Bay Views from a Penthouse & Food Truck Lunch

We headed downtown for lunch at the popular food trucks & then a friend’s party with amazing penthouse views of the bay, click to view my vlog, it was a fun day! Thank you for watching! If you like this video, please Like it & Subscribe to my Youtube channel to receive notifications of new videos I upload. And, please leave your comments below 🙂 If you are interested, you can watch more of my videos here YouTube: Paola Hernandez-Jiao.Thanks for your support!

When was the last time you went downtown?

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Fun Visit to Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas: A German/Bavarian Restaurant


One of our first trips family trips with baby Alessandra was to Las Vegas. I was excited about the trip because I would get to spend time with my friend Rossy which lives in Las Vegas, plus a few days in Vegas is always fun (see another Las Vegas trip here)! This was Alessandra’s first flight, so we were a little nervous about how she would react. She was Continue reading

Thoughtful Birthday Gifts

Every year, we receive gifts on our birthday. As the years have passed and I’ve entered different stages of my life, the way I celebrate my birthday has changed. This year, my hubby offered to organize a party for my birthday or take me on a trip. I chose the trip. That was his birthday gift to me – it was a very nice gift. My family and friends also celebrated my birthday with me – on separate occasions. They each gave me very nice and thoughtful gifts. They gave me gifts from my favorite stores and very personalized gifts. It amazed me how they remembered things I had mentioned throughout the year and got me those items as gifts!

Even though my birthday was a few months ago, I had my last celebration recently, with my friend Lizeth. We spent the day together by the beach, and she surprised me by taking me to dinner and giving me my gift.  It has been a summer of birthday celebrations for me. First with my hubby. When I returned from the trip, we had a cake at work with my colleagues. A week later, with my sis and family. In July,  with Lola and Martha. In August my aunts gave me some beautiful gifts. And, just recently with Lizeth. So, I got to celebrate all summer long! Yay!

People have asked me about the birthday gifts I’ve received. I share pictures of them below. I appreciate the gifts and the thoughtfulness behind each one of them touched me!  It was nice to celebrate my birthday with family and my closest friends. I truly feel blessed.

Also, in case I didn’t thank you personally, thank you for the nice birthday wishes and messages!  Hope you like the pics!

How did you celebrate your last birthday? Do you have a favorite birthday gift – of all time, including childhood?



DSCN1692 The trip my hubby took me on was to Northern California. We started with a few days in beautiful Mount Shasta. We stayed in a cute cabin.


We even went hiking! It was our first hike together.

DSCN1872From Mount Shasta, drove to Napa and stayed at Calistoga Ranch, an amazing resort! Part of my gift was a spa day!

DSCN1731 DSCN2048

From Napa, we crossed over to Sonoma and ended the trip with lunch and a day of wine tasting at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery.


Some of the birthday cards were designed based on themes regarding my blog or the newspaper column I write for El Latino,  and others had personalized messages for “sister” and “daughter”.


These were the gifts from my sis & nephews/brother-in-law.


Inside the bags were these nice boxes and the card!


A few months earlier I had complimented my sister on her Tory Burch earrings and told her I wanted to get a pair for myself. She remembered and bought them for me! What a nice touch! These have become my favorite earrings, along with the one’s Lola gave me, I wear them a few times each week!


And, of course she knows I love shoes, so she gave me a gift card from DSW!


Mom gave me this beautifully wrapped gift.


Inside was this multi-patterned scarf (mom knows I like wearing scarves), two bracelets, and a silver medallion.

DSCN2188 DSCN2181

It has been fun to wear the bracelet. I did not have anything similar.


The medallion is something I will wear for many years, it is a unique piece, love it!


Lola remembered I had mentioned I was running out of racks to organize my jewelry and gave me this beautifully crafted white lacquer jewelry box! She also tried to organize a dinner party for me, like she has done in past years, but between my trip and other friends’ vacation schedules, it was challenging to pin down a date. So, we decide go have sushi with Martha, just the girls, no men this year.


It is completely lined, has a mirror, the middle tray is removable for additional storage underneath, and it has an adorable key with a tassle.


Inside she included these Paloma Picasso earrings, which have become my favorite, along with the earrings my sister gave me.


And these one of a kind, hand made earnings, she said “because I know you don’t have any earrings in this style.” She is correct.

lola paola birthday 40 - sucho martha

Birthday dinner with Lola and Martha (she took the pic).


My aunts Cynthia and Lorena gave me gifts from Mexicali in incredibly nice wrapped boxes.


My aunt Cynthia have me this one of a kind, hand made necklace from a boutique in Mexicali. This will look nice with a white top & jeans, or a dress! It will be fun to wear in the fall! She reads my blog and knows that I like unique necklaces.


My aunt Lorena remembered a compliment I have her on a small barrette she was wearing. I mentioned that I had a hard time finding small barretes that would stay in my hair, since my hair is fine. She gave me these pretty & small barrettes! Such a nice and personalized gift!  I was touched that she remembered my comment.


Lizeth and I spent a casual day in Coronado, and she surprised me by treating me to dinner by the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado as part of my birthday gift! She had planned it all along!


Lizeth also gave me a gift card from Ann Taylor, she knows it is one of my favorite stores.

Making Friends As An Adult

Hi friends,

As we become adults many things change in our lives. One of them, is how we make friends. I am fortunate to have a few close friends. These are the friends that I speak to often, we both make an effort to spend time together, and to stay involved in each other’s lives! I also have some friends I don’t stay in touch with that often, but still consider “friends.” The rest of the people are more of acquaintances or “professional friends.”

Last Sunday, I took my nephew, Andrew, to a children’s birthday party, a “piñata” and noticed how easily he made a new friend. We were one of the first guests to arrive and there were few children his age. When he was in the bounce house, I noticed another little boy and introduced them, suggesting they play together. Before he memorized his new little friends name, he was calling him “amigo,” which means friend in Spanish. The little boy’s name is Santiago. They played together at the party and had fun! My friend Lizeth, the host of the party, told me Santiago was talking about Andrew on the drive home, saying how excited he was to have met a new friend and how much fun they had together! So cute!

When I saw them playing on the slide, it made me think of how easily children make new friends and how as adults, we sometimes have a harder time making new friends. It is for multiple reasons, as adults we have so many commitments that sometimes, at least for me, it is hard enough to make time to see my current friends. Also, when we are younger, we meet friends in school and at our extra  curricular activities, such as team sports.  As adults, we have less free time, between work, family, a spouse,  and a household to run, we barely have time for ourselves, let alone to see our friends.

So, I did  some research and found a good and enlightening article in Experience Life Magazine about Making Friends As An Adult. If you have moved to a new city or want to make a new friend, the article has some good tips! Hope you like it!

Here are some pictures of my nephew playing with Santiago, the new friend he made at the birthday party! They are so cute!!

Who was the last friend you met? Do you find it harder to meet friends as an adult? Do you have any suggestions on how to make new friends as an adult?


DSCN0984 DSCN0976

Santiago is younger than Andrew and asked if Andrew would hold his hand when they went down the slide. How adorable is this? Cuties!

DSCN0978 DSCN0986 DSCN0985

They kept running back to slide down again and again! After a few times down the slide, Santiago was more comfortable and no longer asked Andrew to hold his hand.


They stood in line together during the games and cheered each other on!

DSCN0953 DSCN0956 DSCN0942

They stood next to each other during the group picture with the birthday boy, Mauricio, next to the cake!


This was during the breaking of the piñata, it seems Andrew is explaining to the boys how they should hold the stick as they hit the piñata (in the white t-shirt is his younger brother, Josh).


They stood next to each other during the group picture next to one of the piñatas.

Birthday Celebration at Spa Velía

Hi friends,
As you know, Lola is one of my closest friends. Every year for her birthday, I try to get her a special gift. It is challenging to shop for a gift for her because she is a minimalist and in addition to that, practically already has everything she wants. She lives in a beautiful penthouse condo downtown with a minimalist decor, so she does not like to accumulate too many things. A few months before her birthday, I start to pay attention to things she points out when we go shopping or things she mentions in conversations.

This year, I had purchased a few small gifts for her, but was missing the key main gift. Like me, Lola has a busy schedule and sometimes does not have the time to go to a spa or simply pamper herself. But, she really likes spa days, just like I do. So, when I received an invitation to visit Spa Velía, I saw a light go off, like magic, aha! I had found the gift! This year it would not be an item, it would be a memorable experience! The gift I gave Lola this year was to buy a massage for her and set up a spa day! Even though we have been friends for many years, we had never gone to the spa together. She has a home in Baja and goes there almost every weekend, which is probably why we hadn’t been to a spa together since I usually go to spas on weekends. I looked at Spa Velía’s website and learned that they are open everyday. On weekdays, they are open from 10:00am – 9:00pm, Saturday 8:00am – 9:00pm, and Sunday 9:00am – 7:00pm. We could go on a weeknight, making it the perfect option! As much as I wanted to surprise her, I had to book the appointment, so I had to tell her ahead of time. She was excited and so was I! We booked the appointment two weeks ahead of time and were looking forward to it!

The spa is located downtown, in the Harbor Club Towers, across from the Convention Center. We were going to walk from her home since it is just a few blocks away, but it was windy that day, so we asked her husband to give us a ride. We did walk back after our massage, which was perfect because by then it was dusk and the weather was a warm spring evening!

When we arrived we were greeted by their friendly staff and escorted upstairs. We were given a quick tour of the spa. The lights at the spa are kept dim, even in the hallways, so you are in the zen as soon as you walk into the elevator. The music is relaxing and everything is immaculate! In addition to the massage rooms, there are rooms for skin care treatments, and a steam room with lavender eucalyptus oil. We went to the dressing room and changed into robes and sandals, which are provided by the spa. The robes are black, which is different from other spas I have been to that usually provide light color robes. The black robes give it a touch of chic and style!

Marcy, was the massage therapist that gave me the massage. We had a nice conversation, mostly at the beginning of the massage because I had all kinds of questions. I am always interested about learning new things. I asked about the spa and herself. The spa used to be located in Little Italy and moved closer to the downtown Gaslamp area to an expanded location. Marcy has been working there for more than five years and from my massage, I can tell you she knows what she is doing! It was one of the best massages I have ever had! It was deep and she touched pressure points. My massage was from the top of my head to the tip of my toes! When she was massaging my hands, I could feel it all the way to the top of my arm and when she massaged my feet, I could feel it all the way to the tip of my head! Amazing! It was a deeper massage than I am used to, but it was fantastic, I had some tension and knots on my neck and she focused on those. She also used a technique to stretch my neck which I had never experienced. I have had a neck massage before, but never like this, it felt very relaxing, like a yoga stretch. She used organic sunflower oil, which was also a new experience for me. My skin absorbed it easily, leaving my skin feeling very soft. Lola and I got the 50 minute Velía Vitality massage, which is based on Swedish and circulatory therapies. Lola’s massage was given by Lily. Lola said she also greatly enjoyed her massage!

After the massage, Lola and I met at the relaxation lounge area which has plush sofas and a large table. There was tea, fruit infused water, cookies, fruit, and nuts. We were treated to the signature champagne, their pomegranate mimosas. It was delicious! We spent about two hours in the relaxation room talking, enjoying the classical music and amenities! Our spa visit was a little more than three hours and we enjoyed every minute of it!

The prices at Spa Velía are very reasonable, starting at $50 for the 25 minute Velía Vitality massage, $90 for the 50 minute massage. They have multiple options for skin care, massages, waxing, and body care. They also have spa packages and spa parties. There is a nice shop with candles, skincare products, and jewelry.

I plan to come back! Maybe for a spa day with my husband, then we can go to dinner or for a walk afterwards, since the restaurants in the Gaslamp area and Seaport Village are just a few steps away! I’ll also keep it in mind for spa days with friends and my sis! Or, simply come on my own to relieve the stress of a long week! Next time, I may get the purifying facial. There is a good promotion for first time visitors, $20 discount on each new service. The best way to book an appointment is on the Spa Velía website or by calling 619-235-0000.

Lola and I said we’d come back in a few weeks. We both work hard and take care of our families, we owe it to ourselves to get pampered every once in a while!! As Lola said, “this was wonderful and the best way to let go of the stress of our day!”

Special thanks to Samya for the invitation and to the Spa Velía team for making our afternoon at the spa a wonderful experience!


DSCN9879 DSCN9877

Lola checking in as we arrived to enjoy an afternoon at the spa to celebrate her birthday!

DSCN9886 DSCN9989DSCN9899

DSCN9902 The ladies dressing room.


This is the room where I had my massage…ahhh, it was bliss!!


The relaxation room….we met here after our massages, we were in heaven!



Lola enjoying the signature mimosa! Next to her is Lily, the massage therapist that gave her a massage.


This is Lily, she gave me my massage. It was one of the best massages I have ever had! I was so relaxed afterwards, I even look a little sleepy in this picture, haha!


The tea section.


The tea cups went perfect with the spa’s theme.

DSCN9946 DSCN9955 DSCN9962 DSCN9961

Lola and I enjoying the amenities, and toasting for her birthday.



I want to print this picture and remember this everyday! I had lots on my mind that afternoon, but was able to clear my mind at the spa and focus on that moment….to enjoy time with my friend and celebrate her birthday!


We looked around the store before we left. There are lots of skin products, candles, and jewelry. In addition to buying items for oneself, this is a good shop to buy gift items!
DSCN9997 DSCN0003


These Aura candles are made locally. It is nice to see that the shop at the spa carries local products!


We both left feeling relaxed, pampered, and happy to have dedicated some time to ourselves with massages!

DSCN0033 I took these last two pictures on our walk back to Lola’s home. These are the Harbor Towers where Spa Velía is located.


The walk was the perfect ending to a blissful afternoon at the spa!

My Week in Photos

Hi friends,

Hope you had a great week….and weekend! This past week, was extraordinarily busy for me….and very fun! There was lots going on! I know I haven’t written a Week In Photos post in a while, but I’ll try to get back to posting these since some of you commented that you liking seeing them, thanks!

What did you do this past week….and weekend?

Hope you like the post & have a great start to your week….May starts in a few weeks! Unbelievable how fast time goes by. I wish you an amazing, productive, and HAPPY week!



live well sd interview studio live wel intreview studio practive

My week started with meetings for Live Well San Diego, a partnership the stations have with the County of San Diego for this program. I manage the stations partnership and this is a very exciting project for me! I am motivated & inspired to work on this initiative! I also hosted an interview for Azteca San Diego regarding Live Well San Diego, called Vive Bien San Diego in Spanish!

birthday cake alex

This week was full of festivities at the station, one my colleagues in the department had a birthday and we celebrated with this delicious tres leches caramel cake (from Costco). I had never had the caramel version, it was different & yummy!

jy luch leomande lunch jay pellegrino

This was my boss’ last week at the station and the department staff went out to celebrate his farewell lunch. The lemonade glasses were cute and I had a Pellegrino, for some odd reason these are the only two pics I have from the lunch. We were all reminiscing and chatting, maybe that is why I didn’t take too many pics.  We also had cake for him at the station.

ut night and day

Someone very kind left Thursday’s Union Tribune newspaper on my desk at the station….Lola and I are in it! Thanks for this anonymous act of kindness 🙂 I showed it to Lola, she always gets a kick out of pictures of us in publications. Also, thanks to the photographer for taking our picture! We met him last week at FWSD’s Flaunt Your Fashion event.


Lola and I went to the movies at Westfield Mission Valley, we saw The Other Woman….and she took my outfit of the day pics before the movie. I changed my shoes and took off my jacket, and we managed to take a 30 minute walk outside the mall before the movie started. She also motivated me NOT to buy See’s chocolates before the movie. I love See’s chocolates and there is a store at the mall. We each had a See’s chocolate lollipop instead, it has less calories and fat. I’ll post those outfit pictures soon!

isabella classroom

My goddaughter had a play at her school and we visited her classroom afterwards. They called it the “After Party with the Cast!” She showed me around her classroom & shared her school work with me. She is such a sweet girl, beautiful, and smart! Just like her mom, my comadre.

DSCN9593 DSCN9595I went to San Diego Magazine’s Best of North County event on Friday evening, it was fun! One of the best events I’ve been to in San Diego! We spent time with Catherine Arambula (far right), from Mana de San Diego, and Karen Mullen (second from right), from San Diego Magazine. Lola is the one in the light green jacket.

mod team pic complete mod 1 balboa park

Bright and early on Saturday, I participated at the March for Babies at Balboa Park. It was nice to spend time with my 10News and Azteca San Diego colleagues and friends. The weather was windy and cold,  and it started to rain just as the walk portion started, look at the banners on the stage….the wind broke them off! We were still there, with thousands of San Diegans, supporting the March of Dimes, a great organization that helps moms and babies!

DSCN9603 DSCN9610


After the walk, I went to the baptism of my friend Lizeth’s baby boy. It was a nice ceremony at St. Pius X (I went to grade school at St.Pius, it was nice to visit the church again). The baby looked adorable & Lizeth was beautiful! Her dress was perfect for the occasion and the headband looked wonderful on her – a nice touch, loved the look! After the ceremony, she had an intimate luncheon with family. I was honored to have been invited to share in this very special moment! Lizeth is one of my closest friends, like a sister to me. It was nice to catch up with her and her family, her mom is an aunt to me. She is a very wise woman! I visited Lizeth the day her baby was born…. and look forward to seeing him grow up! Many more celebrations to come as he grows up!



She had keepsakes & so many cute details for the baptism….and for dessert, multiple types of cheesecakes, delicious! I had a piece of the key lime pie!

DSCN9638 DSCN9667 DSCN9702 DSCN9751

Lola and I went to FWSD’s Spring Into Fashion Showcase at Harrah’s. We had fun, as always….ran into some of the designers I know and some new one’s as well. It was nice to see a few Hispanic designers at the Show! I took lots of pictures and will write a blog post about the event this coming week.

nap sunday

Finally, Sunday arrived… much fun as I had during the week, I needed a day to rest and re-charge at home. I even took a nap in the middle of the afternoon, because I was feeling sleepy, it was a Sunday, and I needed it. I had been invited to attend two events held today, but knew I would have a full week, so I had declined. I know my limits and have learned to say no, and dedicate some R&R to myself. I have another full week ahead of me, it would have been too much to work seven days straight. I also wanted to give my skin a break, when I have shoots and work events, I wear pretty heavy make-up. I like to give my face at least one day to breathe…I call it no make-up Sunday! I’ll write a blog post soon about learning to say no and allow yourself some down time.

mod oceanside

Sunday afternoon, I was looking at pictures on the March of Dimes California Facebook page and saw that they posted this picture of me from the March for Babies walk in Oceanside two weeks ago. I shared it on my Facebook page.

mod fb sign paola kim

They had also posted this for the March for Babies held Saturday at Balboa Park, this was the caption:   “We’re looking forward to welcoming Kimberly Hunt 10News and Paola Hernandez of 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV and Azteca América San Diego: as our March for Babies hosts and media sponsors for our San Diego event in Balboa Park Saturday, April 26. Be sure to say hello and thank them for their incredible support!”

As you can see….I had a full and HAPPY week! Feeling blessed and looking forward to having another awesome week! Be HAPPY!

Break The Weeknight Routine = A Fun Evening at El Agave

DSCN9139Hi friends  – hope your week is going well! Mine is flying by!

It seems that nowadays we all do more than we did before, more at work and at home. My workdays can be long, filled with meetings, calls, shoots, & deadlines. I love it, but at the end of my workday, sometimes I just want some silence & a relaxing evening at home. Now that I am married, I have cut down on the number of work related evening events I attend. I made this change, mostly because I like to spend time with my hubby, to exercise after work, and so I can spend time on my blog 🙂

It is easy to fall into a routine on weeknights. We have all done it at some point. I did it even when I was single. There is nothing wrong with having a routine, trust me, I am a creature of habit and can be quite methodical in the way I go through my day (I’ll leave that for another post). But, every once in a while, it is nice to change up the routine. I try to limit my weeknight outings to once per week (personal or work related events), not counting Friday. Once a week, I will either go for a walk with Lola by the bay downtown or she’ll join me to attend an event.

A few years ago, I met a sassy Latina named Samya, uber talented and outspoken. We’ve stayed connected over the years. Last week, she sent me an invitation for the Grand Opening of El Agave Del Mar Restaurant. I did what I usually do, looked at the invitation & geographic location (I usually don’t attend events too far from downtown), reviewed my schedule, and put it with the other “tentative” invitations. But, it stayed on my mind. Then, I looked at the invitation more closely and realized it was from Samya. I RSVPd.

After the many laughs I had yesterday, I am glad I RSVPd! I go to multiple events and Lola is usually my plus 1. We always have a nice time, but yesterday was lots, lots of fun! Multiple things happened that made the night fun. First of all, even though this may not sound funny, it was and turned into an on-going joke throughout the evening. Lola had on some gorgeous Michael Kors heals she had purchased recently. She had told me about the shoes, so it was nice to finally see them on her! This was her first time wearing them. As I am complimenting her shoes, she tells me they are uncomfortable, to which I frown, but say, “oh no, but they are so beautiful!” Then she turns around and shows me a small cut the zipper has made on the back of her heel, yikes. Luckily, I had a band-aid in my purse, so that helped. Second, we were chatting so intensely in the car that I missed the freeway exit in Del Mar! We laughed and just took the next exit, we were chatting anyway, so no worries. Third, as we exit the elevator, a metal decoration on Lola’s shoe just breaks off! It broke from one side but was still attached to the other side, so it wasn’t even removable. She is a trooper and laughed it off as we entered the restaurant.

Samya greeted us nicely upon arrival! Always a pleasure to see her and catch up! We scan the room, say hi to a few people we knew. We got some food, found seats, and started to enjoy our margaritas, with the most amazing sunset in Del Mar! There was a very nice server that kept bringing Lola food and drinks! And well, since I was sitting with her, he’d also offer me some food, ha! The event was a huge success and the terrace was packed, no surprise since Samya organized it & she’s a public relations pro!

Then,  I saw my friend Luis getting food, I’ve known him for about 12 years! I said hi from afar and he came over to greet us! He told me he was sitting  at the bar with Nelly, also a friend, and we agreed we’d come over to the bar later on or they’d come to our table. Lola and I continued to enjoy our margaritas & conversation. Within a few minutes, Luis and Nelly came over to sit with us and the laughters did not end for the rest of the evening! Lola and Luis were sharing pics of their adorable doggies, we were all catching up, and joking. Samya came to sit with us towards the end of the evening. Between her and Nelly, it is hard to say which one is more sassy, they were both throwing out lines that were hilarious! Both are sweethearts and genuine people, love that about them!

I wanted to take a picture of the sunset and realized I had left my phone in the car, a huge no-no for me, but figured in case of an urgent matter my hubby knew I was with Lola and could call on her phone. I did have my camera. We asked a server to take a group pic of us, but bless his heart, every picture came out blurry (he took about 5 pics, I posted two below), we kept posing for the pics and were laughing each time we realized it was blurry…..finally, Luis took out his phone and that became the picture we  posted for the night. Somehow, Lola’s shoe malfunction got into the conversation and we all started comparing shoes. Luis was wearing converse style tennis shoes, with a business jacket, collared shirt, and gray pants. We thought that was just the look that he had been wearing all day. He frowned and told us he changed shoes in the car when they arrived at the event because, as he stated in a serious tone “you know, mens feet also get tired in work shoes and hurt after a long day,” hilarious! Again, we all burst into laughs!

We realized it was dark out and getting late, later than we had originally planned on staying. As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun and it did indeed! We ended the night with a group pic, with Samya (shown above). We walked out together and decided to take a group shoe picture in the elevator, again we laughed! It was a memorable evening, I am certain it will come up in conversations with Lola in the future, when we laugh about her Michael Kors shoe malfunction and Luis’ comment about mens feet hurting after a long day in work shoes, too funny!

The El Agave Del Mar Restaurant is beautiful, the food is delicious and the drinks amazing, they use good quaility tequila in their margaritas, and don’t even get me started on the freshness of the guacamole, empanadas…and sopes! The view is breathtaking, wonderful place to see a sunset or enjoy the scenic ocean view!  Plus, as a Latina, I am always glad to see nice, classy restaurants that serve excellent Mexican cuisine!

I went out of my routine, my comfort level, and out of the downtown area….went to an event all the way in North County (ok, it’s not that far), and am SO glad I did because I had such a fun evening! So, next time you get an opportunity to do something fun on a weekday, try to pass on the comfort of just going home and getting in your jammies (I do this), instead go out! Break the routine, who knows what the night may bring, you may laugh and have a great time! Go out there and live life to the fullest, enjoy time with friends, a sunset, and have a margarita when you can!

Do you go to work related or personal/social events on weeknights? If yes, how often? When was the last time you had a surprisingly fun night at an event on a weeknight? I’d love to hear about it!

Hugs…TGIF it’s Friday mañana (means tomorrow;)),



Lola…in her Michael Kors shoes, before they broke that evening.


Blurry picture 1…of 5.DSCN9130

Blurry picture number 5, ha! DSCN9135Finally, a good picture…taken by someone else 🙂

shoe pic el agaveTaken in the elevator on our way to the parking garage. Since shoes became a part of the evening’s conversation, the last pic of the evening was one of our shoes! It is fun to be silly sometimes!

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How a Movie Can Help You De-stress


I used to consider watching movies one of my hobbies. I loved watching movies…actually, I still do, but now I don’t seem to have time to watch too many DVD movies at home. When I was single, I used to look forward to the day my Netflix movie would arrive and sometimes, I would watch the movie that same night, even if it was a weeknight. When I got married, my husband also had a Netflix account, so we cancelled one of them. About a year later, we changed the membership to cancel the movie deliveries and now only have the on-line option because we no longer watch DVD movies at home that often. I like the option of having movies available on-line, so we have kept that membership.

Movies are a good and simple form of entertainment! They can also be educational or there is a positive message you can take from them! You can get lost in a movie, cry, laugh, and sometimes just “feel good” after watching a movie. Even though, I no longer watch too many DVD movies at home, I enjoy going to the movies and still make it to the theatre about once a month to see a movie. Every once in a while I go to the movies with my hubby, nephews, or sister – but not very often. My movie buddy is Lola, my bestie. This has become a fun outing for us. An outing that I look forward to because I can combine time with my friend, I know I am going to laugh and have a nice time! We both have busy lives, so we schedule the movie night about a week or two ahead of time. I literally put it on my Outlook calendar and send her an appointment invitation.  She is usually out of town on weekends and I work at events on many weekends, so we tend to go to the movies on weekdays, which is nice because the theaters are not packed. Sometimes, we meet at the theatre, others at her home and walk about a mile to the theatre downtown in order to get a little exercise. Other times, we’ll meet at the mall and go shopping before the movie. These movie outings with Lola give me something to look forward to, not only that I will watch a movie, but also that I get to catch up with my friend! I always, always have fun and leave feeling happy afterwards! Doing things I enjoy and spending time with close friends, helps me de-stress, it makes me feel like I am dedicating some time to myself, to my welll-being, and happiness – and this makes me a better person, wife, and employee! They say having outings or events to look froward to helps us increase our happiness! Well, it is true for me!

So, next time you have an opportunity to go catch a movie with a friend, do it! I know sometimes it may seem hard to make time for ourselves and we may tend to place others’ needs before ours. I can relate, even though I do not have children yet, I do have many responsibilities that fill my schedule. You will not only enjoy the movie, you’ll also enjoy time with your friend and that will enrich your life!

When was the last time you went to the movies with a friend?



Pictured above are Lola and I at the movie theatre, we went shopping, then caught a movie. It was a weeknight, that is why I was still wearing my work attire, she had changed into a casual outfit.

amc theatre plaza bonita movie monique

I recently went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with my sister. We went on a Saturday, after I had worked at an event for about five hours. Even though I knew it would be a long day and I would be tired, I went to the movies with my sister that night because I knew I would enjoy the time with her, plus I was looking forward to seeing that movie, it’s great!

DSCN4007 DSCN4010

This summer, we went to see the Flight of the Butterflies movie at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s Imax Theater. It was a fun outing with my sis, sister-in-law, and nephews/nieces! The movie is interesting, educational, and has beautiful scenes!

DSCN3754DSCN3758DSCN3756 Over the summer, my hubby and I  took my nephew to see Disney’s Planes movie. This required coordinating four schedules, my husband’s, sister’s, nephews, and mine, we scheduled it about two weeks ahead of time. This is an outing I was definitely looking forward to! Look at that adorable smiling face! Moments with my nephew are priceless for me! He goes to the movies with his parents often, but it touched my heart when my sister told me he still talks about the day we took him to see that movie! Too cute!

A Weekend in Laguna Beach

Weekend getaways with my hubby are a nice way for us to spend time together, while enjoying a mini-break away from home. Getaways sometimes take an effort to plan on both of our parts because we have to arrange our schedules ahead of time and work extra hours to prepare to be out of town, but it is always worth it!

We recently went to Laguna Niguel, in Orange County. We stayed at The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, which is a beautiful resort! We spent the morning enjoying the property, discovering the multiple recreational activities, decorations, and flowers the resort has, as well as relaxed at the spa and did some reading. One of my favorite ways to exercise is to go for long walks…and it doesn’t get much nicer than a long walk next to the beach! A close friend of mine, Susy, lives in Orange County with her husband and adorable baby. We were able to meet them for lunch over the weekend – it was nice to catch up with her! We did a little shopping…..and enjoyed the OC! Laguna Niguel is just about 90 minutes from San Diego, even if you don’t stay overnight, you can visit on a day trip, it is worth it! You can enjoy the beach, the shops, and the wonderful weather! What is our favorite weekend getaway destination?



DSCN5753 DSCN5790 DSCN5739 DSCN5740

The flowers throughout the resort were elegant & beautiful!

DSCN5736 DSCN5705

DSCN5707 DSCN5709 DSCN5719

Our room was very nice and spacey, with a small walk-in closet.DSCN5730 DSCN5732

This corner cabinet was where the safe & refrigerator were located.

The view from our room….to one of the pools on the property.DSCN5747 DSCN5748

There was an art exhibit of elephants located in the lobby and main corridor area, so cute & unique!DSCN5749 DSCN5752 DSCN5756

The option for outside, casual dining. DSCN5768 DSCN5770

The gym was spacious, with an amazing view of the beach, & well supplied. This gym could almost make one want to exercise, haha!


I spent part of my day at the spa…..relaxation time!


This is the larger pool. DSCN5784 DSCN5791 DSCN5796

Walk along the beach….breathtaking views! (forgot my hat, but had on sunblock!)DSCN5803 DSCN5804 DSCN5809

The resort sits atop a hill right on the ocean.

DSCN5833 DSCN5837

I love andorak chairs…and what a view you get from these & the one’s below!

DSCN5838 DSCN5841 DSCN5850 DSCN5846 DSCN5858 DSCN5859

There were multiple options for recreation.

DSCN5867 DSCN5871

We did a little shopping at the Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach.DSCN5874

Arriving back in Laguna Beach.


Having lunch with Suzi and her family in Laguna Beach.

DSCN5878 DSCN5876 DSCN5879 DSCN5880We also had dessert with Suzi’s family! The desserts here are a work of art! I enjoyed a fruit tart!

My Week in Photos

Happy Sunday everyone! This week was a bit different for me because of the Labor Day Holiday. It was a short work week and went by super fast! We started the week in Las Vegas and ended it with family on the soccer field at my nephew’s first soccer game. Somewhere in there, I managed to get in some exercise and even took a nap on Saturday! Best wishes for a great week…starting tomorrow! How was your week? Share your pics!



Feliz domingo a todos! Esta semana fue un poco diferente para mi debido al festejo del Día del Trabajo. Fue una semana corta de trabajo y se paso súper rápido! Comenzamos la semana en Las Vegas y la terminamos con familia en el primer partido de fútbol de mi sobrino. De alguna manera, entre todo eso, logre hacer un poco de ejercicio y hasta me tome una siesta el sábado! Les mando los mejores deseos para una semana excelente….comenzando mañana! Como estuvo tu semana? Comparte tus fotos!

Un abrazo,


We spent the holiday weekend & started our week in Las Vegas – we stayed at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Pasamos en fin de semana largo y comenzamos la semana en Las Vegas – nos quedamos en Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.



I did some shopping in Las Vegas – at the Miracle Mile Shops – I may do a post on the items I got!

Hice algunas compras en Miracle Miles Shops durante nuestro tiempo el Las Vegas – quizas hare una note despues sobre los articulos que encontre!



It was nice to spend time with my friend Rosy & her husband Chris, while in Las Vegas! We had dinner on the first night….and did some more shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s. The next day, they took us out on their boat for a day on Lake Mead. It was so relaxing and beautiful!

Me dio gusto ver a mi amiga Rosy y su marido Chris, durante nuestra visita a Las Vegas! La primera noche salimos a cenar….e hicimos mas compras en Forum Shops en el Caesar’s. El siguiente da nos llevaron a pasear y pasar el dia en su lancha en Lake Mead. Esta muy bonito el lago y fue relajante pasearnos en la lancha!


DSCN4288 DSCN4309 DSCN4342 DSCN0003_2

Back to work – attended A Day of Joy fundraising reception for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

De regreso al trabajo – fui a la recepcion Un Dia de Alegria, para recaudar fondos para Ronald McDonald House Charities.

mcdona;d house charity pic with lowry champion rancho santa fe home dia de alegria

Exercise choice for the day: Pool Time! With this warm weather, the pool was a good & fun choice for my workout with Lola!

Ejercicio para el dia: Alberca! Con este clima cálido, hacer ejercicio con Lola en la alberca fue una buena y divertida opcion!

pool lolas building

From Casual Friday to Casual Dinner. I love sushi! We found a place that serves good sushi and has menu options my hubby likes, from teriyaki to steaks. We had dinner there with some of his work colleagues/friends.

De Viernes Casual en el Trabajo a una Cena Casual. Me encanta el sushi! Encontramos un restaurante que tiene buen sushi y tambien una variedad de opciones en el menu que le gustan a mi marido, desde teriyaki hasta carnes. Cenamos ahí con sus compañeros de trabajo/amigos.


DSCN4544 DSCN4545 DSCN4546

Saturday morning, we went to see my nephew’s first soccer game & cheered the team on! At this age, all games end in ties, too cute.

El sábado tempranito fuimos ver el primer partido de futbol de mi sobrino, para hecharle porras al equipo. A esta edad, todos los partidos terminan en empate, que lindos.


socccer joseph family pic

Went out for Saturday brunch with my hubby. Since our weeks are so busy and I occasionally have work commitments on weekends, plus we travel quite a bit, I enjoy making breakfast for him at home on weekends, but this Saturday we went to brunch. I ate the muffin, it was large & delicious! Didn’t finish my salad, it is still in the fridge, may have it today.

El sabado salimos a desayunar. Como nuestras semanas están tan ocupadas y ocasionalmente tengo compromisos de trabajo en fin de semana, y viajamos seguido, los fines de semana que estamos en casa me gusta hacerle desayuno a mi maridito, pero este sabado salimos a desayunar. Me comi el panquecito, estaba grande y delicioso, no me termine la ensalada, todavía esta en el refigerador, quizas me la coma hoy.

brunch mimi's cafe

Hoy domingo hemos estado en casa, me encantan los domingos relajados en casa. Le hice waffles para desayunar a mi maridito y disfrute de mi capuccino!

capuccino white mug home

My Weekend in Photos: Labor Day in Las Vegas


Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you had a good holiday & long weekend! My hubby & I make it out to Las Vegas a couple of times every year. It makes for an easy & fun weekend getaway. We don’t really gamble & I did the club thing when I was younger. We try new restaurants or the classics for dinner, do some shopping, he golfs, we walk around the casinos, go see a show, or he takes us on an aerial tour of the surrounding areas. I have a good friend, Rosy (and her husband) that lives out there and it is always nice to visit her while we are there! Thankfully, this time she was in town, we missed her the last two times we visited because she was also traveling.

My hubby had purchased a Planet Hollywood hotel package for Las Vegas at a silent auction at a charity fundraiser we attended last year. He realized recently that the package was about to expire, so we booked the reservation. It was kind of a last minute trip.

DSCN4490 DSCN4488DSCN4264

Our room had a Christopher Reeve theme with a few Superman & movie frames:

DSCN4245 DSCN4249 DSCN4254 DSCN4258

We arrived Sunday. To my pleasant surprise, the Miracle Mile Shops mall is located within the hotel! My sister had mentioned it, so I asked about it when we checked-in! In the afternoon, my hubby took a nap and I went shopping! With my schedule, I rarely have time to go to the mall. I buy a few things on-line, but prefer to try clothes & shoes on before purchasing them. There was a modern bar called Halo in the mall, so Vegas!

DSCN4298 DSCN4295 DSCN4279 DSCN4275

We met Rosy for an early dinner at Trevi’s Restaurant at the Ceasar’s. We’d been there before, it is a nice restaurant with cafe style seating next to the large Fountain of the Gods, and we know the food is good. For dessert, which we shared, my hubby ordered Spaghetti Ice, too cute, the spaghetti and meatballs are gelato, the sauce was strawberry syrup, and the shredded cheese was white chocolate! After dinner, we did a little more shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s – they close at 11pm!!! Wow, only in Vegas! We’ve been to this shopping center many times before, it is beautiful – and I like the stores, it’s a must see when in Vegas, love it!!! It was nice to spend some time with Rosy and get a friend’s perspective when shopping!

DSCN4285 DSCN4286 DSCN4288 DSCN4291Monday was Lake Mead day. Rosy and her husband have a boat, so they took us out for the day – it was beautiful and very relaxing! So relaxing that I took a nap in the middle of the afternoon on the boat! I’ll make a separate post of Lake Mead, I took lots of pics and it deserves its own post. Rosy has taken some photography classes and it is her hobby, so she gave me some tips! Even though I had packed a red summer dress for the day on the lake, I showed my hubby a little black & white dress I had purchased the night before at H&M (at the Miracle Mile Shops) and asked him which one I should wear – he chose the H&M dress. It was perfect for the day since it is very light & comfortable.

DSCN4309 DSCN4342 DSCN0003_2 DSCN4381 DSCN4350

Tuesday was check-out day. I had set my alarm for early, to try to perhaps go for a walk in the other casinos or do some shopping, but my body was tired and we both decided to rest instead. We are not big fans of buffets, but the package included a buffet at the hotel’s Spice Market, so we ate lunch there. I had a little bit of sushi, a few bites of lasagna, some blue cheese, hummus, and dessert. I am a sucker for dessert, so I saved my calories for dessert! The array of desserts was beautiful! I had a few spoonfuls of ice-cream with strawberries, a little creme brulee, and the apple filled crepe, just tasting a bit of each was enough for me! Yummy! I was satisfied, but not stuffed, a concern of mine with buffets. DSCN4463 DSCN4430 DSCN4482 DSCN4464 DSCN4468 DSCN4469 DSCN4438 DSCN4443 DSCN4448

Our flight home was in the early afternoon….and it always makes me chuckle to see all the slot machines at the airport! This airport is unique! Even though my hubby and I aren’t gamblers, he played for a little while at the slots machines on Saturday night. While I stopped to take the pictures at the airport, he sat a machine and played a few minutes, too funny!

DSCN4495 DSCN4499

Have you been to Las Vegas? Share your most memorable Vegas story….PG story that is, just kidding! Remember, as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!



PS – Our visit to the Aulani Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii.  

My Week In Photos

Hi friends,

Hope you had a wonderful week! For me, this week definitely felt like summertime, not only because it’s been warm, but also because I did some fun outdoor activities and even went to a pool! The weather has been warmer than usual, past pleasantly warm to just hot, in the 90’s, which is very high for San Diego! Thankfully, there is air conditioning! Work-wise, it was a busy week with many shoots, but this is what I call the fun part of my job, mostly because I get to work with a great production team! I always enjoy interacting with the external folks we work with, in my case mostly the representatives from the events we sponsor. Best wishes for a wonderful long holiday weekend – happy Labor Day everyone!

Do you have any thing fun planned for the holiday weekend?



niramar air show shoot promos 2013

Shooting the Miramar Air Show promotional spots! I love working with the team at MCAS Miramar! The funds raised through the Air Show benefit programs for military families! Another reason why I love my job, we are making a difference!

starbucks coffee cips & coffee cakeBrought my sister some coffee & her favorite coffee cake – stopped by for a quick visit to wish her well on her last day of vacation before she returned to work – her summer break is over.


Gave welcome at theater for Latino Film Festival’s Cine en tu Idioma – film series!

DSCN4118 DSCN4096 DSCN4084 DSCN4106

Enjoyed a warm summer afternoon at the Farmer’s Market with my sis & nephews! They are so cute!!
chargers game with jim vs 49ers

Went to the Charger’s vs 49ers game at Qualcomm Stadium – thanks to my hubby for inviting me! This was the view from our seats at the 50 yard line.


Mixed up our exercise routine – had fun at the pool with Lola, while we got a workout and caught up on our week. My amiguita Lola is as close as sister for me! Her friendship brings joy to my life!

head and shoulder paola alex pic 2 half body

Shot a commercial for an Azteca client. Shooting promo spots and commercials is what I call the fun part of my job! Thanks to my colleagues in production – they did a great job directing the commercial shoot and the spot looks wonderful!! I look forward to seeing the commercial on-air (it’s for a shampoo).

Mixing It Up


Lola (bff) and I have been exercising together for more than seven years now, mostly speed walks. This week, we decided to mix it up a bit and go to the pool. She lives in one of the nicest buildings downtown and they have a great lap pool! We have only gone to the pool area once, years ago, and that was to use the jacuzzi, haha. Yesterday we went into the pool, for the first time! We were the only one’s there, so we had the pool all to ourselves. The weather was very warm and the water was just the right temperature. She jumped in, it took me a few minutes to first wet my feet, then get into the pool. We had a good workout threading through water, doing kicks on the edge, acqua jogging around the pool, and doing our version of water aerobics. Most importantly, we had fun – and we were still able to catch up while we exercised! We kept saying, “this was a great idea, we need to do this again!” We felt like kids in the pool! We exercised for about an hour, then spent the last ten minutes in the jacuzzi and left super relaxed! I think I worked different leg muscles because I felt the workout on my legs when I was getting ready to go to sleep. We will definitely be doing this workout again….soon!

So, if you are looking for a way to mix up your exercise routine try a pool! It is also a much softer workout on your knees, hips, back, and arms than other aerobic workouts. You don’t need equipment, just a bathing suit and the desire to stay active!

Do you do water aerobics?



Lola y yo hemos hecho ejercicio juntas por mas de siete anos, por lo regular son caminatas rápidas. Esta semana, decidimos cambiare un poco a la rutina y fuimos a la alberca. Ella vive en uno de los edificios mas bonitos en el centro de San Diego y tienen una alberca muy padre! Solo habíamos ido al área de la alberca una vez en el pasado, y eso fue hace anos y para entrar al jacuzzi, jaja! Ayer, nos metimos a la alberca. Eramos las únicas en el área de la alberca, así que tuvimos toda la alberca para solo nosotras dos. Estaba haciendo bastante calor y el agua estaba a una temperatura agradable. Lola se metió de un tiro, yo primero me moje los pies, luego me fui metiendo poco a poco. Tuvimos una buena sesión de ejercicio, trotando alrededor de la alberca, pataleando de la orilla, y haciendo nuestra propia versión de aqua aerobics. Lo mas importante es que nos divertimos – y pudimos platicar para ponernos al tanto de nuestras vidas mientras hacíamos ejercicio! Varias veces dijimos, “que buena idea, tenemos que hacer esto mas seguido!” Nos sentíamos como niñas en la alberca! Hicimos como una hora de ejercicio y de ahí nos pasamos al jacuzzi por diez minutos, salimos sintiéndonos super relajadas! Creo que trabaje diferentes músculos en las piernas porque pude sentir el ejerció en la noche cuando me estaba recostando para dormir. Definitivamente vamos a hacer esta sesión de ejercicio de nuevo….pronto!

Así que si estas buscando una opción para variar tu rutina de ejercicio, ve a una alberca! Hacer ejercicio en una alberca tambien es mas suave en tus rodillas, piernas, brazos, y espalda que otros tipos de ejercicios aerobicos. No necesitas equipo especial, solo un traje de bano y las ganas de mantenerte activo!

Tu practicas aqua aerobics?

Un abrazo,


DSCN4165DSCN4161 DSCN4171DSCN4169DSCN4162 DSCN4163

My Week in Photos

Hi friends,

What a week- it flew by! I was looking forward to this week because I had a number of fun plans: a shoot with the March of Dimes, lunch meeting with “business friends,” set date to exercise with Lola, and the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Dinner! The weather was warm and more humid than usual for San Diego, so I wore lighter & more casual clothes….it definitely felt like a summer week! How was your weekend? Good I hope!

Que semana – se paso volando! Estaba anticipando esta semana con gusto porque tenia varios planes divertidos: una grabacion con el March of Dimes, una comida com amistades, una fecha reservada para hacer ejercicio con Lola, y la cena del vinedo Francis Ford Coppola. El clima estuvo calido y mas humedo de lo normal para San Diego, asi que me puse ropa mas ligera y casual….definitivamente se sintio como una semana de verano! Como estuvo tu semana? Ojala y muy buena!

Hugs / Un Abrazo,


march of dimes golf babies interview azteca danitza villanueva giving back magaine paola

Interviewing Danitza Villanueva, volunteer, March of Dimes and editor, Giving Back Magazine, regarding the March of Dimes’ Golf for Babies Tournament, which the stations sponsor.

march of dimes golf babies interview 8-22-13

Right after the interview, pictured with: Justino Castillo, our wonderful studio floor director; Danitza Villanueva, and Lowry Champion, executive director, March of Dimes.






It was a treat to attend the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Dinner since they makes some of my favorite red wines! Had a nice time with my hubby at this dinner – we learned a great deal about the winery, other resorts they have, and the various wines! A truly delightful night…with good people…and delicious food paired perfectly with Coppola wines!

lola paola exercise bay

A part of my weeks that is always fun! Exercise day with my bff Lola! We walked by the bay and got to catch up….always fun and time I look forward to! (this pic was taken a few weeks ago, but we look the same, promise :))


I am trying to eat healthier….so I keep fresh & nutritious food around, so it is easily available and I can stay on track. Bought these delicious and super large grapefruits this week! I’ve been pretty good about alternating between a grapefruit, papaya, and oatmeal for breakfast – all healthy options and simple to prepare! Tip: I keep fruit in my fridge at work and buy the papaya already chopped up.

alarm clock

I have been adjusting my schedule to get into work earlier…which means I am having to go to sleep earlier! On this night, it was past 11:00pm and I had not removed my make-up yet….ahh, I had to get out of bed just to remove my make-up. I am pretty good about removing my make-up ,and adding my moisturizer and eye cream almost 99% of the time – and I notice the difference in my skin. It looks healthier when I sleep enough hours and remove my make-up, keeping it well moisturized.


For the past few weeks, I have been working on the stations sponsorship of the Exitos de Cine Latino – Film Series/Festival. The Festival is finally here! We set-up our exhibitor table at the movie theatre and I am looking forward to attending!

el torito guacamole prep

paola pic taking pic with phone, taken my Susie Woodruff at el torito 8-23-13

el torito chicken fajita salad prep  2

el torito fajita salad paola suzi javierlunch el torito at table 8-23-13

javiee tirado paola at el torito lobby 8-23-13

Part of my work is collaborating with local organizations and supporting non-profits. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I had a lunch meeting with Suzi Woodruff from the Salvation Army and Javier Tirado from Westfield Plaza Bonita. They have both become friends and it was a pleasure to see them both, as we discussed projects and enjoyed a tasty meal at El Torito at Plaza Bonita. They made the guacamole fresh and prepared the chicken fajita salad I ordered, right there next to our table. Suzi caught a picture of me taking a picture of the moment the guacamole was being prepared (notice the note on the back of my phone, a Post-it reminded me to buy milk for our kitty, haha, but hey, this post-it on the cell phone reminder works for me). I hadn’t been to an El Torito in years, but after this fresh and delicious meal, I’ll be back! I must confess, I ate way too many tortilla chips…but, it all balances out since I had a salad. Even though I am trying not to eat tortilla chips at home, I do eat them when I eat out.

PS – Celebrating my birthday with a visit to the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. And, Opening Night at the San Diego Latino Film Festival.

My Week in Photos

Hi friends,

This week was full – busy as usual, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, it was also fun & productive! I had the opportunity to produce an interview for the March of Dimes’ upcoming Golf for Babies, had a meeting with our Ad Council rep, and attended a reception in honor of Ed Lopez, in recognition of his new position. On a personal basis, I was looking forward to Friday because we took my nephew to see the animated movie Planes. My hubby went for a flight (his hobby) Saturday morning and has been working on project, so my plans for the weekend were to catch up on sleep! Which I was able to do yesterday morning. Even though they say you can’t really catch up on sleep, I feel like I did and feel rested today.

march of dimes golf for babies abc interview oic 2 8-13-13

I produced an interview for the March of Dimes’ Golf for Babies Tournament. It is always nice to see their staff and catch up on how their projects are coming along. The stations sponsor the Golf for Babies event, so I have been working with the March of Dimes for a few years now. I am looking forward to the Tournament in September.

ad council lunch meetinh john boal 8-15-13

One of my responsibilities at the stations is to select the PSAs we air, which is based on a list of criteria. About once a year, I meet with our Ad Council rep and he brings me up to speed on the latest PSAs and campaigns. The PSAs are all for non-profits and to help get their message out. Helping non-profit organizations is one of the favorite parts of my job! I feel…actually, I know, we are making a difference in the community we serve!

ed lopez event group pic aug 15-1013

ed lopes event mireya, mediccis, lola aug 15-13

Here’s a group picture taken at Ed Lopez’s reception. The reception made me think about networking and how people you meet at work related events can become contacts, then lead to what I call “business friends” and even personal friends. I posted about it earlier this week.







Friday was probably my favorite day of the week. I felt giddy all day because my hubby and I had made plans to take my nephew to see the movie Planes. It was so much fun to see him, he is adorable and a true joy in our lives! After the movie, we met my sister, other nephew, and brother-in-law for dinner. It was nice to see her and my nephews, to play with them and catch up with my sis. It warmed my heart that as we were leaving the restaurant, my younger nephew (who is starting to speak) asked me if we were coming over to his house to play further, so cute!



This weekend, I got to catch up on sleep, relax, watch a movie, and read. I know it may seem silly, but I really enjoy cooking breakfast for my hubby on weekends. And for me, just being able to sit and enjoy my fresh cup of coffee is a treat reserved for weekends when we are at home!

Now, time to prepare for my workweek!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun, catch up on sleep….or relax?

Hugs….and best wishes for a great week,


Networking: Making “Business Friends”

ed lopez event group pic aug 15-1013

I receive invitations to many events, most held in the evening after regular work hours. My schedule is quite busy (just like many of you), and I try to be as efficient and productive as I can in my workday.  I still work long hours, but don’t mind because I enjoy my career, it is part of my life and it blends together. Each event I attend after work takes time from my personal time. I have to decide which events to go to and balance attending these with exercise, my hobbies (lately with my blog posts), and my favorite thing to do…spend time with my hubby and family…oh, and getting some rest after work. In my twenties, I attended lots of work related events because of the position I had and because I was also increasing my network of business contacts. I have a few binders full of business cards. At this point of my career, I still attend events, but a lot less, my max is about one per week (that includes super fun events, like gallery openings or food/wine/cultural related receptions). At these events, I still network and see if there is a connection related to an opportunity for the TV stations where I work, but if I run into someone I am fond of, I will likely stay there and catch up with them.

Over the years, I have met lots of people, thousands, and some have become what I call “business friends.” They are more than a business contact or acquaintance, but not as close as a personal friend that you call often or would go for a walk with. These are people that I am fond of and genuinely care about. Some of these people I’ve known for more than ten years, some for less than one. These business friends have seen me grow and advance in my career, and I have seen them advance into different positions as well. Over the years, I have gotten to know them better and learned about their families, travels, and hobbies. In some cases, we’ve called each other for career advice.

There are occasions when the events I get invited to are to celebrate the success of a business friend. I automatically know that will be the event I choose to attend that week because it is to celebrate a friend! Today, I attended one of those events. A good business friend became the Executive Director of a non-profit organization and there was a reception held in his honor. I had a wonderful time, of course my guest was Lola (bff), which added to the fun! It was a small and intimate event, with about forty people. As soon as I walked into the reception I saw three people I have known for years and got to catch up with them. As I moved through the room I kept seeing more people I know and an fond of.  In just a few minutes, we were laughing and sharing stories, tips on traveling, and even recipes! It was also nice to hear that they follow my blog and even mentioned some of the posts, and gave me suggestions for topics for future blog posts. It warmed my heart! It was nice to see the friend that was being honored and be there to show my support in this new stage of his career.

I have met two of my closest friends through my career and networking, they are as close as sisters for me (one of them introduced me to my husband…so this business friend, turned personal friend, introduced me to the man that is the love of my life). In another post, I will share about those stories and these wonderful ladies. So, when you attend networking events, don’t just think about how the people you are meeting can help you advance your career or become a client for your company. Don’t take me wrong, still network and build your contact database, continue connecting with more business people, but also try to enjoy the event. Be selective of the events you attend and have fun! For all you know, you could make some “business friends”….some of which may become personal friends….and have an impact in not only your professional life, but also your personal life!

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Summer Bay Surprise

sailboats up close san diego

Lola and I were on our regular walk by the bay and saw lots of beautiful sailboats! I had seen them before, but this time decided to stop and just appreciate the beauty of our bay and these boats! Lola told me they are part of the Annual Beer Can Race Series. I did some research when I arrived at home and this tradition has been going on for 34 years. It was started by a group of friends that did not want to wait until the weekend to sail, so they started sailing every Wednesday. It has grown over the years, they really isn’t drinking involved while they sail, but there is a trophy for the winner. Every Wednesday, beginning around Memorial Day in May and through the beginning of August (Aug 7 this year), many sailboats fill the bay for this competition. It is a beautiful, breathtaking scene, particularly the stretch with the Coronado Bridge in the background! The races begin at 6pm in the center of Harbor Island, spectators can get a good view from Shelter Island, Harbor Island or Seaport Village. We saw it while we walked on the bay & stopped at Seaport Village to take these pictures.

Enjoying the beauty of these sailboats on the bay reminded me of how fortunate we are to live in San Diego! We live in an amazing city, with such beauty! It is nice to enjoy in the amenities we have….and take time out our day for a nice walk by the bay during a warm, summer afternoon!

Let’s get out there and enjoy summertime! We only have a few more weeks of summer left, let’s not take them for granted!

Have you seen these sailboats on the bay? Do you have other summer tips for easy & free outings?



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