Pregnancy Update & Baby Bump Pictures: 7 Months


We are very excited about our pregnancy & the arrival of our baby in a few months! Since many of you have asked me how I’m feeling & to post baby bump pictures, here are a few.

Here’s my seven month update:

  • Baby’s Health: We did a chromosome test as part of our fertility treatment, so we knew early on that her chromosomes were good. We went in for the 20 week ultrasound in radiology (routine in all pregnancies, it’s more detailed than ultrasound done in doctor’s office) and thankfully everything is healthy! From what the doctors could tell, she is healthy: lungs, heart, brain, head, organs, arms, legs, eyes, nose, lip, and has all her toes and fingers!
  • Baby Size & My Weight Gain: The doctor says everything is on track and the baby is healthy. She weighs about three pounds and measures about 15 inches. She is approximately the size of a large butternut squash. Baby is growing as expected and when doctor measured my belly and it is exactly what it should be for the week we are in. I have gained 20 pounds thus far (I am supposed to gain between 15-35 by the end of the pregnancy, so a few to go). These last six weeks I have gained 8 pounds! The last trimester is when pregnant women gain the most weight quickly.
  • How I’m Feeling: I have had a very good pregnancy thus far! I didn’t have any morning sickness or nausea. I went in for the gestational diabetes test a few weeks ago and thankfully, I don’t have it. My blood pressure is also healthy. The only thing that has bothered me s a varicose vein on my right calf. I had it before pregnancy, but it has gotten worse and has been painful at times. These are hereditary. I am wearing compression socks when I exercise or if I know I am going to be on my feet for an extended amount of time. I also try to elevate my feet when I am working at my desk. I am also wearing heels less often, opting for wedges or flat shoes instead. These three things seem to be helping and I haven’t had pain in a few weeks! I may get the vein removed after I have the baby.
  • Baby Movement: At seven months, I am finally feeling the baby start to move, lots! I started feeling her slightly a few weeks into the six month. It’s fun! Now, if I place my hand on my belly, I can actually feel her move.
  • Cravings: I haven’t had any cravings. I tease hubby that he is lucky that I haven’t asked him to go to the store at midnight to buy me something I am craving. I have tried to continue on a healthy diet, but do eat treats here and there, and continue to enjoy chocolate often (in small amounts)! The holidays have been an opportunity to eat more treats than usual, simply because they were everywhere and hard to resist!
  • Exercise: Exercise has kept me active, but I am starting to slow down now that the baby is growing. I seem to run out of breath easier, which is normal in pregnancy. My exercise routine lately consists mostly of walking and light stretches.
  • Pregnancy Discomforts: I am starting to feel the regular pregnancy discomforts which are to be expected in the third trimester: pressure at the bottom of the uterus from the baby’s growth, discomfort if I eat a large portion of food, and I run out of breath just going up the stairs!
  • Sleep: Trying to sleep on my left side has become a habit now. It’s not always comfortable, but it is what doctors recommend, so I do it. It is the best position to sleep in for the baby to receive enough oxygen. I place a small Boppy wedge pillow under my belly (gift from sister, thank you) and a small square pillow between my knees, these help! I do miss sleeping on my back & stomach though. I have been reluctant to purchase a large Boppy sleeping pillow because we have so many pillows at home. I am trying to de-clutter (see New Year’s Resolutions post) and use the existing items we have at home. So far, the small Boppy wedge & pillow seem to be doing the trick!
  • Favorite Part of the Day: When I walk by the mirror every morning, I like lifting my pajama top to see my bare belly and see how much our baby continues to grow!
  • Most Surprising Change: I am still amazed at the changes my body has made with the pregnancy. My belly has grown lots in the past month! LOTS! Before people would say I did not look pregnant, even at six months. In December, a friend’s husband said he thought I had simply gained some weight. My mom and grandmother say I have “cajon” which means “drawer” to carry the baby. They are referring to my hips. Well, finally, at seven months the baby bump made its debut! Just in time for all the Christmas parties and New Year’s! It was like she was waiting for the right moment to come out and shine. Now it is pretty obvious that I a pregnant! It looks like I have a large melon in my belly!
  • Hubby: He is delighted as ever, happy, & preparing for the baby’s arrival! He buys me treats every once in a while. He’ll come home with a box of chocolates or my favorite pastry! He has already started a piggy bank of saving for the baby, he calls it the “flying lessons” fund. In case she wants to take flying lessons when she is sixteen. Flying is one of his hobbies. He says if she doesn’t want to be a pilot, she can take other classes with the funds. We will start a college fund for her when she is born (a child needs to be born before you can open this account).
  • Kitties: Our kitties don’t seem to be aware that I am pregnant. They continue to be their cute selves and offer me their cuddles!
  • Family Favorite Moments: My sister told my nephews early on that I had a baby in my belly. So, now every time they see me, after they give me a hug and kiss, they hug and kiss the baby bump! It’s adorable! This baby already has so much love, she is lucky & blessed! They are all going to be such good friends! I posted a picture below of them hugging my belly. The picture melts my heart!

I’ll post more pictures and an update next month, as well as which books I have read and am starting to read, how I am preparing for labor, and the staple clothing items I have purchased to get me through pregnancy in style (and comfort). I’ll also include pictures of the items we have purchased and nursery progress. We are extra excited about the arrival of our Doona stroller (see picture here on my Facebook page) and I am clearing out my home office to turn it into the baby’s nursery.

Do you have any tips for the third trimester? How about labor (yikes, it’s getting closer)?



Ps – My pregnancy pictures at six months and how I determined my pregnancy style. Plus, our baby gender reveal party.


There she is, our baby! Proudly showing off my baby bump in this dress which is fitted at the waist. It is not a maternity dress, I purchased it at Target in the spring and wore it on my birthday in June. The material has some stretch to it, so it’s been useful during the pregnancy. I hope to be able to wear it through the end of the third trimester.


IMG_6258Form the front, the baby bump is not as visible with this dress, but as soon as I turn to the side, there it is! I still have some resemblance of my waist line 🙂


My nephews hugging the baby bump! Adorable! This picture was taken just before Christmas (two weeks ago, at 7 months pregnant).


This picture & the one below were taken at the Univison television studio, after an interview I did in early December (6 months pregnant). You can see a small baby bump.



This was the baby bump at the beginning of December, when I was six months pregnant. The difference is visible compared to the pictures of my baby bump at seven months. You can see this outfit post here.


This picture and the one below were taken at the Azteca/ABC10 television studio in mid-December, when I went in to do an interview. My small baby bump was visible, but I still fit into this dress. It isn’t a maternity dress, I wore it for the first time last summer to emcee the Celebrando Conference (see those pictures here, I weighed thirty pounds less). I also wore the dress this past November to emcee the Southwestern College Foundation Luncheon (see picture here).



I took this picture on December 1, at the gym. My baby bump was starting to show. What a difference a month makes when you get to the last trimester of pregnancy!

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