Baby’s First Snow in Germany & Holiday Party at a Winery

We enjoyed a white winter in Germany! On our second day, it snowed & we went to a Holiday Party at a friend’s winery where I tried a traditional hot wine beverage, red wine cake, & German fruit cake, click on link to watch the video. Hope you like it, the snow was breathtaking & the wine was delicious! Hope you enjoy this video! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive  Continue reading

Unboxing Baby Gifts from Germany (my first video with baby)

My husband recently returned from a trip to Germany & brought back a box full of gifts from Grandma (Oma in German) for Alessandra, as well as gifts he bought for her & for me. Such cute gifts! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive  Continue reading

Visiting Germany’s Enchanting Eltville in Wine Region, Rhine River, & Electoral Castle

More of our Travels in Germany! I was surprised by the enchantment & beauty of Eltville in the Rheingan Wine Region, we enjoyed the Rose Days Festival, & walked along the Rhine River as we looked for a place to get some dessert. Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications of Continue reading

Amazing Zoo in a Forest in Germany

We visited amazing zoo in a forest in Germany, watch video & travel there with us (virtually)! Alessandra enjoyed learning about the animals & petting them! Thank you for watching! I will post more travel videos soon. If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications of new videos Continue reading

Visit to Heidelberg in Germany

IMG_5274Finally, I am looking through our pictures from our trip a few weeks ago to Germany. My hubby had business meetings, and I accompanied him to visit my mother-in-law and our friends. It is always nice to visit Germany with my hubby. I had been there a few times when I was single, but traveling there with him Continue reading

Sonnora Waldhotel & Restaurant and Black Forest – Germany


During our recent vacation, we spent two days in the west part of Germany, known as the Black Forest region. We visited friends at their home and had dinner with them at Sonnora Restaurant. We had dinner there two years ago, they have exquisite french cuisine! My husband has dined there many times over the years.  It is one of the best restaurants we have been to! It is elegant and beautiful, they have excellent service and the food is amazing. Sonnora is one of the top restaurants in Germany, with three star rating and international status. The Restaurant is a destination in itself. People from other countries and Germans from all over come to enjoy this experience and cuisine!  Our friends know the Chef, Helmut Thieltges (he’s also the owner), and after dinner we had the opportunity to meet him, this was quite a treat! It was a wonderful evening with friends!

We stayed at the Sonnora Waldhotel (means forest hotel) which is adjacent to the Restaurant. The area is beautiful, with tall forest trees! The gardens are so picturesque, it felt like we were in a Hansel & Gretel fairy tale! I recorded a video blog of our visit to Sonnora and will post it soon. The experience is unique and the location is breathtaking, here’s a link to the Sonnora Waldhotel & Restaurant, if you’d like more details. If you are in a foodie, chef, or just enjoy fine dining this is a must visit restaurant! Hope you enjoy the pictures!



PS – Our trip to Germany: Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, spa day in Baden Baden, and visiting Kurhaus Casino & Kaefers’ Restaurant.


The entrance to the Hotel.DSCN4982 DSCN4979 DSCN4969 DSCN4983 DSCN4966

The lobby area.DSCN4962 DSCN4985

A sitting room with views of the garden.


The entrance to Sonnora Restaurant.


The dining room at Sonnora Restaurant.


Our hotel room – a suite with a terrace. DSCN4929 DSCN4925 DSCN4930

It always a nice treat to have bathrobes & slippers!


The living room area of our suite.


Picture of the entrance, the suite has an alcove with a closet, safe, mirror, & dressing area.


It was nice to have fresh fruit provided in the room! I wasn’t hungry at breakfast time, but I took a banana & kiwi to go.


The terrace (balcony) & garden view from our room.


A picture of the beautiful garden area – so picturesque!


The view from the balcony seating area of the breakfast dining area.


More options for outside seating.


Another view of the gardens.

DSCN4958A picture of part of the breakfast dining room.


It was a “European” style continental breakfast.

DSCN4956 DSCN4992

I wasn’t hungry at breakfast time, so I only had a cup of coffee. The individual coffee pot was a nice touch.

DSCN4959A private dining room located in the breakfast area.

sonnora waldhotel restaurant chef outside retaurant

As we were checking out, Chef Thieltges came out to greet us.

Spa Day in Baden Baden, Germany


During our vacation to Germany, we spent a day at Baden Baden, a city known for its mineral spas. I had been there on vacation with my sister about 10 years ago. I recorded a video blog, so I wasn’t able to take many pictures and taking pictures inside the spa is not allowed. We spent the day at Caracalla Spa enjoying the mineral water pools and jacuzzis, as well as the steam rooms. Afterwards, we did a little shopping at the gift shop and headed to dinner. We found a little Prague style restaurant in town, just a few blocks from the spa. My hubby ordered  a dumpling soup and goulash. I don’t really like goulash or dumplings, so I had a broiled potato (this was pretty much what I ate daily on our vacation to Prague a few years ago). Of course, I tried a few spoonfuls of the dessert, how can you say no to a sundae? I can’t! We had a relaxing day in Baden Baden! If you visit Germany and have time to make a side trip, I definitely recommend Baden Baden. It is a cute & quaint town, with wonderful and unique spas! We’ll probably come back in a few years!



PS – Our trip to Germany: Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, enjoying Sonnora Waldhotel & Restaurant and Black Forest in west Germany, and visiting Kurhaus Casino & Kaefers’ Restaurant.


This is the entrance of the spa (picture taken from the inside looking out).


This is the lobby of the spa.


Our table had flowers and  a small candle, always a nice touch!


My hubby ordered dumpling soup and his mexo-mix soft drink (Coke & Fanta mix).

DSCN4914 DSCN4917

I ordered a broiled potato, in the background you can see the goulash dish my husband ordered.


We shared dessert. The sundae was delicious….and huge!

Germany: Kurhaus Casino & Kaefers’ Restaurant


My hubby and I went on vacation to Germany last week. We have a home in Germany and he goes there a few times per year. It is quite the trek & a long flight, so I make the trip with him once a year. This time we visited Baden Baden (one of my favorite cities), Stuttgart, the Black Forest area (west Germany), the city of Nancy in France, and of course, Wiesbaden, my hubby’s hometown. He was born and grew up in San Francisco, so that is really his hometown, but he also grew up in Germany. I recorded a vblog and will try to get it posted soon. I’ll post the pictures from our trip in parts since it takes me a while to select and upload them.

Our trip was from Friday to the next Sunday, so we were gone for 10 days. We took an evening flight and landed the next day around 3:00 pm in Germany. I am not good at sleeping during flights and don’t like to take sleeping pills, so I had bad jet-lag on Saturday. We made a quick stop to buy some snacks and water, and headed home. I slept all afternoon and woke up the next day! Geez! We spent Sunday at home, which was nice since I still had jet-lag. Monday we did some shopping and went out to a Restaurant we visit each time we go to Wiesbaden, it is called Kaefers’, a french bistro style restaurant, located inside the Kurhaus Casino. My hubby waited patiently as I took pictures of our dinner and dessert. It was a mellow first three days to start off our vacation, the rest was non-stop – fun – with daily visits to different cities! Next post will be….visit to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, I took lots of pictures…coming soon!



PS – Our visit to the Porsche Museum, a spa day in Baden Baden, and enjoying the Sonnora Waldhotel & Restaurant and Black Forest in west Germany.


This is the main entrance to the Kurhaus Casino.

DSCN4814 DSCN4815

Kaefers’ Restaurant…we call it the ladybug restaurant because there are lady bug figurines on the table and painted on the glasses. Lady bugs are supposed to bring good luck…or so the belief goes.


They bring you freshly carved carpaccio as an appetizer with a bread basket….but, as in many European Restaurants, they charge you for the bread & carpaccio.


My husband had a meet dish, I had this yummy salad (which I order each time we eat here)….to my surprise there was goat cheese on the bottom, I had forgotten that! The salad was so large I took most of the salmon home and had it the next day for breakfast with some fresh bread! I eat so much bread when I am in Europe….you find it freshly baked everywhere, even at gas station stores! Love it!!!


We had the strawberry tart a la mode for dessert, it was delicious!



The area where the chefs prepare the appetizers.


This is a beautiful cheese cart they have….cheese is a huge staple for meals in Europe…as an appetizer, snack, part of a sandwich, and dessert when served with fruit!


The carving station where waiters carves the carpaccio fresh for each table!

DSCN4810 DSCN4811

They bring you your receipt in this colorful lady bug container, with two chocolates wrapped in lady bug foil. Cute!