Expanding Your Happiness: 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak

Super Soul Sunday on OWN is one of my favorite shows. Every Sunday morning I look forward to watching it. The shows are inspirational, thought provoking, and positive. They often make me reflect on my own life. Oprah Winfrey hosts the hour long show, and interviews one person on each program, usually an author, athlete, business leader that has gone out of the box, poet, guru, musician, or actor. Each one of them has an inspirational story to share.

Recently, Oprah interviewed Deepak Chopra on the program. During a commercial break, I saw a promo regarding the Oprah & Deepak Expanding Your Happiness – 21 Day Meditation Experience. I went on my iPad and looked it up on the OWN website, made a note of the date and later registered on-line. Did I mention, this meditation experience (guided meditation) is FREE? It is FREE!! Oprah & Deepak  have partnered in the past for free on-line meditation programs, but this is the first time I was aware of the dates and signed up to participate. I didn’t know what to expect, but being a fan of both of them, I knew it would be good!

The meditation started a few days ago. I’ve been doing it for a week now and love it! I find (make) the time at night, to meditate just before I go to sleep. I use my iPad to sign-in to the site, put on my earphones, an eye mask, turn off the bedroom light, and place the IPad next to me (I close the cover to avoid the bright light). It is very relaxing! I am able to meditate, to listen to the positive messages shared by Oprah & Deepak in the opening of each meditation session. Each session is only 20 minutes and there is a theme for each day. Below are samples of themes thus far. The meditations include relaxing nature music which soothes my mind after a busy day! I feel like I am at a spa….but I am at home, meditating!

You can still sign up – for FREE! Each meditation theme stays posted in the site for five days. So you may miss only a few of the starting days, but no worries, you can start on the first day available on the site. You can sign-in to do the daily meditations at a time in your day that is convenient for you. I promise you, it is wonderful!

Hope you sign up and enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it! You deserve to dedicate 20 minutes in your day to your well-being! This meditation practice brings me peace every night and is the best way to  end my day in relaxation!

Do you meditate? Have you heard of this Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak? If you are already signed-up for it, what do you think? Are you enjoying it?

Namaste friends (& hugs too),


oprah deepak day 1 picture oprah deepok day 3 deepok oprh day 3 i am peace deepok oprah day 4- I am Love deepok oprah day 5 i am playful deepok oprah day 7- hope

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