Listening To Your Body: Sometimes We Need to Slow Down & Rest



Luckily, I have had a pretty good pregnancy (thus far)! I didn’t have any morning sickness or nausea, my legs haven’t gotten swollen, I don’t have preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, and I have been able to continue exercising regularly. Even though Continue reading

Can’t Sleep, Try Enjoying Rest


On many nights, when I am finally laying in bed and ready to go to sleep, I  have a challenging time turning off my thoughts. Once I lay down under the covers, I have a sense of relief, an “ah, finally in bed” moment. Then, I find myself tossing and turning, with lots of thoughts crossing my mind. My mind starts to create these Continue reading

Easy Tip to Sleep Better / Consejo Facil Para Dormir Mejor


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Hi friends,

Do you ever find that your mind starts to wander about all the things you have to do? This seems to happen when we are finally laying down, after a long day, to try to go to sleep. Our mind starts to write this list of endless things we need to do, not just tomorrow, but this week, this month, for the birthday party coming up….for work, and on and on.

When you write things down, it helps you get them off your mind. I keep a note pad, sticky notes and pens in my night stand. This way, if I have something I need to do, I write it down. If I need to make sure not to forget a particular item in the morning as I am rushing to leave for work, like a scarf or a heavier jacket, I write it down. I stick the little note on my nightstand next to my alarm clock. This way, I see it when I wake up and it is also next to where I place my purse, so I am sure to see it before I leave the next day. Sometimes, I will even bring the sticky note with me downstairs, because by the time I leave the room & get to the door, many other thoughts have already gone through my mind and I may forget the item. Trust me, it has happened before. Having the note in my hand serves as a reminder, yet one more time 🙂  It works like a charm for me.

You may want to try it. Let me know if it works for you. Next time you are trying to get to sleep and can’t seem to clear your mind, write your “to do” list or the thing that is worrying you. It should help you get it off your mind….and clear your mind so you can get some z’s.

Do you keep a note pad or sticky notes and a pen in your nightstand?  Do you use another method to clear your mind before you go to sleep? Do you use another method to remember an item you need to take with you the next day?



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