Why I Participated in Women’s March This Year


Last year, my friend Lorena, her mom, and I joined thirty to forty thousand women at City Hall in downtown San Diego for the first Women’s March. We braved the rain and walked in ponchos, it was a wonderful and memorable experience! You can watch my video from last year’s Women’s March here or at the end of this post. This year, as the March date (Saturday, January 20) got closer, Lorena and I Continue reading

Why I Continue to Attend & Support Mana de San Diego’s Latina Success Conference & You Should Too


As a young Latina, during my last year of college, I had the opportunity to apply for an internship with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). I was fortunate to be selected for Continue reading

Weekend Fun & Links

Hope you had a nice week! Any highlights? This week I got to visit my sis and nephews mid-week, which was a treat! My nephew is on fall break from school, so their schedules are a bit more relaxed this week. They are adorable! Kids grow so fast, it seems each time I see them they are a few inches taller. One of them has a loose tooth. I am waiting for the “smile with a window” pic when it falls out 🙂

This weekend, I am looking forward to visiting my sis-in-law & nieces/nephew. We plan to go for a walk by the lake and catch up.  I will also be volunteering for Mana de San Diego (a non-profit),  at their exhibitor table at Westfield Plaza Bonita’s Mexican Fiesta event. It should be a great event, with mariachi, entertainment, prizes, & food! The Marketing Director, Javier Tirado, at Westfield Plaza Bonita does a wonderful job organizing  events. He’s a pro, and his events are always fun and successful!

What are you up to this weekend? I’ll post pics from my weekend on Facebook & Instagram, if you’d like to see them there.

Here are some links from the web: fun, interesting, beauty, health, tips, and more! If you have links you suggest I include next week – send them in the comments or Facebook, include #weekendlinks.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Decorate pumpkins, without carving. / Decora calabazas sin cortarlas.

Want to take a cruise in the fall? Affordable cruises – compares cruise lines! / Cruceros a precios razonables.

If you are a fan (like me!): 50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex And The City. / 50 Cosas que Probablemente No Sabías Sobre Sex And The City. 

New Sally Hansen gel nail polish I want to try – does not require UV/LED light. May try to replace my current gel manicure procedure. / Nueva pintura de uñas de gel que quiero probar.

Great & simple way to organize beauty products – in mason jars. / Organiza productos de belleza en frascos.

If you like oatmeal (I do) – easy way to make it overnight. / Si te gusta la avena – manera sencilla de prepararla la noche anterior. 

I have done this before: Why You Shouldn’t Drink Warm Bottled Water (if bottle was left in car in warm weather) / Por que no debes tomar agua en botellas que han estado expuestas al calor.  

Staying Fit: Get the most out of your walk – simple tips. / Sacale mayor provecho a tu caminata.

Fall scented candle I’ve been enjoying at home. / Vela de otoño que estoy disfrutando en casa.

Interested in attending a good women’s conference? Mana de San Diego’s Conference, October 11. / Conferencia Mujeres de Exito de Mana de San Diego, 11 de octubre.

New movie I am looking forward to seeing, based on a book, stars Ben Affleck (cutie) / Película nueva que estoy anticipando ver, basada en un libro, estelarizada por Ben Affleck.

DVD movie I watched on Netflix Online – it was entertaining & funny (stars Jason Bateman & Mila Kunis) / Película en DVD Netflix que vi, entretenida y cómica.

For my Spanish reading friends, my latest column Vida y Estilo Latina in El Latino Newspaper / Mi columna Vida y Estilo Latina mas reciente en Periódico El Latino.