Topshop Grand Opening in San Diego

Topshop Topman celebrated the Grand Opening of their stylish new store in San Diego! The store is located at Fashion Valley shopping center, on the first level, next to JcPenney. Topshop is located on first floor and Topman is on the underground level. I attended the Grand Opening and enjoyed seeing the on-trend items the store has, including clothing, coats, shoes, accessories, purses, and jewelry. There is casual and dressy fast-fashion attire. The Grand Opening included a goodie bag, exclusive giveaways, Topman gift cards, t-shirt printing, entertainment by a Local DJ on the decks, pop-up photo booth, and free gift for customers that spent $70. There were so many nice items to see that I took lots of pictures. Here are pictures from the Topshop Grand Opening. I will make a separate post in the coming days with pictures from the Topman store, my favorite womens shoes and jackets, and the accessories section.

Nordstrom is the exclusive stockist for Topshop in the USA and I have purchased clothing from this brand in the past. This is the first Topshop store in San Diego and the first one of its kind that I have visited. The prices are reasonable. The quality looked well-made. The prices and items are comparable to Zara and H&M (a bit higher than H&M for the casual attire). I will be back to do some shopping, it will be a shopping day with my sis for sure!

Have you been to Topshop or Topman? Do you have any Topshop clothing?



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The goodie bag items.

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