Travel Diary: Hawaii – Flight Around Oahu

Do you ever take pictures on vacations and then don’t get around to printing the pictures…..or in my case posting them? That is what happened to me with two recent trips we took: Hawaii & Boston. I think I also missed posting the pictures from our visit to Nancy, in France. With digital cameras, I tend to take hundreds of pictures. As a result, it takes me quite a bit of time to look through the pictures and select which ones to share with you, and then actually do the posting. I did mean to write a blog post with the pictures, but then life got in the way 🙂  You know how that goes.

Recently, a friend asked me why I didn’t post the pictures from Hawaii. When I told her, she replied, “you should still post them now.” It is not like the island or beach have changed, ha! So true! The pictures are recent! So, I’ll post the pictures from our trip to Hawaii.

Before this trip, I had never been to Hawaii. When I was single, I’d travel often with friends. When we would plan a vacation and Hawaii would come up as one of the options, we would end up choosing other locations like Europe, Miami, Cabo, or Northern California. I am not a lay on the beach all day, for multiple days, type of a person. Also, for some reason, to me Hawaii seemed like a romantic destination, which it is, but it is also a wonderful destination for a family vacation, surfing trip, or get-away with friends! And, there is a lot to see, historic locations, gorgeous landscapes, cultural venues, tourist locations, excellent shopping and top cuisine restaurants! And, of course some of the most beautiful beaches in the world…with warm water. Would I go back? Most definitely yes!

We visited the island of Oahu. The weather was warm and humid, but bearable, it reminded me of Miami weather. The first day, we checked in, had dinner, and explored the area around the hotel. We were staying right in front of the beach, but also on one of the main streets, with lots of other hotels, shops, and restaurants, so there was a lot to see – and lots of people! It was fun to walk around and see the shops.

As a hobby, my hubby is a pilot. One of our favorite things to do when we visit new cities is make (take) an aerial flight. This was a unique flight because it was around the entire island and in about an hour we flew around Oahu. It was amazing! We saw the landscape, beaches, farms, many homes, Pearl Harbor, tourist destinations, and Disney’s Aulani. I work with the Disneyland Resort folks and interview them a couple times per year. When Aulani was about to open, I did an interview and when we went to Oahu, I was very curious to see and visit Aulani. My hubby has a friend who lives on the island and he joined us for the flight. Between him and the co-pilot, they gave us aerial tour of the island.

Here are the pics – an aerial perspective of Oahu. Hope you like them!

Have you been to Hawaii? Did you like it?



PS – Travel Diary: Hawaii Part 2; Travel Diary: Hawaii Part 3 (Ala Mona Center & Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort), and Visiting Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa


A quick pic before the flight – next to the plane.


An interesting little fact about Oahu is that private flights also use the same landing strip as major airline flights (we flew out on a small, private plane, on the same landing strip we arrived to the island on –  while on a commercial airline flight). Usually, in larger cities, private planes are kept at smaller airports and use those landing strips, not the same landing strips as major airlines. So, in Oahu, we had to wait in line to depart after a huge plane, it was interesting.


You don’t see this type of landing strip everyday, water on both ends (sorry for the dark spots, this is the best shot I could get, the plane’s wing is visible in the right corners of the pic).


So green & tropical!

DSCN6001 DSCN6002 DSCN6010

These homes were nestled among the landscape.

DSCN6013 DSCN6014 DSCN6018 DSCN6023 DSCN6026



This is one of my favorite aerial shots: I like how it represents the three perspectives of ocean, land, and open space – plus the way the sun is beaming through the clouds, and the visible waves in the right side.


Sky, land, & sea.

DSCN6040 DSCN6047 DSCN6053

Nature at its best! Took my breathe away!


I was able to zoom into a catamaran that was sailing in the ocean, look at the clear water!

DSCN6060 DSCN6061 DSCN6068 DSCN6075 DSCN6077

The Disneyland Resort – Aulani! An aerial perspective. We visited it while we were there, I’ll post those pics in one of the next Parts of the Hawaii Travel Diary.  It has the Disney magic, captured in a resort, on its own private beach!

DSCN6080 DSCN6082

Pearl Harbor.


We landed .

Week In Photos

disney buzz

Hi friends,

The past two weeks have included many fun moments, but also a nerve wrecking moment for me. My apology for not posting all week, it’s been a busy week. Work has been wonderful, lots going on, as always! The day that had me nervous was the day my husband had knee surgery. Thankfully, the surgery went well and he is recuperating at home. The preparation for his surgery, the day of the surgery, and now his recuperation has been consuming my attention, emotions, and time. I love my husband dearly, my family is the most important thing in my life, so I am grateful to God that he is doing well. Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers! Here is my Week In Photos, hope you like the pics! What have you been up to?



Español: Hola amigos,

Las pasadas dos semanas han incluidos muchos momentos divertidos, pero también unos días de nervios para mi. Disculpas por no poner notas esta semana, ha sido una semana muy ocupada. El trabajo va muy bien, muchas grabaciones y demás, como siempre! El día que me tenia de nervios fue el día que mi esposo tuvo cirugía de su rodilla. Gracias a Dios, la cirugía fue exitosa y el esta en casa recuperadose. La preparación para su cirugía, el día de la operación, y la recuperación han consumido mi atención, emociones, y tiempo. Quiero muchísimo a mi esposo, mi familia es lo mas importante para mi, le estoy agradecida a Dios de que el esta bien. Gracias a todos por sus bueno deseos y oraciones! Aquí les comparto mi Semana En Fotos, ojalá les gusten las fotos! Que has hecho estas semanas?

Un abrazo,



It was fun to see our Disneyland friends, Jesse & team – I hosted an interview for Azteca regarding the special promotion they have for So. Cal & Baja California residents. It’s a great deal!

Fue divertido ver a nuestros amigos de Disneyland, Jesse y equipo – conduje una entrevista para Azteca sobre la promoción que tienen para residentes del sur de California y Baja California. Es un super descuento!

godiva box godiva inside

My hubby went to a Chinese New Year Celebration event & brought me back these Godiva chocolates, delish!!

My marido fue a un evento en Celebración al Ano Nuevo Chino y me trajo estos chocolates Godiva, deliciosos!

oscar night america

Hosted an interview for the Red Carpet Gala – Academy Awards Viewing Party, benefiting the Campership Council.

Conduje una entrevista sobre la Gala Red Carpet – evento para ver los Premios de la Academia, los fondos recaudados benefician al Concilio de Campamentos.


Lola & I were at Westfield Mission Valley….and when we walked by Loehmann’s we realized it was closing! We found a few items on clearance sale! This became my Find of the Week post!

Loa y yo estabamos en Westfield Mission Valley… y cuando pasamos por Loehmann’s nos dimos cuenta que la tienda iba a cerrar y tenian una super especial! Encontramos varias cosas en especial! Esta se convirtio en mi nota – Compra de la Semana!

nieces pic

We celebrated my brother’s birthday – I enjoyed time with my nieces! Two of my favorite young ladies!

Celebramos el cumpleaños de mi hermano – disfrute pasar tiempo con mis lindas sobrinas!
coffee cup oc

Finally, Sunday arrived….I got to sleep in and relaxed while I sipped my cup of coffee!

Por fin….llego el domingo y pude dormir un poco y tomarme un cafecito relajadamente!

studio sit studio standing 3

Hosting an interview regarding the 2014 San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering.

Conduciendo una entrevista sobre el Festival de Ciencia e Ingeniería de San Diego.

election day party

I don’t attend too may events after work anymore – I made the exception for this reception, Lola & I had fun at the Election Night Party! Pictured with Pedro Anaya (Party host) and Luis Monteagudo from the County of San Diego.

Ya casi no voy a eventos después del trabajo – hice la excepción para esta recepción, Lola y yo nos divertimos en la Fiesta de Noche de Elección! En esta foto salen con nosotros Pedro Anaya (el anfitrión del evento)  y Luis Monteagudo del Condado de San Diego.

balloon flowers anniversary choc annicersary teddy bear valentines 2014

It was our three year wedding anniversary! Went by fast! My hubby sent me flowers, a balloon, chocolates, and this cute teddy bear, loved them all! I shared the chocolates with him 😉

Cumplimos tres anos de casados! Que rapido! Mi maridito me envío flores, un globo, chocolates y un oso de peluche. Me encanto! Comparti los chocolates con el 😉

aurora dress fitting 2

Dress fitting at Aurora’s Bridal – for the dress  wore to emcee the Quinceañera Expo.

Fui a medirme el vestido en Aurora’s Bridal – para el vestido que use para ser maestra de ceremonia en la Quinceañera Expo.chevy

Recorded a commercial at Courtesy Chevrolet.

Grabe un comercial en Courtesy Chevrolet.

aulani group

TC & the Disneyland team were back – this time I hosted an interview on ABC10 regarding the Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii. Mickey always makes me smile, so cute 🙂

TC y el equipo de Disneyland regresaron – esta vez conduje una entrevista para ABC10 sobre Aulani A Disney Resort & Spa en Hawaii. Mickey siempre me hace sonreir 🙂

vday card chocolates jim

Hubby came back from a business trip on Valentine’s Day & surprised me with a cute card & chocolates!

Mi maridito regreso de un viaje de negocios el Día de San Valentin y me sorprendió con esta linda tarjeta y chocolates!

house cards

While catching up on friends’ Facebook posts, I found out House of Cards Season 2 was on Netflix….my Saturday evening was consumed with watching the episodes!

Mientras estaba poniéndome al tanto de las notas de mis amigos en Facebook, me entere que la segunda temporada de House of Cards ya estaba disponible en Netflix…el resto de mi sabado se consumió con los episodios!


Let the transformation begin…thanks to Ivonne & her team from K Bello Salon, they did my hair & make-up for the Quinceañera Expo!

Que comience la transformación….gracias a Ivonne y su equipo de K Bello Salon, me maquillaron y peinaron para la Quinceañera Expo!


Behind the scenes at Quinceañera Expo, about to go on stage to emcee the fashion show.

Detrás del escenario en Quinceañera Expo, a punto de subir al escenario antes del desfile de modas.

quince expo on stage

Emceeing – on stage during the Quinceañera Expo fashion show.

Conduciendo – en el escenario durante el desfile de modas de Quinceañera Expo.


With Aurora, from Aurora’s Bridal, this is the dress I wore to emcee the event. It’s beautiful!

Con Aurora, de Aurora’s Bridal, este es el vestido que use para el evento. Esta precioso!

latino fil festival interview

Fixing my microphone – just before hosting an interview regarding the San Diego Latino Film Festival, with the founder, Ethan Van Thillo, & documentary producer, Nina Piza.

Acomodando mi microfono – antes de la entrevista sobre el Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego, con el fundador, Ethan Van Thillo, y productora de uno de los documentales, Nina Piza.

DSCN7860 DSCN7854

Took my hubby to the hospital for surgery and have been taking care of him at home as he recuperates (& taking him to therapy). He’s using crutches & I’ve been filling the ice machine multiple times per day to ice his knee.

Lleve a mi esposo al hospital para su cirugía y lo he estado cuidando en casa durante su recuperación (y llevado a terapia). Esta usando muletas y le he estado llenando el aparato de hielo para ponerlo en su rodilla, ayuda para que se deshinche la rodilla.

golden bells arrival

Arriving at the Salvation Army’s Golden Bell Awards, I was one of the award presenters during the program.

Llegando a los Premios Golden Bell del Ejercito de Salvación, fui unas de las presentadoras de premios durante el programa.

golden bella robert melissa paola copy

I was also an award recipient. We are honored to receive the award – pictured with my 10News colleagues, Robert Santos & Melissa Mecija!

También recibí uno de los premios. Fue un honor ser recipiente del premio – fotografía con mis compañeros de 10News, Robert Santos y Melissa Mecija!

goldenbell awards copy

Award recipient group picture – a rare picture with anchors and reporters from all the major television stations in the San Diego market.

Fotografia de grupo de los ganadores del premio – una foto única, con conductores y reporteros de las televisoras mas grandes de la region de San Diego.


Decided to bring my Golden Bell Award home (instead of displaying it at work with other awards) – proudly showing the Award to my hubby!

Decidi traerme mi Premio Golden Bell a casa (en lugar de ponerlo en la oficina con otros premios) – estaba orgullosa de mostrarselo a mi esposo!

My Week in Photos – Last Days of the Year

 paola mickey mouse front xmas tree lobby abc interview dec 2013 holidays disney resort parks

Hi friends, hope you are having a nice holiday season! I worked through the Christmas holiday, but did take Christmas day off and we went out of town to spend Christmas Eve and day with family! I was back to work December 26. We hadn’t been to San Francisco for a few months, so I took a few days off during the last week of December to go to San Fran with my hubby. We were back in town for New Year’s Eve, to welcome the new year with family!

The weeks before Christmas were packed with work, hosting interviews, writing scripts, production, planning for 2014, a phone bank for the Month of a Million meals campaign, completing goals…oh and a visit from a very famous Mouse & his friend Donald Duck….and this was just at work. In my personal life, it was the normal holiday busyness, shopping for gifts, preparing for Christmas, and the pleasant side – spending time with family and friends! It was a packed few weeks, but tons of fun!!! How did you prepare for the holidays?



paola disney donald duck azteca jesse eddy hoidays 20131402274_10200728435001368_1213166811_o

One of the favorite (& most fun) parts of my job is hosting interviews – particularly when my friends from Disneyland come to the stations! They were doing a media tour regarding the Holidays at Disneyland Resort. This was the Hispanic marketing team – I hosted & produced the interview for Azteca. This year Mariachi Divas joined the holiday team, it was a special treat to meet these Grammy Award winning musicians!  Donald Duck danced to the holiday music performed by Mariachi Divas!  So cute, an unforgettable moment 🙂

virgen de gualdalupe veladora en northgate market dic 2013

I purchased a “veladora,” votive candle, for the Virgin Mary’s Saint Day (Santo). I’ve been pretty good about turning it on to pray every day (when at home), even if just for a few minutes, and being thankful for all my blessings!  azteca en la comunidad paola liz landa barbara jimenes interview set MMM 2013

We shot the mid-campiagn interview for the Month of A Million Meals campaign.

paola mickey mouse front xmas tree lobby abc interview dec 2013 holidays disney resort parks

Later in the week, Mickey Mouse stopped by the station with the Disneyland Resort general market team. I hosted and produced an interview for ABC10 regarding the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. Even though I have been producing and hosting these interviews for years now, I always feel giddy when I see Mickey Mouse! How lucky am I to get to interview Mickey Mouse at work?

coffee in Oc fairmont dec 13 2013 DSCN6541

My hubby and  I went to Newport Beach and stayed at the Fairmont Hotel for a little weekend getaway. They had beautiful Christmas decorations and this amazing gingerbread house! It was nice to get away during the hectic-ness of the holidays and have a relaxing breakfast….and sip my coffee calmly.

risotto oc jim dec 13 2013

While in Newport Beach we had dinner at an Italian restaurant. I enjoyed the best seafood risotto ever! It was so good that I brought the leftovers home and had it for lunch the next day, ha!

DSCN6601 DSCN6578

We did some Christmas shopping at Fashion Island (in Newport Beach). There was an amazing Christmas tree (super tall, compare it to the palm trees in this pic) & beautiful holiday decorations.

DSCN6630It was my niece’s birthday and we went to her party at Lazer Journey! Love this little girl! It’s a pleasure and honor to be her aunt, and see her grow up!

MMM photos phone banck paola gavon chopper the biker dpg

The Donation Day Phone Bank we organized for Month of a Million Meals on ABC10 & Azteca San Diego was successful! Chopper the Biker Dog joined us for part of the Phone Bank, such a cute doggie!


I watched my nephews on a Saturday and we decorated a gingerbread house – it has become a holiday tradition! It was fun to spend the day with them!

fireplace 2-13 homs santee dec 2013

My hubby started the fireplace on one of the weekends and I enjoyed it while sipping my morning coffee!

holiday gifts wraps 2013

The weekend before Christmas, I spent a few hours wrapping the final batch of gifts.

MMM studio interview make cover pic blog jan 2014

We shot the last interview for the Month of a Million Meals campaign – a last push to ask for donations, we were close to reaching the goal and still had a week to continue fundraising!

shoot at home girls paola text calendar

The day before Christmas Eve, we shot a series of promo commercials with my nieces at my home. The promos are for the Community Calendar segments I host on Azteca San Diego 15. My nieces appeared in them, so we scheduled the shoot at a time when they were on break from school. Thanks to the wonderful team of producers and videographers I work with the spots look excellent! It was a fun shoot – I’m so proud of my nieces, such talented young girls!

airport sf

Took a few days off from work before New Year’s Eve to go to San Francisco with my hubby.

DSCN6990 DSCN7012

Went to South Coast Plaza in Orange County for some after Christmas “sales” shopping. This is one of my favorite shopping centers. The holiday decorations were beautiful.


Welcomed the New Year in San Diego with my hubby and family! We went to dinner at my brother & sister-in-law’s home, it was delicious & fun! We all stayed up past midnight (nieces included) and welcomed 2014 with joyous celebration!