Beauty Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep


Do you get enough sleep every night? If you are like most of us busy women, probably not. We are all trying to get as much done as possible every day, we seem to be hooked on being productive – on being super woman. I often say, “I wish there were more hours in the day!” And, I mean that literally, between work, getting ready for work, driving, exercising, errands, making dinner,  and spending time with my hubby and family, there isn’t much time left in the day. So, yes, I do wish there were more hours in the day….or that my body required less sleep. Sometimes, I wish I was one of those people that can function on four or five hours of sleep. But, I am not, my body seems to need eight hours of sleep. I can go three or four nights on five to six hours of sleep, but by about the fifth night of lack of sufficient sleep, I start to feel it and not even strong coffee can make up for lack of sleep. I have learned to try to relax and to get enough sleep – every night!

Some of you may be saying, “and she doesn’t even have children yet, good luck on sleeping eight hours when you have children” and you are right, I think about that too. For some of you, getting eight hours of sleep each night is a privilege due to your commitments with family, work, or school, and I understand. There are many health benefits to getting enough zzz’s…and beauty benefits too! According to Fitness Magazine, the optimal hours of sleep are between seven to nine hours. While we sleep, our body produces human growth hormones that produce collagen which helps our skin look refreshed and youthful. Night creams and serums penetrate better overnight when your body is resting. If you don’t get enough sleep, blood doesn’t flow efficiently, and skin will start to look dull and tired. According to WebMD, lack of sleep causes the blood vessels to dilate which results in dark circles under the eyes. Lack of rest can disrupt the hormonal and metabolic changes that naturally occur in your body when you sleep.

We re-charge our electronic devices to ensure they keep running properly. Well, sleep is the body’s way to re-charge. When we sleep the body goes into repair mode and skin renews itself naturally.

Best of all, sleep is FREE! Yes, this powerful beauty treatment is free, just lay down, close your eyes, fall asleep, and get the benefits!

So, try to shut down those electronic devices earlier, put your kids to sleep, and get enough zzz’s every night!

How many hours of sleep do you need? How many hours of sleep do you actually get?

Hugs…now, let’s go to sleep – goodnight everyone,


*I really wasn’t asleep when we took the picture and I was still wearing make-up from the day…to get the most beauty benefits from sleep, remove your make-up every night and put on a moisturizer and eye cream 🙂  

2 thoughts on “Beauty Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

  1. Good advice! I get 7-8 hours and that doesn’t seem like enough so I try to take a 30 minute nap when I can squeeze it in. Sweet dreams!!

    • Hi Amber – miss super mom! Happy Saturday, woo-hoo! Good for you – a nap is helpful and 30 minutes is just the right amount, at least according to an interview I saw with Dr. Oz. He said that helps us recharge, but a longer nap (1 or 2 hours) may actually make us feel a bit groggy afterwards, who knew! Maybe I’ll write a blog post regarding naps…you just gave me an idea! Thanks! Hugs to you and your beautiful babies! Paola

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