Favorite Leather Sandals



Every spring & summer, I seem to choose a favorite pair of sandals which I wear multiple times every week. This year it was these Zigi Girl black sandals which I am continuing to wear into the end of September because the weather has been quite warm. Over the years, I have learned to purchase shoes and sandals that are not only stylish, but Continue reading

Letting Go Of Your Favorite Items

We all have items that are our favorites? A particular pair of shoes, jeans, jacket, mug, the list can go on and on.  I don’t get attached to material goods, but do have certain items that are my favorites. The 80/20 rule definitely applies to these items! In this case, a 99/1 rule applies to this item. I wear it 99.9% of the time, haha! Do you have a hard time doing away with these items, even though you know they have ran their course and are stating to look old or ragged?

That very special item is….this pair of slippers! My sister-in-law gave them to me last year as a Christmas gift. I really, really like these slippers! They are soooo comfortable! Even though I have a few other slippers, these are my favorite one’s and I wear them everyday! When I get home and kick off my heels, it feels so nice to put on my slippers! They are the first thing I put on in the morning! Plus, I like the little bows and the leopard print. I have washed them a few times, but am starting to come to the realization that the end of them is coming soon. They are starting to feel thinner at the bottom and this last time I washed them, the bows had a few strings coming out. I cut the strings immediately, haha!

Oh well, I’ll just enjoy them a few more weeks and then have to say goodbye to them. We’ve been through so many lazy Saturday mornings, late nights, a few winters,…. and relaxation time together! I will miss you slippers!

Can you relate? Which item do you have a hard time letting go of?



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