Motherhood Update: Alessandra Turns 2 Months


(Wearing one of her German dirndl style outfit, a gift from her grandmother in Germany)

Our baby girl, Alessandra, turned two months recently. Here’s our update:

Our second month together: Alessandra now recognizes my voice and my husband’s. She follows us with her eyes and turns her head. These are good signs of milestones she was supposed to reach in her second month. My sister had told me that as the baby started to recognize us, it would become more fun to spend time with her. Well, she was right! I am enjoying our interactions more and more everyday! The smile on her face when I talk to her melts my heart. I am certain I will enjoy these moments for many years to come.

Physical Changes: She is going through a growth spurt and has already begun to outgrow some of her newborn size clothing. She continues to grow and gain weight! Amazing what a difference pound or two will make in a newborn! Her legs are fuller and she has adorable chubby cheeks! She moves her legs with more strength and we have to be careful she doesn’t push herself off when we lay her down in her play gym or is in the bathtub base. She is tolerating tummy time a little more, but still doesn’t seem to like it. She can take about five minutes of it before she starts to complain.

Motherhood Challenge: My friend told me babies are so vulnerable at this stage and her words stuck with me! Dr. Barmeyer said the same thing when I went in for my six-week postpartum checkup. They are right! Alessandra depends on us for everything. I am trying to exclusively breastfeed which makes it hard to go anywhere. I find it uncomfortable to breastfeed in public. Even though I cover myself, it is still uncomfortable because I have to sit down and stop whatever I am doing, place her in a certain position because she is still tiny, and try to see her face as I am breastfeeding to ensure she is able to breathe. So, I try to feed her before we leave the house or pump in order to bottle feed her when we are out. I also leave pumped milk for my husband on the rare occasions when I go out, which requires additional planning in order to be able to leave the house even for a simple walk. Someone had told me breastfeeding was like having a ball and chain, and it is. I feed her every two to three hours, sometimes as often as every hour. It seems all I do lately is feed her, burp her, change her diaper, try to get her to nap and by then it is time to feed her and do the whole routine all over again. Breast milk is digested faster by babies, so they need to be fed more often than babies which drink formula. I knew breastfeeding was time-consuming, but I didn’t realize it would consume so much of my day. Even if I leave pumped milk for her, I can’t be gone too long because my breasts begin to get engorged and it is painful. I have read lots about the benefits of breastfeeding, so I am going to try to continue up to one year. I know this is a stage and in time she will need to be breastfed less as we introduce solid foods around six months of age. I am trying to stay positive and keep up the breastfeeding!

Our routine: Alessandra is finally sleeping more hours at night. I did some research and learned that as long as she is eating enough during the day, it is fine to let her sleep more hours throughout the night! Alleluia! I am finally getting between four to six hours each night! I am still sticking to our routine. When she wakes up, my hubby or I will change her diaper, I’ll feed her and try to get her to take a morning nap. I succeed about eighty percent of time which makes for lots of good days. On those days, I also take a nap. On the days she doesn’t take a morning nap, it makes for an exhausted mom, and she is also very tired and gets fussy by the afternoon. I bathed her pretty much daily which relaxes her! Bath time is fun for both of us! We got lucky with a baby which seems to enjoy sleeping throughout the night and likes her bath time. In the afternoons, I’ll place her in her activity gym and play with her with some toys or a baby mirror. I’ll sit her on my lap, facing me and I’ll talk to her, we’ll explore her hands and sing her a song. When dad gets home from work, he plays with her and sings to her. He is trying to teach her some German words and lullabies.

Outings: We had more outings during her second month. We took her to her first Padres game, my nephew’s birthday party – where she got her first box of candy (which her parents ate), an Exhibit Opening Reception at the Reuben H Fleet Science Center, the Cincoteca (Cinco de Mayo) Event at Puesto at the Headquarters at Seaport Village, and lunch with our Jiao cousins in Coronado. We’ve gone out to eat a few more times, but I still prefer to get take-out because it is simply easier to eat at home. As long as she is fed, well rested, and has a clean diaper, she is a trooper at events and either falls asleep or observes her surroundings while we enjoy some socializing. Since the weather has gotten warmer, I have started to take her with me on a few of my walks with Lorena. She seems to enjoy the fresh air, and seeing the trees and sky. I’ve also taken her with me, due to need, not preference, to Target and the grocery stores. I have to rush to get the shopping done because she seems to become inpatient at grocery stores and starts to get fussy after a short period. No more perusing at Target for me.

Favorite Outfit: The outfit I chose to put on her when she left the hospital finally fits her well (see picture from hospital here). It is a pink ballerina style outfit with a tutu, a gift from my sister. I put the outfit on her to attend my nephew’s birthday party. I added some leggings so her little legs would stay warm. The outfit comes with a beautiful bow! I hope she can wear it a few more times in the next month. She is outgrowing her clothes quickly!

Favorite Motherhood Moment: The way she looks at me with her little eyes (see picture here)! It is like she can smile with her eyes. Even when someone else is holding her, she seeks me out. It is am amazing feeling which warms my heart!

What were your favorite moments as a new parent? And your challenges?



PS – In case you missed it, Alessandra’s first month update and see more pictures of our everyday life on my Instagram (@paolahernandezjiao) and Facebook pages.


Wearing her other dirndl style outfit for the Exhibit Opening Reception at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.


With our friend Luis at the Exhibit Opening Reception.


With our friend Elsa at my nephew’s birthday party – wearing this month’s favorite outfit, the pink ballerina tutu style outfit.


Receiving her first box of birthday candy.


This is how the pink ballerina style outfit fit her when we left the hospital. We had to roll up the sleeves and it was loose on her tiny body.


At her first Padres game (see more pictures of our Padres game outing here).


In her new Padres gear. It was an exciting and full day, baby was ready for nap when we returned home.


The day my maternal grandmother met her. She looks like a little angel!


About to take her out for a walk.


Alessandra met our Jiao cousins during brunch in Coronado.

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  1. She’s a beautiful doll baby! You’re doing an amazing job! Breastfeeding is like a ball and chain lol! I’ve never thought about that but it feels like that in the beginning. In a few months she will begin to nurse with longer gaps (2-3 hours) except during growth spurts. One year will fly by!

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