My Week In Photos

Hi friends,

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. My hubby had business trips, which throws me off my routine at home. But, my mom has been visiting and it has been nice to spend time with her. Here are a few pics from the past two weeks, hope you like them!

What have you been up to these past two weeks?



mccafe shoot pic 1

I shot a commercial for McDonald’s McCafe promotion. This is about the fourth McDonald’s commercial I appear in. It was a fun shoot and we had a few good laughs during the production of the commercial. I feel fortunate to work with such a wonderful and talented team of videographers, producers, and editors. And, I got to drink the coffee, it was delicious! BTW, the editor commented on my blue nail polish, he noticed it was different from the colors I usually wear.

fashion valley


Over the MLK weekend my hubby and I were organizing some stuff at home and he needed some items from The Container Store. While he was at that store, I was able to do some quick shopping at Macy’s in Fashion Valley mall.

menu calexico

chips salsa calexico

On the MLK holiday (Monday), we made a day trip to Mexicali to visit my mom, grandmother, and aunt. On our way back home, we stopped by Rosa’s, a Mexican food restaurant, in Calexico for an early dinner.

love your heart pic 2

I continue working on the Live Well San Diego program and we shot the spots for the Love Your Heart campaign (I am the producer on the project). We shot them at the fire station downtown, the Fire Chief and a spokesperson from the County appeared in the promo with Claudia LLausas, our Azteca anchor/reporter.

mom andrew

I’ve enjoyed time with mom – she’s visiting us and staying at our home. It’s been nice to catch up with her.

andrew paola

My nephew also visited us! I love this little boy so much!!!

wine bottles martha dinner martha robert martha robert bday paola

We went to Robert Rojano’s birthday dinner in Jamul. My friend Martha organized a nice dinner, with a Spanish theme. There were tapas, sangria, Spanish wines, and paella. She is so detailed and creative, she is a gracious host and did a beautiful job with all the decorations.


I recorded a commercial for The Real Pirates Exhibit – opening at the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park. The exhibit looks interesting and I am looking forward to seeing it!


That same morning, I hosted an interview for the Live Well San Diego – Love Your Heart Day campaign. I’m pictured here with Barbara Jimenez, the spokesperson for the County, and Daynara Castillo, board member of the American Heart Association-San Diego Chapter.


On one of our walks, Lola and I stopped by The Headquarters at Seaport District, the new shopping area downtown. The shops are cute, they are a good option if you are looking for unique gifts for birthdays or other occasions (as well as clothing,  home decor, or books). There are eighteen shops and five restaurants – some offer outside seating, which is nice in Southern California.


I stopped by Carlsbad Premium Outlets and found these amazing Nine West deep blue shooties!! This was my find of the week!


My hubby was out of town on business and I joined him for the last day. We went to dinner at Ten (Asian cuisine) and I enjoyed this delicious sushi! It was a special treat since I hadn’t eaten sushi in a while, probably about  month….or more!


A friend of my husband’s invited us to see The Light In The Piazza, a musical, at the South Coast Repertory.



It was opening night for the musical and there was an After Party at a restaurant close by….we enjoyed some wine, Italian hors’dourves, and good conversation.

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paola pic taking pic with phone, taken my Susie Woodruff at el torito 8-23-13

My Week In Photos

My Week In Photos: Start of January

Hi friends! The holidays have past and I am back in full gear at work! I had already started planning the stations’ community outreach projects for 2014 last year and the first week of January was busy with interviews, lots of meetings and production work, as well as scheduling. I am looking forward to the projects we are going to work on – they involve lots of support for the local community & San Diegans, so excited!

The highlight of my week was the birth of my nephew, Joel! He is a cutie! My brothers family did not live in San Diego when my sister-in-law was pregnant with my nieces, so I did not get to see her pass through the stages of pregnancy. It was wonderful to see her body change as the baby grew and to see the baby development in the ultrasounds! This baby is such a blessing! The entire family was excited and we were anticipating the birth with much joy! The baby was born on a Friday afternoon and the lobby area at the hospital started filling up fast as we all headed to see my sister-in-law and meet the baby! We had to take turns to enter the room, you could tell we are a big Mexican family, ha (it’s wonderful)! I have been spending more time (more than usual) with family these past few weeks, to offer support with the new baby & my nieces, as well as visiting my sister and nephews before they all go back to school (my sis is a teacher). My sister-in-law sends me messages with pics of the baby, so cute, they brighten my day! I look forward to seeing Joel grow up & to loving him!

Hope your first week of January was good! What have you been up to? Any exciting plans for January…or 2014? Do share!



1531704_371523629651381_1837597034_nMeet Joel! I am a proud aunt!


Claudia Llausas, Azteca San Diego anchor/reporter, and I enjoyed meeting viewers at the 10News Experience & Azteca booth at the San Diego International Auto Show.


Interviewed YMCA representatives, Michael Brunker and Luciano Villela, regarding the upcoming YMCA Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Dignity Awards Breakfast. I am looking forward to attending the event on January 17.

1026273_604348696281576_1113135812_oWith Luciano Villela, YMCA Board Member.


Celebrated Dia de Reyes – Three Kings Day. Did you have rosca?

freeway I interviewed Rafael Sigler, spokesperson for Freeway Insurance – it is always a pleasure to work with him, he’s a pro & always prepared!

photo-1Lola and I went to see the new Hercules movie, in 3D! It was great, full of action, and good special effects! Every time I would look over at Lola to make a comment, I would laugh because we looked so funny in the 3D glasses. We took a pic as we were leaving, ha! Lola thought we looked dorky in the pic, but I think it is a fun pic….since it was a 3D movie (maybe we do look a bit silly). It still made me laugh when I posted it here, ha!

1553084_10200932513263197_469170601_oWent to see Disney’s Beauty and The Beast musical – amazing & beautiful! It’s become one of my favorite Broadway shows!

My Week In Photos

Hello friends!

The weather cooled down a bit this week, it got back to regular San Diego weather, which was nice because I got to enjoy two outdoor evening events this week! Every week I have multiple reasons why I love my career, this week two stand out – the Miramar Air Show and the Walk for Autism Speaks. I produced and hosted interviews for both events this week. These events are coming up in October and the stations (where I work) are supporting them! I am looking forward to both events, they each support a great cause!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Do you have fun plans? Do share!



ait show pic 2 better paola guests  on set

With the MCAS Miramar Air Show representatives.

autism speaks walk spokesperson 2013 on set paola

With the Walk for Autism Speaks representative.

consuate invitation DSCN4613 DSCN4669

DSCN4683At the Anniversary of Mexican Independence Event, organized by the Consulate of Mexico (pictured with Lola Raggio). The Mariachi is from San Diego State University’s Music Program.


Enjoyed delicious food at the Latin Food Fest’s Opening Night event! It was nice to see some friends at the event – pictured with Kim Rescate, Ana Pines, and chefs.

DSCN4758 DSCN4768 DSCN4781 DSCN4786

Did an interview with Marco Puente, reporter for City College TV, during the Latin Food Fest. It was a delight to meet Marco!

My Week In Photos

Hi friends,

Hope you had a wonderful week! For me, this week definitely felt like summertime, not only because it’s been warm, but also because I did some fun outdoor activities and even went to a pool! The weather has been warmer than usual, past pleasantly warm to just hot, in the 90’s, which is very high for San Diego! Thankfully, there is air conditioning! Work-wise, it was a busy week with many shoots, but this is what I call the fun part of my job, mostly because I get to work with a great production team! I always enjoy interacting with the external folks we work with, in my case mostly the representatives from the events we sponsor. Best wishes for a wonderful long holiday weekend – happy Labor Day everyone!

Do you have any thing fun planned for the holiday weekend?



niramar air show shoot promos 2013

Shooting the Miramar Air Show promotional spots! I love working with the team at MCAS Miramar! The funds raised through the Air Show benefit programs for military families! Another reason why I love my job, we are making a difference!

starbucks coffee cips & coffee cakeBrought my sister some coffee & her favorite coffee cake – stopped by for a quick visit to wish her well on her last day of vacation before she returned to work – her summer break is over.


Gave welcome at theater for Latino Film Festival’s Cine en tu Idioma – film series!

DSCN4118 DSCN4096 DSCN4084 DSCN4106

Enjoyed a warm summer afternoon at the Farmer’s Market with my sis & nephews! They are so cute!!
chargers game with jim vs 49ers

Went to the Charger’s vs 49ers game at Qualcomm Stadium – thanks to my hubby for inviting me! This was the view from our seats at the 50 yard line.


Mixed up our exercise routine – had fun at the pool with Lola, while we got a workout and caught up on our week. My amiguita Lola is as close as sister for me! Her friendship brings joy to my life!

head and shoulder paola alex pic 2 half body

Shot a commercial for an Azteca client. Shooting promo spots and commercials is what I call the fun part of my job! Thanks to my colleagues in production – they did a great job directing the commercial shoot and the spot looks wonderful!! I look forward to seeing the commercial on-air (it’s for a shampoo).

Networking: Making “Business Friends”

ed lopez event group pic aug 15-1013

I receive invitations to many events, most held in the evening after regular work hours. My schedule is quite busy (just like many of you), and I try to be as efficient and productive as I can in my workday.  I still work long hours, but don’t mind because I enjoy my career, it is part of my life and it blends together. Each event I attend after work takes time from my personal time. I have to decide which events to go to and balance attending these with exercise, my hobbies (lately with my blog posts), and my favorite thing to do…spend time with my hubby and family…oh, and getting some rest after work. In my twenties, I attended lots of work related events because of the position I had and because I was also increasing my network of business contacts. I have a few binders full of business cards. At this point of my career, I still attend events, but a lot less, my max is about one per week (that includes super fun events, like gallery openings or food/wine/cultural related receptions). At these events, I still network and see if there is a connection related to an opportunity for the TV stations where I work, but if I run into someone I am fond of, I will likely stay there and catch up with them.

Over the years, I have met lots of people, thousands, and some have become what I call “business friends.” They are more than a business contact or acquaintance, but not as close as a personal friend that you call often or would go for a walk with. These are people that I am fond of and genuinely care about. Some of these people I’ve known for more than ten years, some for less than one. These business friends have seen me grow and advance in my career, and I have seen them advance into different positions as well. Over the years, I have gotten to know them better and learned about their families, travels, and hobbies. In some cases, we’ve called each other for career advice.

There are occasions when the events I get invited to are to celebrate the success of a business friend. I automatically know that will be the event I choose to attend that week because it is to celebrate a friend! Today, I attended one of those events. A good business friend became the Executive Director of a non-profit organization and there was a reception held in his honor. I had a wonderful time, of course my guest was Lola (bff), which added to the fun! It was a small and intimate event, with about forty people. As soon as I walked into the reception I saw three people I have known for years and got to catch up with them. As I moved through the room I kept seeing more people I know and an fond of.  In just a few minutes, we were laughing and sharing stories, tips on traveling, and even recipes! It was also nice to hear that they follow my blog and even mentioned some of the posts, and gave me suggestions for topics for future blog posts. It warmed my heart! It was nice to see the friend that was being honored and be there to show my support in this new stage of his career.

I have met two of my closest friends through my career and networking, they are as close as sisters for me (one of them introduced me to my husband…so this business friend, turned personal friend, introduced me to the man that is the love of my life). In another post, I will share about those stories and these wonderful ladies. So, when you attend networking events, don’t just think about how the people you are meeting can help you advance your career or become a client for your company. Don’t take me wrong, still network and build your contact database, continue connecting with more business people, but also try to enjoy the event. Be selective of the events you attend and have fun! For all you know, you could make some “business friends”….some of which may become personal friends….and have an impact in not only your professional life, but also your personal life!

ed lopes event mireya, mediccis, lola aug 15-13



Highlight of My Work Week

Hi everyone, how was your past work week? Mine was fantastic! Extremely busy…got lots done! I am working on four large projects and it’s exciting, lots going on, love it!

paola joey fatone my family recipe rocks pic 7-30-13

One of the highlights of my week was an interview segment I produced. In addition to being a TV host, managing the community outreach projects and doing lots of production for ABC10/10News and Azteca San Diego, I also produce segments for the Live Well Network, our sister station. This week I produced a segment with Joey Fatone, singer & actor, host of  the cooking show My Family Recipe Rocks (he is best known from his days on ‘N Sync and season on Dancing with the Stars on ABC). He and his team (Disney production staff) were all friendly and it was nice to work with them. Producing these segments is always interesting, the best part is the people I get to meet and work with!

paola joice carola cardenas ymcs north county 8-2-13

My other highlight of the week was a meeting I had with Joice Truban Curry and Carola Cardenas from the YMCA. I’ve known Joice for years and she is full of energy! It was nice to meet Carola and learn more about the YMCA in North County. I rarely leave the station for meetings or lunch due to my packed schedule, this meeting was wort it, we had a nice time and it is always a pleasure to see Joice!

Reasons I Love My Career


Do you have a favorite charity or non-profit organization you support?

There are many reasons why I love & enjoy my career….one of the main one’s is having the opportunity to help non-profit organizations. We are making a positive impact & helping others. Today, I had the pleasure of seeing and interviewing one of my favorite people, Suzi Woodruff from the Salvation Army. She is a doll! I also interviewed Major Rosa Rodriguez, she is like an angel. The Salvation Army has many programs to help San Diegans in need, from the Door of Hope that helps battered & abused women, multiple community centers with programs for families, seniors, & children, the Kroc Center, the Thrift stores, & their annual toy drive, among other programs. I have volunteered on their Public Relations Committee for about six years now & it is heart warming to see how many people they help! So, if you want to make a donation to a good cause or volunteer, the Salvation Army is a good choice….and they always need donations & volunteers. For more info visit the Salvation Army site.

Did you know the Salvation Army has so many programs? Do you volunteer at an organization? Share your volunteer experiences with us!



Español: Tienes alguna organización de caridad favorita y que apoyas?

Hay muchas razones por las cuales me encanta mi carrera profesional….una de las principales es tener la oportunidad de ayudar a organizaciones sin fines de lucro o de caridad. Siento que estamos teniendo un impacto positivo en la comunidad y ayudando a otros. Hoy, tuve el gusto de ver y entrevistar a unas de mis personas favoritas, Suzi Woodruff, del Ejercito de Salvación. Es lindisima persona! También entreviste a Major Rosa Rodriguez. El Ejercito de Salvación tiene muchos programas para ayudar a San Dieguinos en necesidad, desde un centro para mujeres sin hogar o que han sido abusadas, centros comunitarios, el Centro Kroc, un centro de rehabilitacion para personas adictas a drogas o alcohol, y programas para niños y familias, y su jugueton anual. Yo he servido como voluntaria en su Comite de Relaciones Publicas por aproximadamente unos seis anos y me toca el corazon ver a cuanta gente ayudan! Asi que, si deseas hacer una donación a una buena causa o ser voluntario, el Ejercito de Salvación es una buena opción….siempre necesitas donaciones y voluntarios. Para mas información visita la página del Ejército de Salvación.

¿Sabias que el Ejercito de Salvación tiene tantos programas? ¿Eres voluntario en alguna organización? Comparte tus experiencias como voluntarios con nosotros!

Un abrazo,