Best Way to Take 5 Minutes or Less in the Shower


Have you ever wondered how long you spend in the shower everyday? The majority of 18-to-34-year-old Americans spend more than 10 minutes showering. The time goes down for people aged 55 and above (source: Huffington Post). There are days when I only have five minutes to take a shower, less time if possible. In the mornings, it seems I am rushing to get in and out of the shower as quickly as possible. I am constantly looking at the clock to ensure I am on time. I wake up and look at my alarm clock, then the clock in the shower, as I am getting ready I look at the clock on the wall in the bathroom, then the clock in my closet as I am getting dressed. Yes, I have lots of clocks around our house! It helps me when I am in a rush to leave the house.

As much as I enjoy taking relaxing showers or baths, these usually happen on weekends when I don’t have to be somewhere. Several years ago, I decided to buy a clock for my shower in an effort to take shorter showers. I went to a popular home store and purchased a shower clock/radio for about $75, and within a few weeks it wasn’t working properly, so I returned it. Then I did some research on-line and found this small, basic suction water-resistant clock for the shower at Bed Bath & Beyond. It only cost $14.99 and with one of the $5 off coupons that come in the mail from the store, I only paid $10. It was a great deal! I was single when I bought it and used it for several years in my home. The clock moved with me to our new home after I got married. It has helped me get in the habit of taking shorter showers. A few weeks ago, the hour hand stopped working. Which wasn’t a problem for me because I could still keep track of how long I was in the shower with the minute hand. Days later, the minute hand stopped working. I tried moving around the knob in the back and changed the battery, but it wasn’t working anymore. I even asked my hubby to take a look at it and he told me it was probably not fixable. The clock lasted me for about seven years, so I guess it ran its course and I definitely got my money’s worth! For a few weeks, I didn’t have a clock in the shower and noticed I was taking more time in the shower. For some reason, I feel a sense of accomplishment in taking quick showers when I am in a hurry.

Last week, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a new shower clock! I was glad to see they still sold the same model and the price was the same. Since I installed the new clock in the shower again, I am back to shorter showers! This helps me get ready and out of the house faster! In addition to the times I am in a rush, California is going through a drought, so I am trying to take shorter showers everyday. I feel I am contributing my little part to help California. So, if you want to take shorter showers or just keep track of time in the shower, I recommend getting a water-resistant suction clock! I love mine! It’s funny how such a simple thing can make a difference in my day!

Do you take short or long showers? Do you have a clock in the shower?



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I like that the clock is simple black and white, and the numbers are large enough to see from a distance in the shower.


The suction cups make it easy to attach it to the shower wall. The packaging indicates it can be attached to clean, smooth surfaces, ie: tile, glass, fiber glass, metal, etc.


The clock easily stays in place with the suction cups.

IMG_6013The clock is stainless steel and water resistant (not waterproof), so I try to hang it in a place in the shower where it won’t get wet. It gets exposed to moisture and some water drops, but I don’t let it get completely wet. The other clock I had for several years never rusted and water did not enter the battery compartment.


The clock comes with a battery included which lasts several months. The back of the clock (battery compartment) is sealed with a rubber cover.


2 thoughts on “Best Way to Take 5 Minutes or Less in the Shower

  1. I must get one! I don’t keep track of time, and usually take longer than I know I should. Thanks, heading out soon to BB&B 🙂

    • Hi Maria, thanks for your comment. The same thing would happen to me! I am back on track with shorter showers since I got the shower clock again 🙂
      Un abrazo,

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