Entering a Dotted Spring: Short Sleeve Sweater Top



The weather can be tricky this time of the year, making it hard to choose what to wear. We are transitioning from winter to spring and one day we need a sweater, the next day it is raining, the next it is sunny and warm…and today we had Santa Ana winds making it a little too hot for our region. Even though in Southern California we enjoy sunny days Continue reading

No Worry Jeans



Jeans are a staple item in my closet. I am enjoying the trend of colorful & print jeans. Initially, when skinny jeans were introduced (a few years ago), I hesitated to get them because I felt boot cut jeans were more flattering on my body type, and I had many of them. Now, I am embracing my curves, thighs and all, and wearing skinny jeans. I used to consider jeans an investment in my closet. The kind of clothing article I can wear for many years and used to spend hundreds of dollars on designer jeans. I still have those jeans in my closet, but am not wearing most of them currently because they are not skinny jeans or boy cut.

About a year ago, on a trip, I ventured into H&M and found out their skinny jeans are inexpensive ($10 – $30), of course I bought two. A few months later, while shopping with my sister, we went to Forever21 and they also sell inexpensive ($7 – $20) skinny jeans, I got two. The only disadvantage I find with these jeans is that they won’t last years because they tend to fade quicker with washes than designer jeans. But, depending on how often you wear them (& wash them), they can last up to a year or more. I still wear those skinny jeans from H&M around the house. The jeans from Forever21 faded less and are a bit higher on the hips, which is more comfortable for me (due to my curves). This November, I was out shopping with my niece and bought three skinny jeans at Forever 21, gray, black, and dark denim. I have worn them a ton and look forward to wearing them into the spring and summer….hopefully next fall as well. But, at $10 per jeans, I might just go buy another pair in the fall. I call these jeans “no worry jeans” the price is so inexpensive, making them accessible to buy….and a staple in my closet. I think I wear them at least once a week, if not more.

As with any jeans, you can dress them up or keep the look casual. On this occasion, I added a light top, with boots and accessorized it for a day out with my hubby. I have also worn this look to work on a casual Friday, just add a business jacket.

Do you have a favorite brand of jeans? Have you purchased jeans at Forever21 or H&M?



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