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If you are anything like me, you have a full schedule. We live busy lives and as a result, sometimes we look forward to the end of the day. Or, if it is an extremely stressful week, we hope the week goes by fast, looking forward for the arrival of the weekend. I have been there, in the past, when I would wake up and before I would get out of bed, say to myself, “it’s Wednesday, just three more days to go!” I was referring to three more workdays until the weekend arrived, and then I could catch up on sleep and relax a little. That was during stressful periods where I had too much to do at work and my workdays were twelve to fourteen hours long. It seemed like there weren’t enough hours in the day to complete all the work. At the same time, I felt fortunate to have a career I enjoyed, appreciative of the position I had, and to work with some nice people and be able to help non-profit organizations (and the people they helped).

Lately, I have been reflecting on my life and career. I am still trying to find what seems like the forever sought after “balance” between career and personal life. I am also at a different point of my life because I am married now and enjoy spending time with my husband. I look forward to coming home and making dinner for him (shocking for me since I didn’t cook much when I was single), and hearing about his day. I also enjoy learning about his interests and hobbies, and sharing in those experiences. I continue to spend time with family and friends, and particularly enjoy my walks and talks with my girlfriends and sis/sister-in-law! Time with my family is more limited now that I am married, particularly since we live about thirty minutes away, and I usually get together with them only on weekends. If I reflect on the past few years, my fondest thoughts are the time spent with family, friends, and in my career the time with my colleagues, as well as kind words from people I helped. Almost every thought includes moments of laughter or joy….and hugs from my nephews or nieces.

I saw the Tikker “Happiness Watch” in a catalog recently and it made me think about time and how precious everyday is. Using statistics and an algorithm you calculate your life expectancy and the watch gives you a countdown of how much time you have left, to LIVE! It made me wonder if I would have a different perspective on life if I was counting the days backwards. Subtracting each day as it ended. Would it give me a different appreciation of how I spent me day?

It reminded me of vacations, when I count down the days left, “three more days of vacation left to enjoy,” then, “two more days and finally one more day left.” It made me think of friends that have had life threatening cancer and how they must have felt when the doctor told them how long they had to live, if they didn’t beat the illness. It reminded me of the day, seven years ago, when I felt a lump in my breast and thought I had cancer. I remember my doctor immediately sent me to get a mammogram the next day (he is a wonderful doctor). He contacted me the day after to tell me it was breast tissue and not a malignant lump. Driving home after the initial appointment, before getting the mammogram, I remember feeling sadness and having flashes of not seeing my nieces grow up, graduate from college, or share their wedding day with them. Since I wasn’t married at the time and didn’t have children of my own, my nieces were the first one’s to come to mind. Luckily, I was fine and continue to enjoy seeing these beautiful girls grow up. In the past years and with the arrival of more nephews and a husband into my life, I have tried to live more in the moment. To enjoy each day and be present when I am with them. To put down my cell phone or laptop, and enjoy the time I spend with them.

The Tikker “Happiness Watch” also made me think of my grandmother and how she lives her life, to the fullest, enjoying everyday, sharing her love with family, and trying not to judge others. She continues to wake up early and do things, everyday! She spends time with family, and enjoys every gathering and party. She puts on lipstick and chooses a different outfit everyday, even if she is staying home all day. She gets dolled up for parties by shopping for special dresses, and goes to get her hair done and make-up applied. She continues to have lots to look forward to and says she doesn’t know how long she has left, but she will continue to give back by contributing to her family and community, and will enjoy her life! It made me wonder if she lives her life differently today that she is in her mid-eighties, than she did when she was seventy, sixty, or fifty. I will ask her this weekend when I see her!

The idea for this watch came from Fredrik Colting after the death of his father. The title for the watch says, “A wristwatch that counts down your life.” The description lists, “ Make every second count with the Tikker ‘Happiness Watch’ inspiring you to live your life to the fullest. Using statistics and personal health algorithm your average life expectancy is calculated. The countdown begins, from years to seconds. Tic-Toc. Whether deciding to spend time in the board room or on a surf board. Tic-Toc. It also gives you the correct time.” It sells for $79.99.

Would you buy this type of watch? I don’t think I’ll buy the watch, but will look for a clock with similar features. Perhaps, to place it in our bedroom, so I see it everyday. It may help give me a further appreciation for each day.

Would you live your life differently if you knew how long you had to live?

What do you think about having a “countdown of your life”?

So, let’s try to live in the moment. Enjoy the present and remember, our life is a count down and we won’t get to live today over again, let’s enjoy it! We won’t be here forever! It may sound like a cliché, but life is short and time does flies by quickly! Let’s try to make it a happy life! Tic-toc!

I did some research and the Tikker watch has received quite a bit of media coverage. You can read more about the Tikker “Happiness Watch” and it’s founder in Medical Design Technology Magazine. There also have a Tikker Facebook page & a website.

I also found a video regarding Tikker on Kickstarter. The caricature video made me chuckle! It may seem too direct or a bit eerie, but is also honest and tells us that we have choices on how we live our lives.



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