The One Thing Which Determines The Type of Day I Will Have



Being a stay-at-home mom and continuing to work part-time from home is challenging. Being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job in itself. I have great respect for moms! I always have, but now, it is even greater. Being able to stay at home to care for Alessandra is a blessing. I feel very fortunate. I am not complaining about it. It is the most rewarding experience and job I have ever had. Trying to continue to work is something I choose to do. Yes, I like the income and Continue reading

Expanding Your Happiness: 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak

Super Soul Sunday on OWN is one of my favorite shows. Every Sunday morning I look forward to watching it. The shows are inspirational, thought provoking, and positive. They often make me reflect on my own life. Oprah Winfrey hosts the hour long show, and interviews one person on each program, usually an author, athlete, business leader that has gone out of the box, poet, guru, musician, or actor. Each one of them has an inspirational story to share.

Recently, Oprah interviewed Deepak Chopra on the program. During a commercial break, I saw a promo regarding the Oprah & Deepak Expanding Your Happiness – 21 Day Meditation Experience. I went on my iPad and looked it up on the OWN website, made a note of the date and later registered on-line. Did I mention, this meditation experience (guided meditation) is FREE? It is FREE!! Oprah & Deepak  have partnered in the past for free on-line meditation programs, but this is the first time I was aware of the dates and signed up to participate. I didn’t know what to expect, but being a fan of both of them, I knew it would be good!

The meditation started a few days ago. I’ve been doing it for a week now and love it! I find (make) the time at night, to meditate just before I go to sleep. I use my iPad to sign-in to the site, put on my earphones, an eye mask, turn off the bedroom light, and place the IPad next to me (I close the cover to avoid the bright light). It is very relaxing! I am able to meditate, to listen to the positive messages shared by Oprah & Deepak in the opening of each meditation session. Each session is only 20 minutes and there is a theme for each day. Below are samples of themes thus far. The meditations include relaxing nature music which soothes my mind after a busy day! I feel like I am at a spa….but I am at home, meditating!

You can still sign up – for FREE! Each meditation theme stays posted in the site for five days. So you may miss only a few of the starting days, but no worries, you can start on the first day available on the site. You can sign-in to do the daily meditations at a time in your day that is convenient for you. I promise you, it is wonderful!

Hope you sign up and enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it! You deserve to dedicate 20 minutes in your day to your well-being! This meditation practice brings me peace every night and is the best way to  end my day in relaxation!

Do you meditate? Have you heard of this Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak? If you are already signed-up for it, what do you think? Are you enjoying it?

Namaste friends (& hugs too),


oprah deepak day 1 picture oprah deepok day 3 deepok oprh day 3 i am peace deepok oprah day 4- I am Love deepok oprah day 5 i am playful deepok oprah day 7- hope

A Saturday with My Nephew

Hi friends,

Last Saturday, my sister and brother-in-law had a commitment to attend during the day, and I offered to watch both of my nephews. I love those two little boys so much and enjoy spending time with them! They decided to leave Andrew with us and took their younger son with them.

I was excited to spend the day with my nephew! During the week my hubby and I started to look for options of fun places to take him. My hubby has been wanting to take the boys to Boomers, to play mini-golf, ride the go-carts, and play in the arcade. We had also recently discovered an in-door jungle gym close to our home. So, we decided we’d ask Andrew which he preferred. I had also purchased some juice and snacks, in preparation for his visit.

The day before, I went on a walk to Coronado with Lola and we stopped by The Blue Octopus, a children’s educational toy store at the Hotel Del, because I wanted to buy something for the boys. I bought them some coloring and activity books.

I woke up early on Saturday and started doing things around the house. When they dropped off Andrew, all of my attention was on him! We sat in the family room and colored in his books, and he made a drawing for us. When I offered him food, he told me he had already had breakfast, but asked if we could go to IHOP. To  which I chuckled and said yes, of course! I asked my husband if we could go and knew he would say yes because he likes their breakfast, even though we rarely eat there. Andrew and I watched the movie Up, on the Disney Channel. We drew, colored, and  he played on the IPad. Later, my hubby came downstairs to spend time with Andrew and I went upstairs to shower and get ready.

On our way to IHOP, my sister called to tell me they were going to be done in about two hours and would pick up Andrew. We realized that wasn’t going to be enough time to go to Boomer’s. Instead,  we took Andrew to the San Diego Air Show (formerly Wings Over Gillespie). I knew the event was going on because I had included it on the Community Calendar segments which I host and produce for Azteca at work.

Andrew enjoyed looking at the planes and I enjoyed spending time with him and my hubby! I wasn’t planning on going to the Air Show, so I didn’t have a hat or my parasol. I had sunblock on because I apply it daily on my face and neck, and use a moisturizer with sunblock on my arms. Luckily, my hubby had a hat in the car, which I ended up wearing to try to get some protection from the sun. It was a warm and beautiful day, and we had fun!

After the Air Show, we met my sister at the house and they stayed to visit for a little while. They stayed enough for me to share some of the snacks with them and heat some soft pretzels for the boys.

I am not a mother yet, but the day I do become a mother, I hope my son or daughter are as good of a child as Andrew is! He is a normal boy, playful, smart, and curious, but he is also well behaved and sweet! I may seem biased because he is my nephew, but others who have had an opportunity to interact with him have said that he is a sweet boy, who has a special welcoming, kind, and warm spirit!

Do you have any favorite places to go on weekends with your children or nephews? Do you have a favorite breakfast restaurant? Have you been to the Wings Over Gillespie Air Show?



DSCN1062 2

Here’s Andrew’s play section in our television room, with a small fold-out table, coloring books, drawing paper, colors, I-Pad, and Disney Channel.


These are the coloring and activity books I bought for Andrew. I gave my younger nephew his coloring book when they dropped off Andrew in the morning.


Andrew brought his Build-A-Bear penguin, Pancho, to brunch with us. My hubby asked why he was a penguin and not a bear? My hubby has never been to  Build-A-Bear store, I have. Andrew explained to his uncle how he selected and made Pancho 🙂


This was next to the flight line displays.




This is the area with the static displays.


Another person observing this small plane started to explain to us how it works. There was a brochure holder with information sheets next to the plane and Andrew got some info.



Andrew is such a sweetheart, you see the papers in his hands? He got two, one for his mom and one for my hubby, so he could explain how the small plane worked and give each one of the the sheet! Too cute!

DSCN1086 DSCN1089 DSCN1079

That’s my husband’s cap I am wearing! At least it kind of matched with my outfit, haha!



After viewing all the planes, we decided this one was our favorite. Impressive!


We got to see this plane start up, drive right in front of us, and take-off! Pretty cool for an impromptu Saturday outing!

DSCN1094 DSCN1096

Seeing the Lighter Side of Life

Hi friends,

I don’t know about you, but I have lots of seriousness & responsibilities in my life. So, when I have an opportunity to see the lighter side of life or be silly, I do it! Particularly in my personal life, I try to laugh as often as possible.  As adults, we tend to me more serious and laugh less often than we did as children. Yes, we have more responsibilities and demands on our time, but we can decide how we go about our day. Do we want to go about our days in a 100% serious mode or allowing ourselves a few laughs and smiles throughout the day. Of course, there are “appropriate moments” to joke around and others where being serious is called for. By silly moments, I don’t mean being immature or over-the-top, I simply mean having fun and light moments!

Overall, I try not to take myself too seriously (even though others may think I am too serious sometimes).  Seeing the lighter side of things in life can be fun….and you know what I am going to say next, having fun adds to the happiness in our lives!

My most frequent “partners in fun” are my sis & Lola! We are so comfortable around each other that we can also be silly together. Another one is Claudia, my friend at work. Our jobs are very serious & we have lots of deadlines to meet  (and we take our responsibilities very seriously), but we also find a way to laugh together and smile, every day! That makes our day seem less intense and stressful.

Here are a few samples of some recent fun moments, aka: silliness! Hope you like them…and they make you smile!

How do you have fun each day? Do you laugh everyday? Do you think being silly is immature?



shoe pic el agave

Leaving an event with friends, we took a show group picture in the elevator. We had joked about shoes throughout the evening at an event, so it was the perfect way to end the night!


Lola and I at the gift shop in a casino, after the FWSD Spring Showcase. We just couldn’t resist taking a picture with these hats on as we were joking about preparing for opening day at the Races. We were laughing because we kept hitting each other with the brims of the hats.  The other pictures came out blurry because we were laughing so much, in one of the pics I am bending from laughing so hard!

march for babies laughoig

At the March for Babies with Claudia and our colleague, Allison. This is one of my favorite pictures from that event!


At a “zombie” themed birthday party with my sis & nephew, she pretended to kiss the zombie while my nephew made a funny face of shock!


This picture was taken about 10 times, but the lighting never seemed quite  right, so we kept posing for more pictures. It made us laugh….eventually, we took the pic with an IPhone, that one came out great!


My sis & I at an event 🙂

lola paola 3d glasses

We knew this picture would look silly, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture with the 3D glasses on! My “partner in fun” Lola agreed to pose with me 🙂

kids silly faces

A “silly face” pic of the kids! Children always seem happy to pose for a silly face pic! At what point do adults stop taking “silly face” pics?

booth vo laughing

Laughing at work….I was recording a voice-over and my colleagues made me laugh 🙂

disney on ice

Attempting to take a selfie at an event….while my sis throws a kiss to the camera, haha!

Happy Life And Style

Hi friends,

First of all, thank you so much for your support of the blog – Latina Life And Style! It is becoming a community where we share ideas, life experiences, and perhaps is becoming a break in our day. I am inspired by so many things I see and read everyday, and am glad to have this blog to share these with you. It touches my heart and brings a smile to my face every time each one of you makes a comment or likes a post – and of course, when I see you and you tell me about a recent post you read or outfit you liked! Thank you – gracias amigos! Your support inspires and motivates me to continue growing the blog!

There is a lot in a name. I had initially wanted to call the blog Happily Ever After, because that is how I feel. I am of course, referring to my marriage and life. After many years of relationships and dating, I finally met the man that is the love of my life,  my best friend and my partner on this journey of life. My hubby was actually one of the biggest supporters of the idea of starting a blog! But, he thought that name was too cheesy, of course, he is a guy and that would be something a guy would say. But, you women understand me, and what I mean, right?

Even before I was married, I was very happy with my life, mostly because I have lots to be grateful for,  the most important being the love of family and friends,  my health and that of my loved ones, my faith, career, and a good life in many aspects! My hubby came to be the cherry on top of it all, which helped make my life even better and of course, happier! I always knew I wanted to get married and that someday, I would…. I just didn’t know when it would be and that was hard sometimes. Then, as they say “the day I least expected it” came and I met the right person for me and it happened. Now, I am happily married. I’ll write more about that in future posts….the point is that happiness if very important for me, for many of us, for people around the world!

We do lots of things in life to achieve the goal of being happy.  We work hard to provide a good life for our children and loved one’s, to see them being happy! We make changes in our life if we are not happy, like change jobs, learn new skills, end relationships, and take on many other challenges to try to achieve that goal and aspiration! Happiness is not a goal you can obtain one day and it just stays forever, it is an on-going feeling and science that you work towards every day. You may not feel the same level of happiness everyday, but as my Mamita (grandmother) says, “there isn’t a problem that doesn’t have a solution,  except for death.”  I know, it may seem harsh, but it is  true, no matter what happens in life, our perspective on a situation can help determine how we overcome it and as long as we are alive, we should not lose hope and continue to aspire to be happy!

After further thought, I decided to name the blog – Happy Life And Style because I believe that in everyone’s life, acceptance of one’s self and our life, our body, and our personal style can lead to happiness. My mission for the blog was to share ideas and topics regarding happiness, those moments in our everyday life that bring us that warm feeling of happiness and that make us smile. How to turn a frown into a smile, a negative moment into a learning experience (trust me, it’s not always easy, but with practice, it can happen), how to deal with life’s issues and try to make the best of them,  how gratitude can help one increase their level of happiness. How to surround yourself with positive people and increase your own happiness by learning to say no, or not including people that are toxic in our life. How to “not let others rob you of your peace”, a saying my mom has said to me hundreds of times, and now I say to myself and to others. How to determine what forms your circle of happiness and focus on those priorities, as well as guard them. There are many topics and strategies we can use to live a happy life, to thrive!

Then, there is the  “style” aspect of happiness and in this I am referring to one’s personal style. Not only the way we dress, but the way we handle ourselves, interact with others, have confidence in ourselves, be kind, and accept ourselves and our bodies. To be happy in our own skin and bring out the best in our own unique way. How to  enhance our features to bring our personality, and rock that red lipstick or nude lip gloss if that is what will make you happy! To stick with what works for you or try some new things, it is up to you,  the most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin, be confident, and that will lead to happiness. I try to remember that the happiest women are the  prettiest women! It is so true, turn on your smile and you will automatically feel prettier….and look prettier!

So, my friends, this week, I made the change from to Both urls still work and I will not lose the Latina Life And Style in me. I am proud to be Latina and I am a happy Latina too! Latina Life And Style will continue to merge into Happy Life And Style! Do you like the play with words yet?

What do you think of the change in name for the blog? It will still be the same site, same author, same content, just expanding, growing in a positive way, and covering the topic of happiness more often!

Are you happy with your life? What are your happiest moments? What do you do everyday that adds to your happiness? Do you use gratitude as part of your happiness? I’d love to hear from you.



Here’s are a few pictures from the happy moments I experienced with my comadre (mother of my goddaughter) and my goddaughter this past weekend! It is moments like these that fill my heart with joy and form happy memories that are priceless! The picture of my goddaughter laughing with me will forever live in my mind! How adorable is she?!


My comadre is one of my closest friends, we have been friends since college. She is a sister to me!

DSCN9441 The background was beautiful and my husband was going to take some impromptu outfit pictures of me at the end of the pier. As we were about to take the first picture, my goddaughter came running up to me and we decided to take pictures with her instead. She is growing so fast and I feel privileged to be a part of her life. I can take outfit pictures anytime, these moments with her are precious!

DSCN9420I love these natural pictures! My hubby was able to capture this happy moment where we were both laughing together! I love this little girl 🙂 She’s adorable & one of the nicest girls I know!

Life’s Everyday Joys: A Relaxing Sunday

coffee mugsf

Hi friends,

As much as I enjoy my active lifestyle and career, I also enjoy a relaxing Sunday at home. It is a day to re-charge and rest. Sometimes, I simply need it. It is one of life’s simple joys – the art of relaxing! If you are like me, you are productive all week….I’ve had to learn that it is ok to relax. To learn that relaxing, will help me re-charge.

My husband and I like to travel, and do it often, so I don’t get to enjoy weekends at home every week. A few weekends each month I’ll work, or we have commitments with friends and family. My weekdays are pretty full and long. Like many of you, I regularly work more than 40 hours each week, then try to exercise after work. About once a week, I’ll attend a work related function in the evening. So, by the time I get home and make dinner for my hubby, it is late. I try to spend some time on a blog post, do some things around the house, prep my outfit for the next day, take off my make-up, then it is time to go to sleep. That’s it, the day is over. Does this sound familiar?

So, when I can relax at home on a Sunday….all day long….I really, really enjoy it! I’ll sleep in a bit to catch up on my z’s, make some breakfast for my hubby, enjoy my cup of coffee in my pajamas while sitting with my husband as he has his breakfast. I’ll shower, put on some jeans, then watch TV or a movie, do some reading, catch up with friends or family over the phone, organize something at home, maybe do some laundry….and if I can, I’ll take a nap…and of course, write a blog post. Later in the day, I my have some tea and make an early dinner for my hubby, or he’ll go get some take-out (he’s so sweet). I’ll enjoy my hubby’s company & spending time at our home. Once a week, it is nice to not have to look at the clock or have any commitments.

Do you ever take a day off to just relax? What do you do on a relaxing day at home?



waffle maker waffles

Of the breakfasts I make for my hubby, waffles are one of his favorite.

Afternoon tea is SO relaxing!

I get to sleep in a bit on a relaxing Sunday…or take a nap in the afternoon.

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Time to Relax

Life’s Everyday Joys: Weekend Showers


Hi Friends,

I am going to write a series based on life’s little (and sometimes big) things and moments that bring us joy – ok, these bring me joy, hopefully they bring you joy as well ;).

Our everyday lives and days may be packed, right? Mine are. Sometimes, I wonder if life would be simpler if I tried to do less, but I realize part of my happiness is learning, exploring, traveling, growing in my profession and as a person, and the most important – time with family and friends. So, I accept that my schedule is busy because I choose it to be. I have also learned to say “no” to commitments when I know it will just be trying to pack in too much into my day or week, which result in me being too tired. When I am too tired, I get cranky (& I don’t like being cranky).  I’ve also learned that it is ok to sometimes just relax, that I don’t always have to be doing something productive. As they say, the “Art of Doing Nothing” (I actually have a book titled that).

I have always been appreciative of the blessings I have. I now try to stop to acknowledge these blessings and be grateful. These blessings can be big and can also be simple things that bring joy to my life, perhaps the beauty or comforts of everyday life. Those little moments that make us smile or sigh. Like admiring flowers, the ocean or beach, a good cup of coffee, a long shower, a vacation, sleeping in on a weekend, taking off our work clothes and getting into our pajamas at the end of a long day….you get the idea. That is what this series will be about. What do you think? Do you like it? Feel free to send me ideas on topics and things that bring joy to your everyday life! I’d love to hear from you!



Life’s Everyday Joys: Weekend Showers

On weekdays, I shower super fast in the mornings. A fast shower for me is about 10 minutes. Add 5 minutes more on days that I wash my hair (ladies you understand). I have been able to take showers in 5 minutes when I am in a super hurry! On weekday mornings, I am constantly looking at the clock, to make sure I get ready fast & out the door on my way to work. My mind is racing about things I need to do at work.

On weekends, I really enjoy being able to take a relaxing shower, particularly on days when I don’t have commitments or a work function.  I used to work, usually making appearances, attending events as a special guest, or as an emcee, about two to three weekends per month. In the past two years, I have cut that back to about one to two work events per month. I still have personal commitments and outings on weekends, but those are with friends and family, so it’s more casual and I don’t have to get as done up (not as much make-up & hair). On those weekends when I don’t have commitments, I will enjoy the shower, listening to the water, letting it fall on my face, ahhh….so relaxing. I will also apply a deep conditioning treatment in my hair, soak my feet and use a moisturizing exfoliator. I’ll use a special body wash and sea salts to exfoliate. Sometimes, I will apply a clay mask on my face just before and rinse it off in the shower. During the shower, I’ll reflect on projects I am working and on life projects, on family, and also just enjoy the “me” time. These longer showers help me feel relaxed, yet also re-energized at the same time! They help clear my mind!

So, next time you can spend a few extra minutes in the shower, enjoy it! Give yourself that little “me” time. Look at the water as it flows out of the shower head, let it fall on your face, listen to it…..use a special body wash with relaxing scents, don’t rush, stay in the shower as long as you like, just enjoy it!

Have you ever thought about the joys of weekend showers? Do you take long showers? How long do you usually spend in the shower on weekdays? Do you use any special body washes you like and recommend for us?



DSCN7315 DSCN7327

Glass showers are my favorite, it makes the space seem larger, which I find relaxing.


Seeing & hearing the water flow from the shower head is relaxing! It is refreshing when it wets my face.


The deep conditioning hair mask I use, it works wonders for my hair!


This clear Glaze adds shine to my hair.

I have been using this body scrub for a while now, love how it leaves my skin soft.


I use this Sally Hansen brush to exfoliate my feet, I moisturize them afterwards, it helps keep them soft.

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Holiday Traditions: Gingerbread House

DSCN6860Many of us are still celebrating the holidays….some of us are back to work and some people are on vacation until January 6 this year because that is when the first Monday falls after New Year’s Day. Many of us keep celebrating until January 6 every year because Continue reading

Birthdays / Cumpleanos


We all have birthdays. If you are like me, your days are pretty full and when asked about celebrating your birthday you may say, “not planning anything really big.” But, our friends and family want to celebrate us. So, every year, I end up having a four to five day celebration of my birthday, it’s become a tradition – between dinner with my hubby,  a gathering with family, a dinner party with friends (thanks Lola!), a cake with work colleagues…and we have the best time! Times that create great memories of moments with friends and family, those moments that are priceless! It is nice to know you are loved and people want to celebrate you! Next year, just accept it and let others celebrate you….you will create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

What did you do on your last birthday? Do you have a fond memory from a birthday celebration?



Español: Todos tenemos un cumpleaños. Si eres como yo, tus días quizas esten llenos – entre el trabajo y compromisos, y cuando te preguntan si vas a festejar tu cumpleaños dices, “no estoy planeando nada en grande.” Pero, nuestras amistades y familia nos quieren festejar nuestro cumpleaños. Así que cada ano termino teniendo un festejo de cuatro o cinco días, ya se ha convertido en una tradición – entre cena con mi marido, reunión con mi familia, cena con amigos (gracias Lola), y pastel con compañeros de trabajo….y siempre la pasamos super divertido! Son momentos que crean bonitos recuerdos de convivencia con familia y amigos, esos momentos que no tienen precio! Es bonito saber que te quieren y la gente te quiere festejar! El próximo ano simplemente aceptalo y deja que otros te festejen….crearas recuerdos hermosos que te duraran toda una vida!

Que hiciste en tu ultimo cumpleaños? Tienes algún bonito recuerdo de un festejo de cumpleaños?

Un abrazo,


DSCN1934 DSCN1962DSCN1948 DSCN1940 DSCN1957 DSCN1975 DSCN1979DSCN1977DSCN1968DSCN1984gift jim to paola bday 39cake nadia cumple

flores cumple nadis 30 juniocake work bday 39