Cuffed Just For You



The skinny jeans seems to be staying in trend through the fall and winter. Even though flared jeans are making a come back this fall, skinny jeans are still being sold in stores and will be worn. A trend that came with the skinny jeans was folding the cuff. I  started doing it more than a year ago when I saw it in magazines and on fashion blogs I follow. I like how it shows off the ankle and adds a little extra styling to the jeans. I like how a folded cuff looks with heals, sandals, and ballerina flats. But, as with every fashion trend, I think everyone should do what they feel comfortable with and what they feel flatters their figure. I don’t particularly have long legs. I don’t have short legs either, I have what is considered average length legs for my height. I like my legs, but also like to use little fashion tricks to elongate them. So, when it comes to cuffs on skinny jeans, I prefer the thin double cuff. The reason is the longer the pants, the longer our legs look. The wider the cuff, the shorter the pants look. I sometimes wear the full cuff, but not that often since it makes my pants and legs look shorter. You probably saw women everywhere with their cuffs rolled up. Maybe you also cuff your skinny jeans. In case you are wondering, below are a few of the most popular cuff styles. Do you fold the cuff on your skinny jeans?



PS – Outfit post with cuffed blue jeans and the cuffed look with ballerina flats.

The FULL Cuff

IMG_2042 IMG_2043


IMG_2040 IMG_2027 2

The MINI ROLL cuff

IMG_2045 IMG_2044

Below is a picture of me with the DOUBLE FOLD THIN cuff


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