Birthday Vacation: The Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch

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Hope you are all doing well! Sorry, I’ve been absent for a few days. I’ve been dealing with some things. For now, writing and sharing with you is a nice experience for me and brings me peace, so I will continue to share. I appreciate your support and hope you like these posts – at least as much as I like sharing them with you!

I am continuing with the pending posts from my birthday celebration – here are the pictures from The Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch. It was quite a treat! The spa is on the property, nestled in the wooded canyon of Napa. The Spa’s website describes it as a “rejuvenating natural Napa spa sanctuary,” and it is just that, a sanctuary! The spa is unique, it is completely open and feels like you are in a tree top in the middle of the canyon. There are multiple relaxation areas, soaking pools that overlook the creek, outdoor garden showers, and an area with lounge chairs where you can enjoy some natural rays from the sun.

Before our trip, my hubby and I had booked appointments to go to the spa together, but then he found out his favorite soccer team was playing in the finals of the World Cup, so we called to change his appointment to an earlier time so he could enjoy the game (BTW, the team he was rooting for won). My hubby got a sports massage, I got a Classic Ranch Massage (swedish massage) & customized facial. The massage was quite good, they have a signature oil, among other massage oil options. There was one unique method during the massage which I had not experienced in the past – while I was laying on my back with a massage roll under my knees, the massage therapist held my legs up and rocked them from side to side, then folded them to each side for a few seconds. It was similar to a stretch done in yoga, but she was holding the weight of my legs. She said it as a good stretch for the lower back. For the facial, I lucked out with the lead esthetician – she gave me a skin analysis and a facial which included peptides and multiple natural antioxidants. She also gave me their signature sculpting facial massage, which is used in Japan, and is supposed to tone and firm the skin. This sculpting facial massage was a first for me.

The spa feels very private and because I booked my treatments for the middle of the day, I was the only one there. I had the entire spa to myself! It was very relaxing! During my facial, I asked if the spa is open to the public. I was told the spa is reserved for the exclusive use of guests staying at the resort, which explained why felt so private and quiet. It kind of makes sense since there is only one entrance to the Resort and once you check in, you are transported everywhere on golf carts.   She did tell me that previous resort and spa guests can visit the spa by calling the spa directly and mentioning they had a treatment there in the past. So, they may make the exception for previous guests.

I bought a moisturizer for my face and a peptide cream. I started using the moisturizer recently, let’s see if I notice a difference.

Here are some pics from my visit to the spa – hope you like them!

When was the last time you went to a spa, or got a massage or facial? Do you have any spa recommendations?



PS- I’ll share pics from our last day in Napa and our visit to the Coppola Winery in one of my next posts.


Arriving at the spa – the signage says Bathhouse.

DSCN1917 DSCN1944 DSCN1918

The key for my locker – cute, a Calistoga Ranch wine cork is used as a key chain (the resort has its own wine).


The women’s dressing room area, there are only fourteen lockers, it is quite a private resort.


They have all the regular “freshen up” amenities available at a spa. I took a quick pic in the robe 🙂



Outside of the women’s dressing room area, there is a private sitting area and two outdoor showers. The other lounge areas, outdoor showers, and soaking pools at the spa are co-ed.


One of the sitting areas.


The refreshment area.


The weather was warm – I stayed refreshed with this fruit infused water.



The main lounge “relaxation” area.


There was also a variety of hot teas available.


The lounge chairs overlooking the creek.


This jacuzzi is kept hot, due to the war weather, I opted for the soaking pool (pictured below).

DSCN1968 DSCN1957

I saw this beautiful dragonfly on my way to the soaking pool.


I enjoyed some time in this soaking pool. It was nice that it was covered, so I got shade (& protection) from the sun.


Behind those glass doors there is a sauna. The towels in the bowl are kept on ice.  I freshened up at this outdoor shower before I went in for my massage and facial.

Overall, the spa is amazing! Just like the spas we see in magazines!

Hope you liked these pics! I’ll share pics from our last day in Napa and our visit to the Coppola Winery in one of my next posts.

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