Quick Remedy For Sore Feet


Heels are a staple in my closet. I love wearing them, and my feet have gotten pretty good about standing and walking in them for hours. For certain speaking engagements and when I host events, I will stand on my feet for up to six or eight hours. It can take a toll on my feet. I have a handful of very comfortable leather heels and have learned to take back-up heels to events, so I change the angle and height of the heels, which helps. I also do this for social events, such as weddings. After a long day of standing in my heels at an event, I used to come home and soak my feet, moisturize them, put on cozy socks, and rest with my legs elevated, which seemed to help a little. Then, I discovered Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion. It was given to me as a thank you gift after emceeing an event. The lotion was part of a gift basket with an assortment of Burt’s Bees products. It is marvelous! It has a refreshing scent and feels tingly when applied. It contains peppermint oil, parsley leaf oil, and menthol to soothe and calm tired feet. It feels refreshing when applied and contains moisturizing ingredients. Sometimes, I apply it as soon as I get home, I don’t even soak my feet, I massage it into my feet & put on some cozy socks. I elevate my legs and rest my feet. If my feet are very sore, before going to bed I will add another layer of the lotion and sleep with the socks on. In the morning, my feet are no longer sore. I have tried other foot lotions with menthol, but they were not as effective as this one. Perhaps other foot lotions with the combination of peppermint, menthol, and parsley oil may also work. For now, I am sticking with this one because it works! As a tip, I rub it on the tops and soles of my feet, and sometimes also apply it on my calves, giving myself a little massage. I wash my hands afterwards because the peppermint can irritate the eyes.

When I find a product that works well and does what it claims, I want to share the news with friends and with you on my blog! When the product is reasonably priced and easily available at local stores, such as Target and Walmart, that’s a plus!

Do you have a remedy you use for achy feet?



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