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About a year ago, I was visiting my sister and she pulled a ready-to-eat salad from the refrigerator. She opened the container & simply poured the enclosed veggies, toppings, and dressing over it! In seconds she was enjoying her salad, straight out of the container. She told me she buys them at the grocery store and they are fresh! I tasted her salad and it was tasty! I am a huge fan of salads and eat them often. I usually eat a salad for lunch on weekdays (everyday, unless I am eating out). For years, I would buy the pre-washed lettuce bags or salad in a bag options, and add other veggies or chicken. But, it still required some preparation time. And, once I opened the salad bag, the rest would get soggy in just a few days. I tried other pre-packaged salads in containers, but felt pressured to have to eat them a day or two after I purchased them to ensure freshness.

After I tasted the salad at my sister’s home, I started buying the same pre-packaged salads. I go to the grocery store about once a week and stock up on a variety of salads. They have “best by” dates and stay fresh until the date printed on them. I keep them in the refrigerator, making it convenient to reach for them at lunch time. Having variety, even in salads helps mix things up and this way, I don’t get bored with eating them. The chicken, cheese, veggies, and dressing is kept on a separate tray, just above the lettuce, which is key to keeping the lettuce fresh. In addition, the salad is sealed air tight. Now, I take these salads with me when I travel. They are easy to eat during a flight. The salad comes with a small fork and can be eaten straight out of the container. When I am at home, I usually place the salad in a larger bowl and mix it up well, so the dressing is distributed evenly. Occasionally, I’ll add tomato or other veggies. The portion is about the same as a small salad or a salad from a fast food restaurant. When I am extra hungry, or if I know I won’t be eating dinner that evening (just a snack), I’ll add some more lettuce to the salad and depending on the dressing, some olive oil or balsamic vinegar. A few months ago, I discovered that Vons has a large variety of these salads and some options in organic salads. I have started buying the organic salads. Those options are more limited, but also tasty! I’ll post about the organic salads soon!

These pre-packaged salads save me time and make it easy to eat healthy! They are convenient and a good option for a light lunch, so you won’t get sleepy after lunch time. They are also easy to take to work, as long as they are kept refrigerated or chilled in a to-go cooler. If you are trying to eat light at dinner time, these salads make a good & convenient entrée! They have also helped me save money because I open one salad at a time. I am no longer throwing away partially used bags of pre-washed salads or lettuce. Special thanks to my sister for passing on this great salad option!

Do you like to eat salads? Do you purchase pre-packaged salads?



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