN4067

My Week in Photos

Hi friends,

This week was full – busy as usual, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, it was also fun & productive! I had the opportunity to produce an interview for the March of Dimes’ upcoming Golf for Babies, had a meeting with our Ad Council rep, and attended a reception in honor of Ed Lopez, in recognition of his new position. On a personal basis, I was looking forward to Friday because we took my nephew to see the animated movie Planes. My hubby went for a flight (his hobby) Saturday morning and has been working on project, so my plans for the weekend were to catch up on sleep! Which I was able to do yesterday morning. Even though they say you can’t really catch up on sleep, I feel like I did and feel rested today.

march of dimes golf for babies abc interview oic 2 8-13-13

I produced an interview for the March of Dimes’ Golf for Babies Tournament. It is always nice to see their staff and catch up on how their projects are coming along. The stations sponsor the Golf for Babies event, so I have been working with the March of Dimes for a few years now. I am looking forward to the Tournament in September.

ad council lunch meetinh john boal 8-15-13

One of my responsibilities at the stations is to select the PSAs we air, which is based on a list of criteria. About once a year, I meet with our Ad Council rep and he brings me up to speed on the latest PSAs and campaigns. The PSAs are all for non-profits and to help get their message out. Helping non-profit organizations is one of the favorite parts of my job! I feel…actually, I know, we are making a difference in the community we serve!

ed lopez event group pic aug 15-1013

ed lopes event mireya, mediccis, lola aug 15-13

Here’s a group picture taken at Ed Lopez’s reception. The reception made me think about networking and how people you meet at work related events can become contacts, then lead to what I call “business friends” and even personal friends. I posted about it earlier this week.







Friday was probably my favorite day of the week. I felt giddy all day because my hubby and I had made plans to take my nephew to see the movie Planes. It was so much fun to see him, he is adorable and a true joy in our lives! After the movie, we met my sister, other nephew, and brother-in-law for dinner. It was nice to see her and my nephews, to play with them and catch up with my sis. It warmed my heart that as we were leaving the restaurant, my younger nephew (who is starting to speak) asked me if we were coming over to his house to play further, so cute!



This weekend, I got to catch up on sleep, relax, watch a movie, and read. I know it may seem silly, but I really enjoy cooking breakfast for my hubby on weekends. And for me, just being able to sit and enjoy my fresh cup of coffee is a treat reserved for weekends when we are at home!

Now, time to prepare for my workweek!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun, catch up on sleep….or relax?

Hugs….and best wishes for a great week,