The Art of The Brick: Amazing Creations Built with Lego Pieces


Lego’s are as popular as ever! My nephew is a huge Lego fan! For his birthday I went to the store to buy him a Lego Minecraft gift and was overwhelmed by the multiple options and sizes. I called my sister from the store to inquire which set he didn’t already have and would prefer. He loved his gift! So, when I received the invitation to attend the Opening Night of The Art of the Brick exhibition at the Fleet Science Center, the first person to come to mind was my nephew (and sister, of course).

The exhibition is unique and amazing! The Art of the Brick is a collection of inspiring artworks made exclusively of Lego bricks. Nathan Sawaya, a contemporary artist, designed these pieces which are the world’s largest display of Lego art. The exhibition includes re-imagined versions of some of the world’s most famous works of art, such as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. It also includes a twenty-foot-long T-Rex dinosaur skeleton, a multimedia collection of Lego brick-infused photography, famous sculptures, and more! There is a special Exhibition Gift Shop at the end of the exhibition, and a Fit-A-Brick Building Zone where guests can play and build their own Lego creations.




The exhibition at the Fleet Science Center is The Art of the Brick’s Southern California premiere. It is a limited-engagement exhibition and will be at the Fleet through January 29, 2017. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience these amazing and imaginative creations! These pieces of artwork are not only a demonstration of incredible talent, they are also a demonstration of patience and passion for art. In an introduction video at the beginning of the exhibition it is explained why Sawaya decided to make a major career change to follow his passion to create art. Throughout the exhibition, there are descriptions of the pieces of art which include the time it took Sawaya to create each piece. Some pieces took several months to create and thousands of Lego pieces!

This is an exhibition both children and adults can enjoy and appreciate! I highly recommend it! For more details visit Hope you get an opportunity to see this wonderful exhibition!

Have you been to the Fleet Science Center?



PS: Our Day at the Museum (Fleet Science Center permanent exhibits) and A Beautiful Stroll at Balboa Park.


We got to enjoy playing with some of the interactive science exhibits at the Center during the reception, before we entered the exhibition on the second floor.


We saw some of my media friends at the event. Pictured here with Luis Cruz, from the San Diego Union-Tribune.



img_1501 img_1502 img_1504 img_1509

My nephew enjoyed the exhibition!

img_1536 img_1540 img_1533 img_1559 img_1567 img_1586 img_1587 img_1608

Even our baby, Alessandra, enjoyed the exhibition!


One of the most popular spots to take a picture.


The Exhibition Gift Shop.


The Fit-A-Brick Build Zone.


Our baby’s first time playing with Lego pieces.


Can you read my nephew’s creation? We had fun playing and creating at the Fit-A-Brick Build Zone.

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