Fashion Week San Diego: Spring Showcase

Hi friends,

Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) held its first Spring Showcase at Harrah’s Resort Southern California and I attended with Lola. The Spring Showcase included multiple exhibitor booths, from designers, hair blowouts, mini makeovers, photos booths, artists, leather goods, and jewelry. It was nice to see designers I’ve met over the years and to meet new one’s as well. The highlight was the beautiful designs that were part of the runway fashion show! There was also a live performance from The Voice, third season star Aquile.

After the event, we walked around the casino and stopped by the gift shop to pick up a box of chocolates for my hubby.

Fashion Week San Diego has more events coming up this year, for details you can visit their website.

Here are some pictures from the event – hope you like them!

Have you been to a FWSD event? Have you been to a fashion showcase?


DSCN9638 2

Lola and I arriving at FWSD – Spring Showcase.

DSCN9641 DSCN9648 DSCN9653

Launch Live Art.

DSCN9655 DSCN9660

Lola and I enjoyed visiting the exhibitor tables.

DSCN9661 DSCN9645 DSCN9659 DSCN9667

It was nice to see designers I’ve met over the years and catch up with them – like Zoe, from I am Zoe.


And Aida from Dos Caras Swimwear.


And meet some new one’s. This designer is J.L. Rocha, from Mexico. We also noticed there were more designers for mens clothing and shoes at this event.


The Foto Box booth.

DSCN9691 DSCN9689 DSCN9692 DSCN9698 DSCN9693 DSCN9706 DSCN9715 DSCN9717 DSCN9726 DSCN9730 DSCN9741

Children participated as well.

DSCN9745 DSCN9750 DSCN9752 DSCN9762

Aquiles performed.

DSCN9769 DSCN9772 DSCN9774 DSCN9775 DSCN9780

This was one of my favorites!

DSCN9734 DSCN9814 DSCN9786 DSCN9793 DSCN9799 DSCN9806 DSCN9809 DSCN9841

Launch Live Art.


Allison Andrews, FWSD Founder, thanked the designers, sponsors, and attendees.

DSCN9867 DSCN9875

The casino’s lobby.


The casino’s gift show where I bought the box of chocolates for my hubby!

My Week in Photos

Hi friends,

Hope you had a great week….and weekend! This past week, was extraordinarily busy for me….and very fun! There was lots going on! I know I haven’t written a Week In Photos post in a while, but I’ll try to get back to posting these since some of you commented that you liking seeing them, thanks!

What did you do this past week….and weekend?

Hope you like the post & have a great start to your week….May starts in a few weeks! Unbelievable how fast time goes by. I wish you an amazing, productive, and HAPPY week!



live well sd interview studio live wel intreview studio practive

My week started with meetings for Live Well San Diego, a partnership the stations have with the County of San Diego for this program. I manage the stations partnership and this is a very exciting project for me! I am motivated & inspired to work on this initiative! I also hosted an interview for Azteca San Diego regarding Live Well San Diego, called Vive Bien San Diego in Spanish!

birthday cake alex

This week was full of festivities at the station, one my colleagues in the department had a birthday and we celebrated with this delicious tres leches caramel cake (from Costco). I had never had the caramel version, it was different & yummy!

jy luch leomande lunch jay pellegrino

This was my boss’ last week at the station and the department staff went out to celebrate his farewell lunch. The lemonade glasses were cute and I had a Pellegrino, for some odd reason these are the only two pics I have from the lunch. We were all reminiscing and chatting, maybe that is why I didn’t take too many pics.  We also had cake for him at the station.

ut night and day

Someone very kind left Thursday’s Union Tribune newspaper on my desk at the station….Lola and I are in it! Thanks for this anonymous act of kindness 🙂 I showed it to Lola, she always gets a kick out of pictures of us in publications. Also, thanks to the photographer for taking our picture! We met him last week at FWSD’s Flaunt Your Fashion event.


Lola and I went to the movies at Westfield Mission Valley, we saw The Other Woman….and she took my outfit of the day pics before the movie. I changed my shoes and took off my jacket, and we managed to take a 30 minute walk outside the mall before the movie started. She also motivated me NOT to buy See’s chocolates before the movie. I love See’s chocolates and there is a store at the mall. We each had a See’s chocolate lollipop instead, it has less calories and fat. I’ll post those outfit pictures soon!

isabella classroom

My goddaughter had a play at her school and we visited her classroom afterwards. They called it the “After Party with the Cast!” She showed me around her classroom & shared her school work with me. She is such a sweet girl, beautiful, and smart! Just like her mom, my comadre.

DSCN9593 DSCN9595I went to San Diego Magazine’s Best of North County event on Friday evening, it was fun! One of the best events I’ve been to in San Diego! We spent time with Catherine Arambula (far right), from Mana de San Diego, and Karen Mullen (second from right), from San Diego Magazine. Lola is the one in the light green jacket.

mod team pic complete mod 1 balboa park

Bright and early on Saturday, I participated at the March for Babies at Balboa Park. It was nice to spend time with my 10News and Azteca San Diego colleagues and friends. The weather was windy and cold,  and it started to rain just as the walk portion started, look at the banners on the stage….the wind broke them off! We were still there, with thousands of San Diegans, supporting the March of Dimes, a great organization that helps moms and babies!

DSCN9603 DSCN9610


After the walk, I went to the baptism of my friend Lizeth’s baby boy. It was a nice ceremony at St. Pius X (I went to grade school at St.Pius, it was nice to visit the church again). The baby looked adorable & Lizeth was beautiful! Her dress was perfect for the occasion and the headband looked wonderful on her – a nice touch, loved the look! After the ceremony, she had an intimate luncheon with family. I was honored to have been invited to share in this very special moment! Lizeth is one of my closest friends, like a sister to me. It was nice to catch up with her and her family, her mom is an aunt to me. She is a very wise woman! I visited Lizeth the day her baby was born…. and look forward to seeing him grow up! Many more celebrations to come as he grows up!



She had keepsakes & so many cute details for the baptism….and for dessert, multiple types of cheesecakes, delicious! I had a piece of the key lime pie!

DSCN9638 DSCN9667 DSCN9702 DSCN9751

Lola and I went to FWSD’s Spring Into Fashion Showcase at Harrah’s. We had fun, as always….ran into some of the designers I know and some new one’s as well. It was nice to see a few Hispanic designers at the Show! I took lots of pictures and will write a blog post about the event this coming week.

nap sunday

Finally, Sunday arrived… much fun as I had during the week, I needed a day to rest and re-charge at home. I even took a nap in the middle of the afternoon, because I was feeling sleepy, it was a Sunday, and I needed it. I had been invited to attend two events held today, but knew I would have a full week, so I had declined. I know my limits and have learned to say no, and dedicate some R&R to myself. I have another full week ahead of me, it would have been too much to work seven days straight. I also wanted to give my skin a break, when I have shoots and work events, I wear pretty heavy make-up. I like to give my face at least one day to breathe…I call it no make-up Sunday! I’ll write a blog post soon about learning to say no and allow yourself some down time.

mod oceanside

Sunday afternoon, I was looking at pictures on the March of Dimes California Facebook page and saw that they posted this picture of me from the March for Babies walk in Oceanside two weeks ago. I shared it on my Facebook page.

mod fb sign paola kim

They had also posted this for the March for Babies held Saturday at Balboa Park, this was the caption:   “We’re looking forward to welcoming Kimberly Hunt 10News and Paola Hernandez of 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV and Azteca América San Diego: as our March for Babies hosts and media sponsors for our San Diego event in Balboa Park Saturday, April 26. Be sure to say hello and thank them for their incredible support!”

As you can see….I had a full and HAPPY week! Feeling blessed and looking forward to having another awesome week! Be HAPPY!

FWSD: Flaunt Fashion Series

Hi friends,

Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) held their first of the Flaunt Fashion Series, featuring Designer MarAlonzo. Lola and I attended the event last week, at the W Hotel San Diego. There was a Catwalk Show, guests were greeted with a hosted signature cocktail, and there was music, mingling and networking. I took some pictures and share them below. You can also view more pictures on FWSD’s Facebook page.

FWSD’s next event is their First Annual Spring Showcase,  on Saturday, April 26, at Harrah’s Resort Southern California. More details regarding that event can be found at FWSD’s website.

Hope you like the pictures from the Flaunt Fashion Series!




paola lola fwsd flaunt fashion series


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Fashion Week San Diego – Day 3, included a number runway shows & a doggie fashion show with pets that were adoptable from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. The fashion was amazing & inspiring! I originally wasn’t planning on attending Day 3 of FWSD, but due to some scheduling changes I was able to make it and enjoyed it! My friends Kim Rescate and Ana Pines also attended, so it was an added treat to spend time with them! This show included bathing suits, hats, and local designers, such as Diestra and Dos Caras Swimwear, it was wonderful! There was a dj playing music and it added to the lively mood. Since it was a Friday, people stayed and mingled after the show, and later headed to the after party. I didn’t attend the after party because I was scheduled to speak and participate at the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event the next morning. I did have an opportunity to meet one of the designers from Diestra after the show, she recognized me from my television job and came over to say hi, it was nice to meet her! Have you been to FWSD or  runway show?



DSCN5270 DSCN5238 DSCN5243 DSCN5245 DSCN5248 DSCN5249 DSCN5250 DSCN5253 DSCN5254 DSCN5258 DSCN5274 DSCN5278 DSCN5282 DSCN5283 DSCN5289 DSCN5290 DSCN5300 DSCN5303 DSCN5311 DSCN5316 DSCN5321 DSCN5331 DSCN5332 DSCN5339 DSCN5347 DSCN5342 DSCN5351 DSCN5353 DSCN5354 DSCN5360 DSCN5361 DSCN5364 DSCN5375 DSCN5266

FWSD 2013: The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion


Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) was held recently – I was looking forward to the fashion shows and events for a few weeks! The runway shows were held at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier, a very appropriate venue for this event! I wasn’t able to attend all of the events due to other commitments, but did attend the first three days. The first day was titled The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion which featured beauty industry experts. The experts spoke about their experience in fashion as it relates to beauty, nails, hair, & makeup. There were also local artists doing live art demonstrations and a silent auction. My friend Lola went to the event with me and we had fun. It was interesting to learn about how the speakers got involved in the industry and about the beauty tips they shared, as well as the latest trends in beauty. Have you been to FWSD?



PS – My Love of Wrap Dresses and The Little Blue Dress.

DSCN5187 DSCN5184 DSCN5189 DSCN5191 DSCN5193 DSCN5196 DSCN5199 DSCN5194 DSCN5183