Latin Food Fest


Being Hispanic, it is always nice to hear of events that portray Mexico and Latin America in a positive way! The 2013 Latin Food Fest had it’s Opening Night on Thursday and I attended. It was nice to see the multiple exhibitor tables that highlighted a variety of Latin food and drinks! There were restaurants and wineries from the Southern California and Baja region, as well as Latin culinary celebrities (chefs).  The food was exquisite, from gourmet tacos, to seafood dishes, delicious desserts, chocolate, coffee, & more! The Fest also includes 14 events, such as tasting parties, educational seminars, celebrity chef demonstrations, and a benefit dinner. If you have an opportunity stop by the Latin Food Fest this weekend, it runs until Sunday (9/15), your palate will thank you. For more details, visit: Do you have a favorite latin dish? Do share!



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I did an interview for City College TV with reporter Marco Puente.

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