Preparing for Fashion Show – Friday at SD Latino Film Festival


Friday evening, we met with the San Diego Latino Film Festival event planner, Pilar Kuri, to review the script and do a walk through of the stage. We met outside the AMC 18 Movie Theater at Fashion Valley where the Film Festival was being held. While we were there, we greeted some attendees and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this cute family Continue reading

Closing Night Party: SDLFF


Hi friends,

The San Diego Latino Film Festival had it’s Closing Night Party last night. I hadn’t been to the Closing Night Party in a few years and was glad to attend last night. We had a blast! This party was different from other Film Festival parties, it included individual musical performers, a band that  performed Mexican regional music, dancing, and even a fashion show. There was also a silent auction, food, and tequila tasting stations. The red carpet was rolled out to greet guests at the Broadway Pier Event Center, on the bay in downtown San Diego.

I sat with friends and met some new friends! We mixed and mingled, and best of all I got to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. Overall it was a fun night! It is all about the company you are with….and I always have fun with friends!

Here are some pictures from last night’s Party! Hope you enjoy them.

Did you attend the San Diego Latino Film Festival? Were you at the party? What did you think? Share pics!




DSCN8844 DSCN8838 DSCN8830 sdlff closing night DSCN8823 DSCN8827

DSCN8828DSCN8841 ssdlff clsingnight ivan ridriguez

The fashion show.


Towards the end of the evening we took this fun group picture with Edith Gonzalez (funny, someone photo bombed our pic). 

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The Joy of Cinema


As a fan of movies, I am a supporter of film festivals. I have seen hundreds of movies, many for pure entertainment (i.e.: blockbusters, comedies, chick flicks), some for their message about society, and I enjoy documentaries to learn about an infinite number of  subjects, such as history, nature, biographies, travel, and more. Over the years, I have been to a number of film festivals. The San Diego Latino Film Festival is presenting Exitos de Cine Latino (Successes in Latino Cinema) through August 29th at two local theaters. I have enjoyed seeing a few of the movies. If time permitted, I’d see more of the movies! This festival showcases movies from Latin America, Spain, and Mexico, meet and greets with movie directors and actors, and nightly musical performances at the movie theatre. The proceeds benefit the San Diego Media Arts Center’s programs. The television stations (where I work) are sponsoring the festival and we had the opportunity to give a welcome before one of the movies. It was nice to see a good turn out, run into contacts from radio stations and the festival organizers, as well as support a good cause. If you have an opportunity, stop by and catch a movie! For more details, visit: Have fun at the movies!

Have you been to a film festival before? Have you been to the San Diego Latino Film Festival?



Espanol: Como fan de peliculas, apoyo a festivales de cine. He visto cientas de peliculas, muchas por entretenimiento (comedias, éxitos de cartelera, y comedias románticas), algunas por su mensaje social, y disfruto documentales para aprender sobre un gran numero de temas, como historia, la naturaleza, biografías, viajes, y mas. Al paso de los anos, he ido a varios festivales de cine. El Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego esta presentando Exitos de Cine Latino hasta el 29 de agosto en dos cines en San Diego. He disfrutado de ver algunas de las películas. Si tuviese mas tiempo disponible, viera mas de las películas! Este festival presenta películas de Mexico, Latino America, y España, oportunidades de conocer a directores y actores, y entretenimiento cada noche en el cine. Los fondos recaudados benefician a los programas del Media Arts Center de San Diego (Centro de Medios). Las televisoras (donde trabajo) son patrocinadoras del festival y tuvimos la oportunidad de dar la bienvenida antes del comienzo de  una de las películas. Me dio gusto ver que habia bastante gente en el festival, encontrarme a compañeros de radiofusoras y los organizadores del festival, y poder apoyar esta buena causa. Si tienes la oportunidad, ve a ver una o varias películas! Para mas detalles sobre el festival, visita: Que se diviertan en el cine!

Has ido a un festival de cine? Has ido al Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego?

Un abrazo,


DSCN4055 DSCN4065 DSCN4067

My Week in Photos

Hi friends,

What a week- it flew by! I was looking forward to this week because I had a number of fun plans: a shoot with the March of Dimes, lunch meeting with “business friends,” set date to exercise with Lola, and the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Dinner! The weather was warm and more humid than usual for San Diego, so I wore lighter & more casual clothes….it definitely felt like a summer week! How was your weekend? Good I hope!

Que semana – se paso volando! Estaba anticipando esta semana con gusto porque tenia varios planes divertidos: una grabacion con el March of Dimes, una comida com amistades, una fecha reservada para hacer ejercicio con Lola, y la cena del vinedo Francis Ford Coppola. El clima estuvo calido y mas humedo de lo normal para San Diego, asi que me puse ropa mas ligera y casual….definitivamente se sintio como una semana de verano! Como estuvo tu semana? Ojala y muy buena!

Hugs / Un Abrazo,


march of dimes golf babies interview azteca danitza villanueva giving back magaine paola

Interviewing Danitza Villanueva, volunteer, March of Dimes and editor, Giving Back Magazine, regarding the March of Dimes’ Golf for Babies Tournament, which the stations sponsor.

march of dimes golf babies interview 8-22-13

Right after the interview, pictured with: Justino Castillo, our wonderful studio floor director; Danitza Villanueva, and Lowry Champion, executive director, March of Dimes.






It was a treat to attend the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Dinner since they makes some of my favorite red wines! Had a nice time with my hubby at this dinner – we learned a great deal about the winery, other resorts they have, and the various wines! A truly delightful night…with good people…and delicious food paired perfectly with Coppola wines!

lola paola exercise bay

A part of my weeks that is always fun! Exercise day with my bff Lola! We walked by the bay and got to catch up….always fun and time I look forward to! (this pic was taken a few weeks ago, but we look the same, promise :))


I am trying to eat healthier….so I keep fresh & nutritious food around, so it is easily available and I can stay on track. Bought these delicious and super large grapefruits this week! I’ve been pretty good about alternating between a grapefruit, papaya, and oatmeal for breakfast – all healthy options and simple to prepare! Tip: I keep fruit in my fridge at work and buy the papaya already chopped up.

alarm clock

I have been adjusting my schedule to get into work earlier…which means I am having to go to sleep earlier! On this night, it was past 11:00pm and I had not removed my make-up yet….ahh, I had to get out of bed just to remove my make-up. I am pretty good about removing my make-up ,and adding my moisturizer and eye cream almost 99% of the time – and I notice the difference in my skin. It looks healthier when I sleep enough hours and remove my make-up, keeping it well moisturized.


For the past few weeks, I have been working on the stations sponsorship of the Exitos de Cine Latino – Film Series/Festival. The Festival is finally here! We set-up our exhibitor table at the movie theatre and I am looking forward to attending!

el torito guacamole prep

paola pic taking pic with phone, taken my Susie Woodruff at el torito 8-23-13

el torito chicken fajita salad prep  2

el torito fajita salad paola suzi javierlunch el torito at table 8-23-13

javiee tirado paola at el torito lobby 8-23-13

Part of my work is collaborating with local organizations and supporting non-profits. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I had a lunch meeting with Suzi Woodruff from the Salvation Army and Javier Tirado from Westfield Plaza Bonita. They have both become friends and it was a pleasure to see them both, as we discussed projects and enjoyed a tasty meal at El Torito at Plaza Bonita. They made the guacamole fresh and prepared the chicken fajita salad I ordered, right there next to our table. Suzi caught a picture of me taking a picture of the moment the guacamole was being prepared (notice the note on the back of my phone, a Post-it reminded me to buy milk for our kitty, haha, but hey, this post-it on the cell phone reminder works for me). I hadn’t been to an El Torito in years, but after this fresh and delicious meal, I’ll be back! I must confess, I ate way too many tortilla chips…but, it all balances out since I had a salad. Even though I am trying not to eat tortilla chips at home, I do eat them when I eat out.

PS – Celebrating my birthday with a visit to the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. And, Opening Night at the San Diego Latino Film Festival.