Brightening Up Your Bathroom in One Easy Step


I’ve always preferred clean, sleek design when it comes to decor at home, but I also want it to be comfortable and a livable space. In general, I am pretty organized. I keep my closet and drawers organized, make our bed everyday and return items to their place. When it comes to my bathroom counter, I like to keep it uncluttered. I store my brush in its drawer everyday, as well as the rest of the beauty items I use daily. Even though my hubby is also organized, we are opposites when it comes to our bathroom counter. He likes to keep items he uses daily out on the counter. Such as shaving cream, toothpaste, and moisturizer. Luckily, we have separate sinks, with individual counters, connected in the middle with a lower make-up table. This makes for a happy marriage. On my counter, I only keep a large white shell from the Bahamas (it reminds me of that amazing trip we made together), the soap dispenser, and my Sonicare toothbrush which needs to be kept on the electric charger. My counter, sink, the shell, and toothbrush are all white.  Every once in a while, I like to change things up and add some color to my side of the counter. The easiest way is to add a small pop of color with a flower. I use a single flower in a clear or blue glass vase. I will take a flower from a floral arrangement downstairs and place it in a vase on the bathroom counter. It is amazing how it adds life to the bathroom! I am always surprised by how long the flowers last in the bathroom! It is a darker area and stays cool because we have the air conditioning on. I change the water in the vase periodically. The flower in the bathroom will usually last a week or two longer than the floral arrangement it came from (kept downstairs where there is much more sunlight and it gets warmer). The flower also adds a nice scent to the bathroom area. Every morning when I see the flower, it makes me smile!

Next time you want to freshen up your bathroom or add some pop of color, simply add a flower! What an easy and affordable way to change things up a bit!

Have you placed flowers in your bathroom? Do you place fresh floral arrangements around your house? Are the flowers from your yard or do you buy them?





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