Jazzing Up the Black Jacket


Hi friends,

Black is one of my favorite colors to wear! It is easy to match an goes with practically everything…and, it’s slimming! Black never goes out of style, plus you can wear it year round. My closet includes at least one item in black for each category: shoes, sandals, boots, tennis shoes, belts, scarves, pashminas, gloves, hats, jewelry, and of course all types of clothing and undergarments! I have lots of black pants, skirts, and cardigan sweaters (I take one of them practically on every trip). The most common shoe color in my closet is black. My favorite jacket is a black leather one. So, you get the idea….I love wearing black!

The jacket I am wearing in this outfit is part of a suit, it comes with a black skirt. I decided to jazz it up by mixing it up with red tapered pants, a leopard belt, and a bold gold necklace! The red pants lighten up the outfit and add color to it! Since the jacket is 3/4 length, I wore heels to elongate my legs. I like how the red stitching on the jacket adds a special touch of uniqueness. I wore this outfit to work and a theater performance in the evening. It was so comfortable & fun to wear!

Hope you like the look!

Do you have black clothing & accessories? How do you match them? Do you have a favorite item in black in your closet?

Let’s stay connected – I post almost daily on Facebook:Paola Hernandez-Jiao: Latina Life And Style, hope to see you there as well! Leave your comments or let me know what other looks you’d like to see or topics you’d like me to cover.



DSCN8911 DSCN8923The outfit can be worn with the jacket closed.

DSCN8945 2Or, with the jacket open, which is how I chose to wear it during the day.

DSCN8931 DSCN8962 DSCN8963The leopard belts adds an additional touch of style to the outfit, don’t you think? I wear this belt often, it was definitely a good purchase!

Jacket: Kasper (Macy’s); Pants: Calvin Klein (Macy’s); Tank Top: Zara; Shoes: Nine West; Belt: Ann Taylor; Necklace: Forever21; Jewelry/Gold Necklace: Lolita’s Designs; Bracelets: Coach & Forever21

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Spring Peplum Top

Hi friends – Hope you had a nice weekend!

Sometimes, you can find the cutest clothes at the places you least expect. A few months ago, while buying household items, I saw this cute blue & mint peplum top at Target, yes Target! Isn’t it cute? I was excited to finally wear it! It is peplum style, so it is flattering for all body types. I like the exposed zipper detail it has on the back, it adds a little edge to it. It has been hanging – unworn – in my closet for a few weeks because I had tried it on with different skirts and pants, but just couldn’t find the right bottom to wear it with. I recently bought this dark red pencil skirt at Macy’s, and voila, I had a skirt to wear with the blue peplum blouse. Of course being the practical dresser that I am, this red skirt is a classic style, which I will be wearing often and hopefully for years to come. I matched it with brick red belt, to accentuate my waist, and nude heels to elongate the legs. I opted for silver accessories since the belt has a silver buckle and the zipper on the back of the blouse is silver tone.

I wore this outfit for a Disneyland Resort interview I hosted for ABC10 and liked it so much that a week later I wore it to host an interview on Azteca San Diego regarding the San Diego Latino Film Festival. They are different stations, with different viewers and I was covering different topics, so I figured the viewers wouldn’t notice – I try to wear different outfits for interviews & shoots 😉 .

I wore a Tory Burch white cardigan sweater throughout the day since the air conditioning makes the station a bit cold. This outfit will be wonderful for the spring and summer. I can also see myself wearing it outside of work, maybe for a luncheon or baptism (there area few infants among my family and friends, so I have a few baptisms coming up).

Do you have any peplum tops? Do you have pencil skirts? What do you think of the red and blue combination?

Funny note: Last time I wore a red & blue outfit, granted both colors were a lot brighter than these, many women commented on how they liked the pop of the bright colors….on the other hand, the men (my husband included) said they were “superhero” colors, haha, guess it reminded them of Superman in his red & blue superhero suit. Funny how mens minds work differently than womens’!



DSCN7844 DSCN7811 DSCN7810 DSCN7836 DSCN7839 DSCN7833 DSCN7832 DSCN7821Blouse: Mossimo, Target; Skirt: Tahari, Macy’s; Belt: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Bebe; Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. Silver

How I wore it for work: 

aulani group

During the ABC 10 interview.  – with Mickey Mouse and the Disneyland Resort team.

latino fil festival interview

During the Azteca San Diego interview – with Ethan Van Thillo, from the San Diego Latino Film Festival.

Warming Up For Winter

DSCN7472Hi friends, hope you are having a magnificent week! The weather this week has been a bit chillier, so hopefully you are keeping warm. Last night, I was looking through my closet to select a dress for the three shoots I had – an interview and two commercials. I knew commercial would be airing quite a bit, so I wanted to select a nice dress. I saw this pretty bright blue dress, which I have only worn once. So, I decided to add a few things to it to make it appropriate for winter. I added a red jacket, black tights, and black heels (boots would have also been a fun and stylish option). The jacket has gold tone buttons, so I opted for gold tone jewelry. Voila – I had a winter outfit! I wore the jacket throughout the day and removed it for the shoots.

If you have a dress that you want to transform into a winter outfit, simply add a jacket or cardigan, and some tights. Just like that, you’ll have a new way to wear the dress during the season when the weather is colder!

Have you been wearing tights with dresses this winter? Do you have a dress you’d like to wear in the winter season?



DSCN7496 2

This outfit took me from the studio, to meetings, to a walk downtown! The heels are comfortable enough to wear all day! DSCN7477 DSCN7479

The dress has a black band around the waistline, so I added black tights and heels.

DSCN7502 DSCN7510

The weather was chilly and it was overcast. This outfit kept me warm, even though I was wearing a short dress. DSCN7513

I like the stitching detail on the jacket and the gold tone buttons.


A tip – I usually do not open the pockets on jackets (unless I need them), this way the jacket stays more tapered around the waistline.



Here’s a picture from my shoot for the commercial.


This was taken just as we finished the interview.

Dress: Marshalls; Jacket: Zara; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace & Bracelet: Forever21; Earrings: Macy’s

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Flight – Part 1 of 3


I want to get more creative with the Outfit of the Day pictures, so my hubby suggested we take pictures at the hangar. Here’s “Part One” of this Outfit of the Day photo session. I titled it “Flight” because this is really the type of outfit I wear for flights….and why we decided to take the pictures at the hangar. I usually add a cardigan sweater and jacket/coat, depending on the destination, and a pashmina that doubles as a scarf. I wear these heals for flights because they are comfortable for long wear – even to walk long distances and I can wear them out to dinner during our trip. I always take carry-on luggage, even for long trips, and travel experts say to wear the shoes that are bulkiest for the flight (if they are comfortable), in order to save space in your carry-on bag. I also take either sandals (flip-flops) or ballerina flats and take them in my purse. This way, if it is a long flight and my feet get swollen I can simply change into flats when we arrive. I try to be super practical when I pack for trips in order to only take a carry-on bag. I had a bag lost during a flight years ago and every since decided to only use a carry-on bag, even for over seas trips. Trust me, it is doable!

I’ll post the second and third parts of the photo shoot later this week. Hope you like this “Flight” photo shoot! One of my hubby’s hobbies years ago was photography, so he knows how to take pictures and direct a photo shoot. It was nice to work with him on this shoot! What do you think? Do you like this “more creative” photo shoot?



Español: Quiero ser mas creativa con las fotos de Atuendo del Dia, así que mi marido sugirió que fuéramos al hangar a tomar fotos. Aquí esta Parte 1 de 3 de  esta sesión fotográfica. La titule “Vuelo” porque este es el estilo de atuendo que utilizo cuando viajo…y porque tomamos las fotos en el hangar. Por lo regular me pongo un suéter ligero y chamarra o saco dependiendo del destino, y una pashmina que tambien utilizo como bufanda. Estos tacones verdaderamente los utilizo para viajar ya que son cómodos, aun si tengo que caminar largas distancias. Por lo regular también llevo unas sandalias o zapatos de piso estilo balerina en mi bolsa, particularmente en viajes largos, por si necesito cambiarme de zapatos si se me hinchan los pies. Siempre utilizo una maleta chica, del tamaño que puedes subir al vuelo, aun para viajes largos. Los expertos de viaje sugieren que te pongas los zapatos mas bultosos para el vuelo, así no ocupan tanto lugar en la maleta. Y, estos tacones los utilizo para salir a cenar durante nuestro viaje. Trato de ser super practica cuando empaco mi maleta para viajes para poder llevar una maleta chica. Hace varios anos durante un vuelo la aerolínea perdió mi maleta y desde entonces solo uso maletas que puedo subir al avión conmigo, hasta para viajes a otros continentes. Créanme, si es posible!

Durante la semana pondre las partes dos y tres de esta sesión fotográfica. Ojalá les gusten las fotos de la sesión “Vuelo“! Uno de los pasatiempos (hobby) de mi marido hace anos era la fotografía, así que sabe como tomar buenas fotos y dirigir una sesión fotográfica. Me encanto trabajar con el en esta sesión fotográfica! Que te parece? Te gusta esta sesión fotográfica “mas creativa”?

Un abrazo,



DSC_3973 DSC_3976 DSC_3965

I have been wearing black skinny jeans quite a bit lately, they are easy to mix and match, plus comfortable. The green top is a recent purchase from Banana Republic, it fits me a bit loose around the waist and  doesn’t look very flattering from a peripheral, but hakuna matata, it is comfortable and I like the color. This top is good for warm weather because it is light and sleeveless, and I can easily add a cardigan or light jacket.

Ultimamente, he estado usando pantalones pegados negros seguido, son comodos y faciles de combinar. La blusa verde la compre recientemente en Banana Republic, me queda un poco suelta en la cintura y no favorece tanto de perfil, pero hakuna matata, esta comoda y me gusta el color. Esta blusa es practica para uso en clima calido ya que esta ligera y sin mangas, y facilmente me puedo poner un sueter o chamara ligera.

Top/Blusa: Banana Republic: Pants/Pantalones: Forever 21; Shoes/Zapatos: Coach; Belt/Cinto: Ann Taylor; Purse/Bolsa: Louise Vuitton; Necklaces/Collares: Tiffany & Co. and Ann Taylor; Bracelets/Pulseras: Coach and Tiffany & Co.; Earrings/Aretes: Tiffany & Co.; Sunglasses/Lentes de Sol: Prada

Today’s Look: Polka Dots


This is a dress that is not only pretty, it is super comfortable to wear! Polka dots & black/white outfits are really in right now! I saw this dress at Target and just had to try it on! Most of my dresses and blouses are usually v-neck or round necklines because they are more flattering, but this one is so cute I made the exception! It met the length and fitted at the waist criteria, so I tried it on. To my surprise, I really liked it! I have worn it about three times for work, for the Opening Night of Film Out – LGBT Film Festival where we gave the welcome on stage, to host an interview, and to attend a reception. As you know, my mind starts visualizing how versatile a dress will be and this one can pretty much be worn year-round, with heals in the summer, and sweater and tights in the winter, or even a cute scarf! It is also work appropriate by adding a cardigan or a suit jacket, and can be used for a casual look with sandals or dinner/cocktails with heals. I am “muy feliz (very happy)” with this dress! And, the price was quite reasonable, around $30 at Target. There was also an option in dark blue .

I matched it with: bright pink belt from Gap, black Marc Fisher heals, a gold tone necklace from Target, and bracelets that are fun to wear from Forever 21. The only thing I suggest is, take off some of the bracelets at work, they are too loud & distracting in meetings (which according to some experts could look unprofessional) and it is uncomfortable to type with so many bracelets on. So, at work, I only wore the purple bracelet which is thicker than the other and put it on my left hand due to the mouse. What do you think about the dress? Do you like the new trends in polka dots? Do you own any dresses in polka dots?



Español: Este vestido no solo es bonito, también es muy cómodo! Las tendencias de ropa con bolitas o lunares, esta muy de moda. Vi este vestido en Target y me lo tuve que probar! La mayoría de mis vestidos son estilos en cuello v o redondo ya que me favorecen mas, pero este esta muy lindo así que hice la excepción. Incluye los criterios de largo y marcado a la cintura, así que me lo medí. Para mi sorpresa, me encanto! me lo he puesto como tres veces para el trabajo, para la Noche de Apertura del Festival de Cine FilmOut donde dimos la bienvenida en el escenario, para conducir una entrevista, y para ir a una recepción. Como saben, mi mente comienza a visualizar que tan versátil será el vestido y si me lo podré poner para varias ocasiones. Este vestido lo es ya que se puede usar prácticamente todo el ano, con zapatillas en el verano, con un suéter y mallas en el invierno, o quizás una bufanda bonita. También es un vestido apropiado para el trabajo agregándole un saco de traje o un suéter, y para una ocasión casual con sandalias o salir a cenar agregándole tacones. Estoy muy feliz con este vestido! Y, el precio fue muy razonable, como $30 en Target. También tenían el vestido en azul.

Lo combine con: cinto rosa fucsia de Gap, zapatillas negras Marc Fisher, un collar en tono dorado de Target, y pulseras de Forever 21. Lo unico que sugiero es que para el trabajo no te dejes todas las pulseras puestas ya que hacen mucho ruido, particularmente en juntas (y los expertos dicen que eso no es profesional) y es incomodo teclear en la computadora con tanta pulsera puesta. Así que, durante mi día de trabajo solo me deje la pulsera morada que es mas ancha y me la puse en la muñeca izquierda debido al mouse.

Que te parece el vestido? Te gusta la tendencia en lunares? Tienes algunos vestidos o blusas en lunares?

Un abrazo,







filmout 2013 paola crstin craig

At Opening Night –  2013 FilmOut. En Noche de Apertura del Festival de Cine FilmOut 2013.

studio devonnabandpaolarobertsantosjune2013

Hosting an interview for the 2013 Latino Music Festival. Conduciendo una entrevista para el Festival de Musica Latina 2013.


At Reception for Spirit of the Barrio Fiesta. En Recepcion para Spirit of the Barrio Fiesta. 

Today’s Look: Black & White


I bought this top a few weeks ago at Ann Taylor during my power shopping at the Carlsbad Outlet’s during the fourth of July weekend (I posted about it on my blog that weekend). When I bought it, I visualized how I could mix & match it – perhaps to add some flare to a suit for work, with a skirt for a reception or summer dinner, and for a casual look with skinny jeans. I was looking for a fun way to wear it – and since we went to the Races at Del Mar today, this was a good occasion to bring it out! I’ll post about our Day at the Races later on, we had fun!

Today, I had to wear something that was appropriate for work, yet could transition into a fun outfit for the Races. We sat at the Turf Club with a group and the attire is dressier in that section due to the dress code. During the day, I wore a cardigan over the blouse and some bright pink heals which are more comfortable. I changed into the blue heals on our way to the Races. These blue heals are comfortable for about four hours, but not to wear all day for work. I wanted to add some color to the outfit, so I went with bright shoes. Initially, I tried on a few colored belts (instead of the colored shoes), but ended up wearing my favorite Ann Taylor black belt. I just love this belt! Since the cardigan has gold tone buttons, I wore gold accessories. I am glad gold tones are in right now! I have lots of silver jewelry, but it is fun to wear gold accessories more often. The black skirt I wore has a satiny feel to it and has some spandex, making it quite comfortable. I also like that it has spandex because my weight seems to fluctuate about three to five pounds every so often and this skirt fits every time I want to wear it. The only thing I didn’t like about wearing the blouse was that I wore a strapless bra and I find bras with straps more comfortable, particularly if I a wearing them all day. Overall, I like the outfit, it was comfortable & I felt good in it!

Do you like how I matched the blouse? Do you have any black & white outfits you like? Do you match bright shoes with black and white outfits? Share your outfit ideas with me!



DSCN2733 2






Cardigan sweater: Tory Burch;  Blouse: Ann Taylor, Carlsbad Outlet Stores;  Skirt: Xscape by Joanna Chen, Nordstrom;  Shoes: Ann Klein, Macy’s;  Belt: Ann Taylor;  Bracelet: Coach (other bracelet & gold ring were gifts from mom, years ago);  Purse: Louis Vuitton (this is my everyday purse & I don’t change purses daily, so you’ll see me with this purse often)

Today’s Look: Aqua Blue


Summer is in full thrive and I like to bring out bright colors! Plus, bright colors are in! This aqua blouse is fun to wear & you can never go wrong in a black pencil skirt (so versatile too). I had an interview to shoot regarding the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Races (picture from interview posted below). I regularly wear bright colors for television shoots because they look better with my skin & hair color, plus they lighten up the shoot. We shot in the studio, which makes wearing bright colors even more important due to the neutral colors on the set. I matched the outfit with a black and white zebra belt, black bracelet with silver tones, black peep toe heals, and silver accessories. I added a suit jacket after the interview to get me through meetings. Do you have a favorite bright blouse this season? How do you wear it? Share your outfit ideas with me!

Hope you are enjoying your summer….& wearing fun colors!



Note: The blouse has a clip to hold the bra straps, which is helpful due to the scoop neck and the way the blouse falls in the front (this way your bra strap does not show if the blouse moves around). The blouse was a gift from my comadre Marissa – thank you!

Español: El verano esta en su mejor punto y me encanta ponerme colores vivos! Y los colores vivos están muy de moda! Esta blusa aqua es divertida y no te puedes equivocar con una falda negra (es muy versátil)! Grabe una entrevista sobre la Temporada de Carreras de Caballo Pura Sangre en Del Mar (inclui una foto de la entrevista).  Por lo regular me pongo colores alegres y vivos para grabaciones ya que van bien con mi tono de piel y cabello, y hacen que la grabación se vea mas animada. Grabamos en el estudio, por lo cual es aun mas importante usar colores vivos debido a los colores neutrales en la sala de entrevista. Combine el atuendo con un cinto negro con blanco estilo zebra, pulsera negra con tonos plateados, zapatillas negras, y accesorios de plata. Durante el día me puse un saco de traje para asistir a juntas de trabajo. Tienes alguna blusa favorita de color vivo? Como la combinas? Comparte tus ideas sobre atuendos conmigo!

Ojalá esten disfrutando el verano…..y vistiéndose con colores vivos!

Un abrazo,


Nota: La blusa tiene un ganchito para detenerse con el tirante del brasier, que es util ya que la blusa tiene cuello drapeado al frente y asi no se ve el tirante del brasier si la blusa se mueve. La blusa fue un regalo de mi comadre Marissa – gracias!









In the studio:

robert paola crig luis races picture in studio july 22 2013

Blouse: Trouve, Nordstrom;  Skirt: New York & Co.;  Belt: Ann Taylor;  Shoes: Nine West;  Necklace: Gucci;  Bracelet: Macy’s;  Ring: Tiffany & Co.;  Purse: Coach

Today’s Look Feeling Red

paola pic 3 red pants white top full body

Red is in and so are skinny jeans and tapered pants!  I found some work appropriate skinny pants in red and matched them with a white cotton wrap around blouse, black wedges, and silver with black accessories.  I am enjoying the warm summer weather, and dressing with lighter and more comfortable clothes.Loving summertime!

Are you rocking the skinny pants look? What do you match them with? Share your fashion tips with me!

Español: El color rojo y los pantalones al cuerpo “skinny” están de moda. Encontré unos pantalones “skinny” rojos apropiados que me puedo poner para el trabajo, los combine con una blusa blanca de algodón, zapatos de tacón corrido, y accesorios negro con plateado. Estoy disfrutando el clima cálido del verano y vistiendome con atuendos mas frescos y cómodos. Me encanta el verano!

Estas usando “skinny” jeans o pantalones? Como los combinas? Comparte tus sugerencias conmigo!

paola pic 1 full body red pants white top

paola pic 2 red pants white top full body

paola pic 7 red pants shoes

paola pic 3 red pants white top full body

paola pic 5 red pants white top mirror 2

paola pic 6 braceletd red pants white top

Pants: Calvin Klein, Macy’s; Blouse: Banana Republic; Shoes: Steve Madden; Bracelets: Coach & Tiffany & Co.; Ring: mesh style, Tiffany & Co.; Necklace & earrings: black onyx, gift from Lola; Sunglasses: Prada; Purse: Louis Vuitton

Here’s a pic from earlier today, in the track room at the station recording a VO (voice-over) for a television commercial. This is one of the “fun” parts of my job! I get to work with a wonderful team of producers and editors!

Español: Les comparto una foto que tomamos temprano en la televisora, estoy grabando el audio de un guión para un anuncio televisivo. Esta es una de las partes “divertidas” de mi trabajo! Tengo la buena fortuna de trabajar con un equipo maravilloso de productores y editores!

tracking VO Paola red pants white top july 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Feliz martes!

Un abrazo,


Today’s Outfit: Versatility


I like clothes that is versatile, can stay in my closet for more than a season, & are easy to care for. I do buy some trendy items every season, but have many pieces that have been with me for years. This dress was a gift from my sister-in-law & nieces (& my brother I guess ;)). I have been able to wear it on several occasions, including a few times to work (always with a jacket) and once to emcee a luncheon which was casual attire, during the summer. This dress is also useful for trips because it is easy to pack & does not wrinkle easily. It can be worn to dinner or for drinks if you put on heals, for a summer barbecue in sandals & a hat, or a casual occasion with a cardigan sweater. It is polyester, so I can wash it at home and lay it flat to dry. When I buy dresses, I try to visualize, “how many ways can I wear this dress?”….to work, on-air (TV), a business dinner with my husband & his clients, a baptism or semi-dressy occasion, lunch with the girls, or for a casual look with sandals…..will it be easy to care for and wash (or does it require dry cleaning). That is how my mind works, I tend to be practical even with clothes and want to maximize my wardrobe 🙂  In Spanish we call it, “sacarle jugo,” which means to get juice out of it, as in the most uses possible.

I wore this dress to work today with a white Ann Taylor short sleeve jacket & black wedges. I put on a thick black belt – also from Ann Taylor (it is probably my favorite belt, I seem to wear it at least once every week). I added some black accessories (black jade necklace & earrings, both gifts from my friend Lola), and a silver cuff bracelet (from Macy’s). I selected a few of the different ways I have worn the dress, to demonstrate its versatility. We can all maximize our dresses and wardrobe by mixing and matching to create new outfits.

Do you have any dresses that you mix and match so you can wear them to different types of events? When you are shopping, do you visualize the different ways you can wear an item?

Have fun wearing your dresses this summer….& next time you are out shopping for a dress, ask yourself, is it versatile?