We Marched! Now What? What We Can Do Next

We Marched! Now What? What You (We) Can Do Next! If you participated in the Women’s March or didn’t march, you can get involved & help make a difference in your community. Watch this new video, I share the best organized national campaign I found and a simple step we can all take to support causes we believe in. Thank you for watching!



If you share this video, please remember to use the hashtag #WhyIMarch

PS – Click here for link to Women’s March website and in case you missed it, video of us participating at the Women’s March San Diego.
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¡Marchamos! ¿Ahora qué podemos hacer? Grabe un video sobre los pasos a seguir para participar y hacer una diferencia en tu comunidad. Oprime en el enlace para ver el video. ¡Gracias por tu sintonía!

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PD: Enlace a pagina de WomensMarch.com y en caso que no lo hayas visto, enlace a video de nuestra participación en Women’s March San Diego (Marcha por la Mujer).

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