Easy Way to Cut Calories From Holiday Parties & Everyday


The holidays are in full swing, we still have New Year’s Eve and Dia de Reyes (Three Wise Men Day) parties coming up. It is fun to indulge in our favorite meals and drinks during the holidays, but after a month of parties and dinners, all those calories can add up. An easy way to cut a few calories from those drinks and meals at parties, not just during the holidays, but all year-long, is to substitute soft drinks and alcohol for sparkling water. I like sparkling water because I still get the sensation of the bubbles and fizz of soft drinks and sparkling wines, without the added calories. Sparkling waters are available in multiple flavors nowadays.The sparkling waters we drink have zero calories and natural fruit flavors. We purchase Dasani and the Trader Joe’s brands for our home, usually the lemon or lime flavors. The Trader Joe’s bottles are convenient if you want to take a drink on the go or drink it straight out of the bottle, but want to make sure you don’t accidentally spill the drink should the bottle tilt. The Dasani sparkling waters come in cans. I like Dasani because the drink seems to stay cool longer in the aluminum can. It is also a smaller amount, so I tend to finish the entire can in one sitting vs the Trader Joe’s bottles which have more ounces.

Usually, I will take the sparkling water upstairs or to my office with me, and simply drink it from the can or bottle. But, if I am sitting down at the table to have a meal, I will use a nice crystal glass. Sometimes, I will use a wine glass or a taller water glass. It just adds a little flare of fanciness to my drink. I have also found that I can make cocktails with the sparkling waters, by adding a splash of tequila and additional lime. A friend likes to add a splash of vodka. Depending on the flavor of the sparkling water, you can also use it to make wine coolers by adding wine to it. You can still enjoy drinks during the holidays and at parties, but perhaps consider making your second drink a sparkling water or a sparkling water cocktail by adding a splash of your favorite alcoholic beverage. By doing this, you may be cutting as much as 200 to 600 calories from your meal. Sometimes, I am shocked to learn how many calories are in mixed drinks and cocktails. Plus, by doing this, you are adding to your daily water consumption. You are hydrating your body.

When I purchase sparkling water, I am still look at the label to ensure the ingredients are natural and not artificial fruit flavors. Dasani also makes berry and black cherry flavored sparkling water. Trader Joe’s also has multiple flavors available. I don’t drink sodas, but my hubby does. He drinks diet sodas. I have been able to get him out of the habit of drinking soda at home, by replacing it with flavored sparkling waters.

For the upcoming parties (or anytime of the year), if you want to cut out some calories, replace your soda or alcoholic beverage with a sparkling water. Or, consider having a sparkling water with a splash of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

What is your favorite holiday or party drink? Do you drink sparkling waters?



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IMG_3509 IMG_3511

We keep an assortment of sparkling water in the refrigerator. I usually drink or two cans per day.

IMG_3504 IMG_3505

The Trader Joe’s brand sparkling water bottles. I also like to keep non-flavored sparkling water in the fridge for visitors who prefer this drink (vs the flavored waters). These bottles are also convenient as to-go drinks. I take them with me in lunch boxes or in the car.

IMG_3516 IMG_3535 IMG_3536 IMG_3550 IMG_3547 IMG_3533

The cans are also convenient for parties because guests can help themselves to drinks easily from an ice box or container with ice.

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