Starting Your Own Family Traditions: Fall


We have several traditions in our family and I greatly enjoy them! I look forward to them every year! When I say family, I am referring to my extended family, siblings (and their families), parents, grandmother, aunts/uncles, cousins, etc. My husband has been kind enough to adapt and join in on some of my family’s traditions. Lots of these traditions are around holidays and celebrations. Before we had a baby, my husband and I did not have many “traditions” of our own. Now that we have a daughter, we have started a few traditions for our own little family. This year, will mark our baby’s first holidays. Her first Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Dia de Reyes, and more! The summer was full of baby’s firsts, her first flight, Fourth of July, visit to the San Diego Zoo, a theater, a pool, Germany, Mexico, and more. It has been fun!

Some traditions with our family have changed as my nieces and nephews have gotten older. In past years, when they were younger, we would all schedule a date to visit the neighborhood pumpkin patch together. The kids would all get on rides, play the games, and we’d all choose a pumpkin for our homes. We haven’t gone to the local pumpkin patch together in the past few years. As the kids activities and social calendars (and homework) increase, it is getting harder to coordinate dates for all of us to go places together. This October in particular seems packed with weekend commitments for all of us. I wanted to take our daughter, Alessandra, to a pumpkin patch since this would be her first fall and Halloween. I know she is too small for the rides, but knew she would enjoy looking at the pumpkins and all the colorful rides, games, and lights at the pumpkin patch. When I first told my husband, he thought I wanted to take the baby to a huge pumpkin patch which may require a long drive to the outskirts of town. He was pleasantly surprised when I told him I simply wanted to go to the pumpkin patch just a few miles from our home.

Since the weather continues to be quite warm, we went before an early dinner so the weather would be a bit cooler. It was a beautiful day and evening for a visit to the pumpkin patch. We took pictures of Alessandra and she seemed fascinated by the pumpkins, the lights, and was especially interested in seeing the train go round and round. My husband played a game and won a prize for our baby on the first try. We walked around the pumpkin patch enjoying the decorations and describing everything to Alessandra. We also saw the rides, to get an idea of which rides may be appropriate for Alessandra next year. Before we left, we let Alessandra choose her own pumpkin. There was a section with small pumpkins, which were easier for her to hold. She chose one and we all left happy!

On the drive to the restaurant my husband commented on how that was a fun family activity and that next year, we can let Alessandra choose a larger pumpkin. He said it could become a tradition to take her to a pumpkin patch and every year she could choose a larger pumpkin, as she grows as well. My husband is not what I would call a very sentimental person and he rarely speaks about emotions (he is German after all). His comments warmed my heart and made me smile with happiness!

Starting a family tradition does not have to be something huge, elaborate, or expensive. It can be a simple outing or activity. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself and start to make fond memories. Visiting a pumpkin patch was a simple family outing, which will become a fun fall tradition for our family! We didn’t have to spend a whole day to drive to the outskirts of town to visit a large farm or pumpkin patch. We chose to visit one of the local pumpkin patches which are set-up temporarily for the season in various neighborhoods around the County. Plus, admission was free, we only paid for the games we played and pumpkin we purchased (the rides require purchase of tickets). Maybe when Alessandra is older and can appreciate visiting a large farm or pumpkin patch, we’ll take her. For now, this was a perfect Sunday outing for our little family!

Which fall traditions do you have?



PS – The Christmas holiday tradition I plan to continue with our baby and our family’s Dia de Reyes (Three Wise Men Day) tradition.


Arriving at the pumpkin patch. I dressed Alessandra in orange and green to follow the fall theme.


We took pictures with her.



She enjoyed seeing the pumpkins up close and touching them. I was right next to her and we had to keep a close eye because she tried to bite them (of course) and almost put the hay in her mouth. I cleaned her hands afterwards because she is teething and constantly putting her fingers in her mouth.


We used a cotton tote I had with me for her to sit on the hay. It was a last minute option. My hubby made a good suggestion, in the future, we will bring a few brown paper bags for her (& us) to sit on. We all ended up with hay on our clothing after sitting on it.

img_1853 img_1849

The Game Zone, hubby won a toy for Alessandra on his first try!

img_1847 img_1877

She was mesmerized by the train going round and round. I didn’t get on the train with her this year because last week we went on a train ride at a mall (see picture here) and she seemed more interested in seeing the train when it was passing by, than when we were riding on it.



We walked around the pumpkin patch and saw the various sizes, colors, and forms.


14566272_10207076770745794_4813436943782478489_o img_1852 img_1881

She seemed to enjoy looking at all the pumpkins!


Even though our baby is six months already and seems so much bigger than when she was born, she is still tiny! Everyday, I remind myself to enjoy my time with her and this stage we are in because she will never be this tiny again!


We let her choose her own little pumpkin.


A picture with her first pumpkin.


By the time we left, it was sunset and the pumpkin patch looked so pretty all lit up!

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