Where Would You Go If You Took Six Months Off?


Have you purposely made a major career change that affected your life? Or, do you ever wondered what you would do if you lost your job? A friend was laid off a few months ago and decided to re-evaluate what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Not just her career, but the rest of her life. Her words and decision have been on my mind for the past few days. My initial thoughts were, “wow, good for her!”

She was in a management role and has received many industry awards, she could have easily found another job. She saw the lay-off coming beforehand and had already been giving her life path some thought. She has worked tirelessly her entire career, for more than twenty years. Always the professional that she is, she was always focused and driven, but also kind and calm. A loyal employee, dedicated and worked long hours. Many times, placing work priorities before her personal life. After the lay-off, for a few weeks she traveled to visit family. After some reflection, she decided to move to a beach area in Mexico (she is not Mexican or Hispanic) for six months and live her life there. She will do some occasional freelance work. Her home and belongings will be packed. She does not know what she will do after those six months and said she will decide that when the time comes. I could sense the excitement in her words with this new life path she will take. There was also a calmness to her words, a certainty in her decision, she was not taking this change lightly, she was definite in the change, it was not a spur of the moment thing. I am happy for her! Her decision surprised me, but I also know she has a passion for traveling and is already a pretty well-traveled person. She is pretty low-maintenance, independent, and self-sufficient, but also close to her family. At this point of her life, she has already had a successful career, more than many people ten or twenty years her senior. She doesn’t have children, which I believe could also make mobility less challenging.

As I have been reflecting on her decision, it made me wonder if I would ever do something like that? Even though bigger job opportunities in other cities have presented themselves, I have chose to stay in San Diego. My entire career, I’ve preferred to stay here because my family, friends, and home are here, in addition to my professional network. I’ve had a satisfying career and so far, have been happy with my decisions. Plus, I absolutely love living in San Diego (for obvious reasons)! I have been fortunate to have done an internship in Washington, D.C. and worked in Los Angeles for almost a year (stayed there on weekdays and came home on weekends). I have traveled for business to many cities. Traveling for leisure is one of my favorite things. I feel blessed to have traveled quite a bit, as far as China and Greece, as close as Canada, and extensively in Mexico the U.S., and Europe. We had a second home in San Francisco for a few years and my husband planned on retiring there. When we would talk about retiring in San Francisco, I would say I agreed, as long as we kept a home in San Diego. As much as I like to travel, I always love the feeling of coming home! Flying into San Diego and sleeping in my own bed. Even when I was a child, I had a love of home and the sense of security it gave me. I have always been pretty big on stability and to a certain degree to having a routine, it somehow gives me security and peace of mind. I know a home can be made anywhere in the world. A house is really just a building, it is one who makes it a home. If we ever had to leave San Diego, for career purposes, I know my hubby and I could form a home anywhere…but, I would still like to keep a home in San Diego and retire here. Maybe I am not as adventurous as others, or as much of a risk-taker, but I like the feeling of stability, this is how I am happy and being surrounded by my loved one’s, and living in my favorite town, which happens to be my hometown, is what fills my heart with joy. And, if I am fortunate enough to retire here, I will be very happy!

Where would you go if you could move somewhere for six months? Do you think you would leave your home and move somewhere else? Or, if you could make a change in your life, career, or lifestyle, what would it be?

Or maybe you want to move! Do you want to move to another city? Where would you move to?



PS – Since we are on the topic of other cities, here are a few posts from our travels: Our Flight Around Oahu, one of my favorite destination restaurants (has its own resort) in Germany, one of our Getaways to Las Vegas, and the most amazing resort in California wine country (where we went for my birthday vacation last year)!

If we could keep our home in San Diego and visit periodically, and my husband insisted in moving, I wouldn’t mind living for six months in any of the following cities (remember, I said temporarily):

– In the United States –


San Francisco (would be top on the list)


New York (would be second on my list, hubby has lived there a few years & says he wouldn’t like to to live there again)


Beverly Hills


Los Angeles


Las Vegas DSCN5796

Any of the cities in Orange County (Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Long Beach, etc.)

DSCN5242 Miami

DSCN8197 Orlando






– If we moved abroad


Paris (would be top of the list, I’ve been to France six times and would visit every year if my hubby would agree to it, I’ve only been there once with him)




Any major city in Germany (took this picture in Stuttgart at the Porsche Museum)



Barcelona or Rome (I’ve visited these cities and loved them!)

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