We Met a Lemur…Opening Party Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

We met a Lemur at the Fleet Science Center during the Opening Night Party for the film Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, click to see the video! It was exciting! Thank you for watching! If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications of new videos I upload. And, please leave your comments below 🙂

If you are interested, you can watch more of my videos here YouTube: Paola Hernandez-Jiao.

More information regarding the film available at Fleet Science Center. View film trailer here Island of Lemurs: Madagascar.

Have you ever met a Lemur? When was the last time you went to see a film?

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¡Conocimos a un lémur en el Fleet Science Center durante la Fiesta de Apertura de Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, oprime en enlace para ver el video! ¡Gracias por tu sintonia! Si te gusta este video por favor oprime “Like” y “Subscribe” para subscribirte a mi canal de YouTube (oprime aqui) enterarte de cuando pongo videos nuevos. ¡Gracias por tu apoyo!

Mas información sobre la película disponible en Fleet Science Center. Para ver trailer de la película documental Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, oprime aquí.

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