We Are Expecting: Baby Jiao Hernández


This is one of the most exciting posts I have written. Jim and I are happy to share with you all that we are expecting a baby. This is our first baby! We feel excited, happy, and blessed! We are in the fifth month of pregnancy and our baby is due in March 2016. I am going to share our path towards pregnancy because it was not an easy one. I want women to know that many of us take different paths towards pregnancy, some of us have challenges, it can be hard, emotional, and some of us postpone it and later regret waiting so long to try to have a baby. Many of us have successful careers which we enjoy and feel we can have a baby at any age, and some of us can, but it may come with challenges. Deciding to have a baby and when to have it is a very personal decision. If my story can help other women and couples, it will be worth it to open up about my personal life.

In the following weeks, I will share with you why I postponed trying to have a baby. The challenges of getting pregnant when we decided we were ready to be parents. Changes I made in my career which I believe made me be in the optimal physical and emotional health to try to get pregnant. Which books I have read during pregnancy, the good one’s and the bad one’s. Things I have been doing to try to maintain a healthy weight, while getting enough nutrients for the baby and gaining the necessary weight for a healthy pregnancy. Exercises I do to have a healthy pregnancy and weight gain, and how these will help me during labor and to lose the weight after baby. My travels during pregnancy. Determining my pregnancy style. Preparing for baby. Purchases we have made for baby. Planning the nursery. Having a high-risk pregnancy. Feeling more secure about being pregnant and how long that took me. How my faith and the power of prayer helped me during our path towards pregnancy and continue to help me now. Why I waited so long to announce our pregnancy. How we shared the news with family. And, much more, from how I’ve been feeling, the stages of our pregnancy, changes in our life, baby clothes, the baby shower, and more!

Thank you for joining us on this path towards parenthood! Please keep us in your prayers so I may continue to have a healthy pregnancy and our baby is born healthy!

Do you have any pregnancy or parenting advise? I’d love to hear from you!



PS –  Last year we Celebrated the Arrival of A New Baby to the Hernandez family, Baby Jiao will have a cousin to play with, and Family Tradition I plan to follow once our baby arrives!

6 thoughts on “We Are Expecting: Baby Jiao Hernández

  1. Congratulations! You look even more beautiful! My best advice is to trust your instinct…not what you read or hear…but what your instinct says. The books and advice from loved ones is great, too…but your instinct will play a big role in your day to day role as mommy and daddy. Xo

  2. I am so happy for Jim and yourself and the whole Jiao and Hernandez family. I will sure follow your updates on your pregnancy. I have so much to learn to be on the same pathway soon as you two. Que las bendiciones sigan en abundancia! You two will be awesome parents. I can’t wait to meet baby Jiao Hernandez!

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