Find Of The Week: Fossil Skinny Jeans

TJMaxx continues to surprise me. The find of the week are these Fossil pink denim skinny jeans. The original tag on the jeans lists $98.00. The price I paid at TJMaxx was $19.99. Yup, only $20 bucks, gotta love that! The jeans are also available in other colors (red & blue) and multiple sizes. They are a recent arrival because they are displayed at the front of the women’s department (making them easy to find). I wore the jeans a few days ago to go to the movies with Lola. I matched them with a white polka-dot top, pink leopard print belt, and gray shoes. The jeans have some stretch to them, making them even more comfortable!

A girl at the movie theatre stopped me to compliment me on my outfit. Compliments always make one feel good!

These pants can be worn into the fall with a dark or long-sleeve top, just add a jacket or sweater ,and some booties . I look forward to wearing them in the fall & next spring!

Did you find any good items on sale this week? I’d love to hear from you.



PS – I also have these jeans in red and coincidentally matched them with a blue polka dot sweater top, you can see those Outfit of the Day pictures here.

En ESPAÑOL después de estas fotos.


DSCN4065 DSCN4097

DSCN4098 DSCN4100Jeans: Fossil; Top: Forever21; Shoes: Coach; Belt: Ann Taylor; Bracelets: H&M

ESPAÑOL: TJMaxx continua sorprendiendome. La buena compra de la semana son estos jeans Fossil skinny en rosa.  La etiqueta original dice $98. ¡En TJMaxx pague solo $19.99. ¡Sí, solo $20 doláres! Los jeans también estan disponibles en otros colores (rojo y azul) y varias tallas. Son mercancia recién llegada a la tienda ya que estaban ubicados al frente de la sección de mujeres. Me puse los jeans hace unos días para ir al cine con Lola. Los combine con una blusa blanca con puntos negros, cinto rosa leopardezco, y zapatos gris.

Una chica en el cine me paro para halagar mi atuendo. ¡Un halago siempre hace que uno se sienta mejor!

Estos pantalones se pueden usar en el otoño combinados con colores obscuros o blusa de manga larga, un suéter o chamarra, y botinas. ¡Anticipo con gusto usarlos este otoño y la próxima primavera!

Encontraste algún artículo a precio especial ésta semana? ¡Me encantaría saber de ti!

Un abrazo,


PD – También tengo estos jeans en rojo, oprime aqui para ver fotos de como los combine para el Atuendo Del Día.

Photos by: Lola Raggio

Summer Work Casual

Hi friends,

With summer comes warmer weather and that lends itself for a more casual attire at work. In the first few years that I worked at the television station, I wouldn’t wear jeans to the office, not even on casual Fridays. I was coming from a job in government, where I would wear suits everyday. Over the years, I have adapted to the attire at the station, which is more casual, and I like it! I’ll wear jeans on some Fridays and every once in a while during the week. I always try to dress them up with heals, accessories, and always have a business jacket with me – for meetings, particularly external meetings. Plus, with the air conditioning at work, I usually get cold and need to have a light cardigan sweater or business jacket on.

I am really enjoying wearing these dark blue skinny jeans. They are not only stylish, they are comfortable, and since they are dark, they can be dressed up easily. Oh, and because they are dark, they are slimming, a very important plus!

I matched them with a bright salmon blouse from Ann Taylor, gold accessories, and leopard print heals in white with brown. The heals are a medium height, making them comfortable to wear all day.

So, next time you want to dress up some jeans for work, add some heals, a silky blouse, and accessories!

Remember – comfort is important! Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and you’ll be smiling all day! The most beautiful woman, is the happy one!

Hope you like the look!

Do you wear jeans to work? Do you wear them only on casual Fridays? Do you dress more casual during the summer?



DSCN1401 DSCN1403 DSCN1406 DSCN1385 DSCN1388 DSCN1384 DSCN1369

This is the business jacket I wore over my shoulders at work during the day. / Así utilice mi saco de trabajo durante el día.

Blouse/Blusa: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Forever21; Shoes/Zapatos: Ann Taylor; Necklace & Bracelet/ Collar y Pulsera: Forever21


Hola amigos,

Con el verano viene el clima más cálido y eso se presta para vestir más casual en el trabajo. Los primeros años que trabaje en la televisora, no me ponia jeans para ir a la oficina, ni siquiera en viernes casual. Venía de trabajar en un puesto para el gobierno donde usaba trajes diario.     ¡Al paso de los años, me he adaptado al atuendo que usan en la televisora, que es más casual, y me gusta!   Algunos viernes me pongo jeans y de vez en cuando entre semana. Siempre trato de hacer que los jeans se vean como un atuendo más formal combinandolos con tacones y accesorios. Siempre tengo un saco de traje conmigo – para juntas, particularmente juntas fuera de la televisora. También debido al aire acondicionado en la oficina, me da frío y me pongo un suéter ligero o saco de trabajo.

Estoy disfrutando usar estos jeans azul obscuros estilo “skinny”. No solo están de moda, también son cómodos y ya que son obscuros es fácil hacerlos ver más formales. ¡Y, como son obscuros, hacen que uno se vea más delgado, y eso ayuda!

Los combine con una blusa de tono salmon vibrante  de Ann Taylor, accesorios dorados, y tacones leopardezco en blanco con cafe. El tacón es de altura mediana, así que es cómodo para uso durate todo el día.

¡Así que, la siguiente vez que desees hacer que unos jeans se vean más formales para ponertelos para ir al trabajo, combinalos con unos tacones, una blusa de seda, y accesorios!

¡Recuerda – la comodidad es importante! ¡Utiliza ropa en la cual te sientes agusto y todo el día estarás sonriente! Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and you’ll be smiling all day! La mujer feliz, es la más bella!

¡Ojala te guste el atuendo!

¿Tu te pones jeans para el trabajo? ¿Utilizas atuendos más casuales para el trabajo durante el verano?

Un abrazo,


Photos/Fotos: Lola Raggio

Floral Spring

Hi friends,

Spring is in the air! You can see it in the gardens with the blooming gardens and all the gorgeous colors! I like spring, it brings easter, longer days and warmer weather! The longer days are ideal for outdoor activities and one of my favorite activities, long walks!

This spring, floral print is everywhere! I got this skirt recently and was looking forward to wearing it, I paired it with a champagne  blouse,  pink belt, and nude suede shoes.  The necklace was a purchase I made at Forever21 and just couldn’t seem to find the right outfit to wear it with, until this day!

Hope you like the look!

Do you have any floral print clothing, shoes, or accessories? Do you like this floral print trend? What is your favorite thing about spring?



DSCN9259 DSCN9292 DSCN9297 DSCN9285


DSCN9244 DSCN9237

Skirt: Ann Taylor; Blouse: Forever21; Belt: Banana Republic; Shoes: Cathy Jean; Necklace: Forever 21

Jazzing Up the Black Jacket


Hi friends,

Black is one of my favorite colors to wear! It is easy to match an goes with practically everything…and, it’s slimming! Black never goes out of style, plus you can wear it year round. My closet includes at least one item in black for each category: shoes, sandals, boots, tennis shoes, belts, scarves, pashminas, gloves, hats, jewelry, and of course all types of clothing and undergarments! I have lots of black pants, skirts, and cardigan sweaters (I take one of them practically on every trip). The most common shoe color in my closet is black. My favorite jacket is a black leather one. So, you get the idea….I love wearing black!

The jacket I am wearing in this outfit is part of a suit, it comes with a black skirt. I decided to jazz it up by mixing it up with red tapered pants, a leopard belt, and a bold gold necklace! The red pants lighten up the outfit and add color to it! Since the jacket is 3/4 length, I wore heels to elongate my legs. I like how the red stitching on the jacket adds a special touch of uniqueness. I wore this outfit to work and a theater performance in the evening. It was so comfortable & fun to wear!

Hope you like the look!

Do you have black clothing & accessories? How do you match them? Do you have a favorite item in black in your closet?

Let’s stay connected – I post almost daily on Facebook:Paola Hernandez-Jiao: Latina Life And Style, hope to see you there as well! Leave your comments or let me know what other looks you’d like to see or topics you’d like me to cover.



DSCN8911 DSCN8923The outfit can be worn with the jacket closed.

DSCN8945 2Or, with the jacket open, which is how I chose to wear it during the day.

DSCN8931 DSCN8962 DSCN8963The leopard belts adds an additional touch of style to the outfit, don’t you think? I wear this belt often, it was definitely a good purchase!

Jacket: Kasper (Macy’s); Pants: Calvin Klein (Macy’s); Tank Top: Zara; Shoes: Nine West; Belt: Ann Taylor; Necklace: Forever21; Jewelry/Gold Necklace: Lolita’s Designs; Bracelets: Coach & Forever21

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Leopard Inspiration

Leopard Inspiration

Falling For Burgundy

Falling For Burgundy

Leopard Inspiration


Sometimes, there are fashions that are new or come back that I am just not too crazy about, or I feel are just not for me. The leopard print is one of them. I like it, but in moderation. I have a few leopard scarves, belts, and shoes, but that is about it. This is my first leopard blouse! Can you believe it?

I’ve seen leopard clothing and accessories everywhere and like how it looks on others, it just seems a bit much for me. I tend to lean more towards classic styles and solids, with a touch or two of print (nothing too crazy on the print either). Maybe it is because I work in the television industry and solids look better on-air, or maybe because I know for the most part that solids make one look thinner (unless you wear certain stripes that give the illusion of being thinner). I do like seeing leopard prints on other women. In my opinion, it is beautiful and bold if you accessorize it correctly and don’t over do it. Just a touch of leopard print, maybe a purse, shoes, belt, scarf, and either the skirt, pants or blouse (not everything together at once though, in my opinion).

A few weeks ago, I was out shopping with Lola after one of our speed walks downtown and bought this blouse. I liked the print and particularly that it is easy to care for since it is a polyester blend (dry cleaning and ironing are not required). Lola also liked it and that convinced me to go out of my comfort zone and buy it. To keep it simple, I wore it with a black skirt and accessorized it with a gold necklace.

Recently, during a visit to my hair dresser, she was wearing a short black skirt with booties, she looked stylish and classy. After about an hour, I noticed she was wearing black pantyhose. That is probably what made her whole outfit look classy for work, versus sexy (which is fine if that is the look she was going for – and could easily change into after work for a “night out” look). So, I decided to wear my booties and black pantyhose with this outfit.

I felt like a million bucks that day, stylish, yet not too over the top in leopard print.

What is your opinion on wearing leopard print? Do you own any leopard print items? What are they? How do you match and accessorize them?



DSCN8519 DSCN8523

DSCN8547 DSCN8542

Blouse: Forever21; Skirt: Ann Taylor; Belt: Versace; Booties: Nine West; Necklace: Forever21; Bracelets: Coach & Forever21


Aveces hay modas nuevas o que regresan las cuales no me enloquecen, o simplemente siento que no son para mi. El estampado de leopardo es uno de ellos. Me gusta, pero en moderación. Tengo algunos artículos con estampado de leopardo, como mascadas y cintos, pero nada mas. Esta es mi primer blusa con estampado de leopardo! Lo pueden creer?

Veo el estampado de leopardo en todos lados y me gusta como se ve, solo que me parece mucho estampado para mi. Yo tiendo a usar mas los estilos clásicos y sin estampado, quizás con un toque o detalle de estampado, pero mas bien uso colores sólidos. Quizás sea porque trabajo en la industria de la televisión y los colores sólidos son mejores para grabaciones, o quizás porque se que los colores sólidos hacen que uno se vea mas delgado. Si me gusta ver ropa con estampado de leopardo en otras mujeres, es bonito y fuerte a la vez, si lo combinas adecuadamente, sin los excesos. Quizás solo un toque de estampado de leopardo, quizás la bolsa, zapatos, una mascada, cinto, o ya sea una falda o blusa, pero no todo junto a la misma vez.

Hace unas semanas andaba de compras y me medí esta blusa. Me gusto el tamaño del estampado y que el material es facil de cuidar ya que es una combinación con poliéster (que no requiere de limpiaduria o mucho planchado). Aunque este estampado no es mi estilo normal, decidi salir de mi zona de costumbre y la compre! Para mantener el estilo sencillo y no caer en el exceso, me combine la blusa con una falda negra y accesorios dorados.

Recientemente, durante una visita a mi estilista, ella traía puesta una fada negra corta con botinas, se veía moderna y con estilo. Después de como una hora, note que traía puestas unas pantimedias negras. Las pantimedias hacían que su atuendo se viera apropiado para el trabajo, en lugar de verse demasiado sexy. No tiene nada de malo verse sexy, si ese es el estilo que ella estaba procurando, pero se que esa no era el propósito para su atuendo. Tenia anos que yo no usaba pantimedias, pero decidí ponermelas  con las botinas para este atuendo.

Me sentí muy cómoda con este atuendo, moderna y con estilo!

Que te parece este atuendo? Cual es tu opinión sobre el estampado de leopardo? Tienes artículos con este estampado? Cuales son, zapatos o ropa? Como los combinas?

Un abrazo,


Spring Peplum Top

Hi friends – Hope you had a nice weekend!

Sometimes, you can find the cutest clothes at the places you least expect. A few months ago, while buying household items, I saw this cute blue & mint peplum top at Target, yes Target! Isn’t it cute? I was excited to finally wear it! It is peplum style, so it is flattering for all body types. I like the exposed zipper detail it has on the back, it adds a little edge to it. It has been hanging – unworn – in my closet for a few weeks because I had tried it on with different skirts and pants, but just couldn’t find the right bottom to wear it with. I recently bought this dark red pencil skirt at Macy’s, and voila, I had a skirt to wear with the blue peplum blouse. Of course being the practical dresser that I am, this red skirt is a classic style, which I will be wearing often and hopefully for years to come. I matched it with brick red belt, to accentuate my waist, and nude heels to elongate the legs. I opted for silver accessories since the belt has a silver buckle and the zipper on the back of the blouse is silver tone.

I wore this outfit for a Disneyland Resort interview I hosted for ABC10 and liked it so much that a week later I wore it to host an interview on Azteca San Diego regarding the San Diego Latino Film Festival. They are different stations, with different viewers and I was covering different topics, so I figured the viewers wouldn’t notice – I try to wear different outfits for interviews & shoots 😉 .

I wore a Tory Burch white cardigan sweater throughout the day since the air conditioning makes the station a bit cold. This outfit will be wonderful for the spring and summer. I can also see myself wearing it outside of work, maybe for a luncheon or baptism (there area few infants among my family and friends, so I have a few baptisms coming up).

Do you have any peplum tops? Do you have pencil skirts? What do you think of the red and blue combination?

Funny note: Last time I wore a red & blue outfit, granted both colors were a lot brighter than these, many women commented on how they liked the pop of the bright colors….on the other hand, the men (my husband included) said they were “superhero” colors, haha, guess it reminded them of Superman in his red & blue superhero suit. Funny how mens minds work differently than womens’!



DSCN7844 DSCN7811 DSCN7810 DSCN7836 DSCN7839 DSCN7833 DSCN7832 DSCN7821Blouse: Mossimo, Target; Skirt: Tahari, Macy’s; Belt: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Bebe; Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. Silver

How I wore it for work: 

aulani group

During the ABC 10 interview.  – with Mickey Mouse and the Disneyland Resort team.

latino fil festival interview

During the Azteca San Diego interview – with Ethan Van Thillo, from the San Diego Latino Film Festival.

Southern California Winter Outfit


Hi friends, we live in Southern California and are blessed with warm weather almost year round! There are only a few weeks in the winter season where we actually need to – and get to enjoy – wearing our boots and heavier coats. For the most part, in the winter Continue reading

Today’s Look: Black & White


I bought this top a few weeks ago at Ann Taylor during my power shopping at the Carlsbad Outlet’s during the fourth of July weekend (I posted about it on my blog that weekend). When I bought it, I visualized how I could mix & match it – perhaps to add some flare to a suit for work, with a skirt for a reception or summer dinner, and for a casual look with skinny jeans. I was looking for a fun way to wear it – and since we went to the Races at Del Mar today, this was a good occasion to bring it out! I’ll post about our Day at the Races later on, we had fun!

Today, I had to wear something that was appropriate for work, yet could transition into a fun outfit for the Races. We sat at the Turf Club with a group and the attire is dressier in that section due to the dress code. During the day, I wore a cardigan over the blouse and some bright pink heals which are more comfortable. I changed into the blue heals on our way to the Races. These blue heals are comfortable for about four hours, but not to wear all day for work. I wanted to add some color to the outfit, so I went with bright shoes. Initially, I tried on a few colored belts (instead of the colored shoes), but ended up wearing my favorite Ann Taylor black belt. I just love this belt! Since the cardigan has gold tone buttons, I wore gold accessories. I am glad gold tones are in right now! I have lots of silver jewelry, but it is fun to wear gold accessories more often. The black skirt I wore has a satiny feel to it and has some spandex, making it quite comfortable. I also like that it has spandex because my weight seems to fluctuate about three to five pounds every so often and this skirt fits every time I want to wear it. The only thing I didn’t like about wearing the blouse was that I wore a strapless bra and I find bras with straps more comfortable, particularly if I a wearing them all day. Overall, I like the outfit, it was comfortable & I felt good in it!

Do you like how I matched the blouse? Do you have any black & white outfits you like? Do you match bright shoes with black and white outfits? Share your outfit ideas with me!



DSCN2733 2






Cardigan sweater: Tory Burch;  Blouse: Ann Taylor, Carlsbad Outlet Stores;  Skirt: Xscape by Joanna Chen, Nordstrom;  Shoes: Ann Klein, Macy’s;  Belt: Ann Taylor;  Bracelet: Coach (other bracelet & gold ring were gifts from mom, years ago);  Purse: Louis Vuitton (this is my everyday purse & I don’t change purses daily, so you’ll see me with this purse often)