Listening To Your Body: Sometimes We Need to Slow Down & Rest



Luckily, I have had a pretty good pregnancy (thus far)! I didn’t have any morning sickness or nausea, my legs haven’t gotten swollen, I don’t have preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, and I have been able to continue exercising regularly. Even though I have changed my exercise routine to be low impact, I think the regular exercise and following a healthy diet has also contributed to my overall good experience during pregnancy. There was one occasion in the beginning of my pregnancy, after having a long day of being out and about working and running errands, when I felt a little pain in what seems to be the bottom of the uterus. I called the doctor’s office because I was a bit concerned. I was told I had probably over exerted myself and to try to take it easy and rest more often. They were right. Now, after doing too much on certain days, I will feel that pain beginning and know it is time to stop and put my feet up. Literally, I will put my feet up! I have continued my normal, active routine and haven’t felt more tired due to the pregnancy. I don’t take naps because I don’t get sleepy in the middle of the day. And, on the rare occasion when I have taken a nap, I wake up feeling groggy, so I prefer to rest by reading or meditating. I have tried to not over exert myself and to not schedule too much on a single day. I am now spreading out my meetings, events, and speaking engagements when possible. I am starting my third trimester next week and my baby bump has been growing fast this past month! The baby is also moving lots! Just a few weeks ago, I couldn’t feel her movements (or wasn’t aware it was her moving) and now it seems she is having a party in my belly! I love to feel her moving!

The past two weeks were very busy for me, with lots of meetings, television interviews, events, and speaking engagements. I had a few late nights followed by very early mornings. I enjoy being productive and had fun with the work I was doing! But, I didn’t get enough sleep and my body felt it. I rarely get sick, but last week I got sick! It started with a sore throat, then congestion, followed by a full on cold. I had watery eyes, congestion, and a runny nose. I tried to fight it, but it wasn’t going away. I tried my natural remedies, such as lemon tea, lots of fluids, extra vitamins, Airborne, additional fruit, and using a humidifier in the bedroom, but it didn’t seem to be helping. I was confirmed to host the Jingle Fest at Westfield Plaza Bonita and did not want to cancel. So, two days before the event I decided to start taking cold medications (approved by the doctor), in addition to my natural remedies, and to rest. If I wanted to get better, I needed to rest, sleep some extra hours, and let my body focus on recuperating. Even though I had lots to do, including Christmas shopping and errands, I decided to stay at home. I was able to work from home, in my pjs. It was cold outside and raining, I knew if I went out it may make my cold worse. I also got concerned because I didn’t want my cold to worsen or result in a more serious illness. Not only was I concerned for myself, I was more concerned about our baby and pregnancy.

Within two days of staying in doors (and not even exercising), taking cold medication, continuing my home remedies, eating chicken soup, and getting lots of rest, I was feeling better. I was able to make it to the event and host the program. It is funny, or should I say amazing, how our bodies work. The morning of the event I woke up feeling congested. I took my cold medications, did a bit of exercise to feel more energized (since I am not drinking coffee, light exercise helps give me energy), and had a cup of lemon tea. While I was getting my make-up applied and hair done for the event, I felt light-headed and still congested. But, within an hour, as I was reviewing the program with the event producer, I started to feel better. It was show time, and as they say, the show must go on! I think my body knew it was time to be “on” and blocked the cold somehow. I felt fine for a few hours and got through the event. It may have been the adrenaline! As soon as the event ended, my eyes started getting watery, and the sneezing and congestion returned. That evening, I took the cold medication and went to sleep. I was glad I did not cancel my hosting commitment. It is always a pleasure to work with the Plaza Bonita team & I had fun!

The next day was a Sunday and I rested at home. I even took a nap in the afternoon. I only attended an event in the evening and made sure to bundle up before I left the house. I still have a lingering cold and am taking small dosages of the cold medicine for the congestion. Hopefully, in a few days the cold will be gone.

I think the reason I got sick was due to a combination of my body being tired and because I am not taking my regular winter dosage of extra vitamins. The past trimester, I have not been sleeping as deeply as usual because I wake up if I am on my back and turn to my side, which is the recommended sleeping position. So, perhaps I am not getting as much sleep as usual. But, I feel fine and rested in the mornings. Due to the pregnancy, I am taking a daily prenatal vitamin, but am being careful with supplements and other vitamins. This cold made me realize that I have to listen to my body, particularly now that I am pregnant. My health not only affects me, but can also affect our baby and pregnancy. This past week, I have made sure I bundle up before I leave the house. I am also eating more oranges to increase my vitamin C intake and will continue taking Airborne. Plus, I am also trying to slow down a bit and make sure I get enough sleep every night! I have started declining invitations and speaking engagements which would be held in the eight or ninth month of pregnancy. I need to listen to my body and not over exert myself. Additionally, I would not want to cancel a speaking or hosting engagement at the last minute if I were to not feel well or the baby were to be born earlier than expected. If I can start to feel the baby bump growing rapidly now, in the sixth month, I know our baby will get even larger in the coming months. My mobility will likely not be the same and neither will my level of energy, at least that is what all the pregnancy books say! I hope I continue to feel as good as I have thus far and our pregnancy (and baby) remains healthy!

So, next time you feel your body talking to you, listen. Don’t over exert yourself to the level of weakening your immune system and being susceptible to getting sick. Get enough sleep and rest, even if it means some things will just have to wait to get done until tomorrow.

Have you gotten a cold this season? Did you slow down & rest to allow your body to recuperate? Do you use any home remedies which work?



PS – The beauty benefits of getting enough sleep & how to appreciate rest, even when you can’t fall asleep.


I tried increasing the amount of fruit I was eating, particularly oranges.


I continued drinking Green Stuff which is full of vegetables & fruit.



I was drinking lots of natural lemon tea & increased my fluids.


We had a humidifier in the bedroom.


I was constantly washing my hands to avoid passing on my germs.IMG_6503

After a few days, I decided I needed to sleep it off and get some additional rest.


I was able to work while resting in bed.


And, stayed in my pjs and slippers pretty much all day. I showered and changed into another pair of comfy pjs.


I gave in and took some of the cold medication approved by the doctor (I chose the lightest meds possible).


Our baby kitties kept me company while I worked in bed. I think they sensed I was sick and this was their way of taking care of me.


I was able to host the Jingle Fest event and it all went well!


It is amazing how strong our bodies can be and how they help us out when we need to fulfill a commitment!

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