Best and Worst Places to Keep Money at Home

We are flooded with information everyday, some of it is helpful, some of it not so much. I like to stay up to date on current affairs and to continuously be learning. I watch or read the news everyday. In addition, I read articles and magazines regarding multiple topics, from fashion magazines, to finance magazines, blogs, and websites. Often, I’ll read articles or see a story that I think is interesting and may be of your interest. Most of these are helpful tips to help improve our everyday lives, plan for an upcoming event or the future, or simply things that may make one reflect. I am going to start sharing some of these articles with you. Hope you like them!

There are many places where you can store money at home. This article caught my interest, so much that I read it in its entirety – and, then looked up two more articles on the topic to compare the information.  I share the links below.  The first one has a pretty comprehensive list of options, some you may have not even thought about. The last one has multiple pictures and less text to read, so it may be a quick read. Hope you like the tips!

Twenty Places to Hide Money At Home – Besides Under Your Mattress 

Best Places to Hide Money At Home

Crazy Places Where People Hide Money  



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