How To Make Flowers Last Longer


This time of the year, we have holiday decorations at home and floral arrangements for special occasions. When I purchase or am gifted a large floral arrangement, I usually place it in the kitchen on the island because this is the room where we spend most of our daily family time. Our kitchen gets lots of natural light, which helps the flowers blossom. To extend the life of the flowers, I don’t place them where they will get direct sunlight, add the floral powder pouch included, and change the water about every other day. When I change the water, I add new powder and cut the bottom of the stems of each flower, this helps extend the life of the flowers and keep the water fresh and clear as well. After a few days, some flowers die. I remove them. When the arrangement starts to look less full, I divide the flowers and place them in smaller vases. I place the vases around the house. Usually in the television room, our bedroom or bathroom dresser area, the living room, or leave one on the kitchen island. Since the flowers have bloomed by now, they last for several days in our bathroom and living room because these rooms receive less sunshine, so they remains cool year-round.

By dividing the flowers we get to enjoy their beauty throughout the house! Having fresh flowers around the house makes me smile! If the flowers were a gift, they remind me of the person who gave them to me. Fresh flowers brighten up a room! So, when your holiday floral arrangements start to fade, don’t give up on them and throw all of them away. Perhaps, consider throwing away the flowers that have parched and died, but keep the flowers which are still looking pretty and the stems with buds which will open up. Divide the flowers into other smaller vases and spread them throughout the house. You will be surprised how much longer they will last in individual vases. You’ll also be able to enjoy the flowers longer and in different spots around our home.

To extend the freshness of the flowers, changing the water often and cutting the stems works for me. I found this article which lists other ways to make flowers last longer. Do you have any special trick to make your fresh-cut flowers last longer?



PS – An easy way to brighten up your bathroom in one step and fall flowers I enjoyed at home this week, they were left over flowers from a larger bouquet. Plus, the flowers I purchased last year to decorate our home to host Thanksgiving!


This was the original flower bouquet, gifted to me from my friend, Javier, for volunteering at an event at Westfield Plaza Bonita.


I placed the vase in the kitchen on the island and it lasted about five days. The sunflowers and carnations were the first flowers to die.


After the sunflowers and carnations died, I separated the remaining flowers into multiple smaller vases. I placed a vase with daisies in the living room.


There were only a few of these flowers, so I placed them in a small contrasting blue vase. These added color to our television room.


I placed the shorter white daisies in a small vase and they brightened up our master bathroom dresser area for more than a week!


PS2 – As I start preparing for Chritsmas, I am remembering this beautiful Christmas flower bouquet. It was one of my favorite holiday bouquets!

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