My Love of Wrap Dresses

DSCN9107Wrap dresses are my favorite type of everyday dress. They hug you at the waist – and that flatters most figures, including mine. Wrap dresses are very practical! I am a huge fan of them! Many of my work dresses are wrap dresses. My favorite brand is BCBG. I buy them at the BCGB stores, at the BCBG Outlet stores, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and Macy’s. I also have a few other brands, such as Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. Saks and Saks Off 5th also carry multiple other brands (at reasonable prices).

Here are the top reasons why I love wrap dresses:

1- They are timeless.

2- They are easy to wash, I wash them at home in the gentle cycle with Woolite and lay them flat to dry.

3- The material does not fade easily (so they last for a long time).

4- The work well for my curvy body type because they emphasize the waistline (they actually work for all body types).

5- They are made of stretchy material and the waistline is adjustable, so they work for me, if I gain 5 pounds or lose 5 pounds, I just loosen or tighten the waistline straps.

6- They can be worn year-round – alone or with a cardigan, jacket, or pashmina/scarf, with boots, sandals, tights or alone.

7- They can be dressed up or down – with dressy or casual accessories, heels or flats. So, I can wear them for work, to accompany my husband to business dinners, cocktail parties, and casual occasions.

8- They are practical for travel. They aren’t bulky and don’t take much space in the luggage. They don’t wrinkle easily.

So, I have many dresses in this style and love them! Here are just a few of my wrap dresses.

Do you have wrap dresses? Do you love them as much as I do? Do you have a favorite one?  I’d like to hear from you and find out which are your favorite wrap dresses.



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At my nephew’s birthday party, every guest had to wear socks to be allowed enter the venue. Funny thing is, I tried on a few pairs of shoes before deciding which one’s looked best with this wrap dress…then I spent the party in socks (provided by my sister at the party). In case you are wondering, I wore wedges.

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This is one of my wrap favorite dresses! I’ve worn it a gazillion times!

DSCN2275 DSCN9638 2

I am looking forward to wearing this pretty & colorful dress this spring…& summer!

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election night party

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