Amazing What a Book Can Do


This is a picture of our library at home. My husband and I greatly enjoy reading, as inviting as the chairs in our library are, we usually read in our bedroom or on flights. When I arrive at home after a long day at work, I usually go straight to the kitchen to make dinner for my hubby, or to our bedroom to change and begin relaxing.  Between the both of us we probably have way too many books – we keep more books in our offices and our nightstands – and seem to have a hard time detaching from them. We do buy books as gifts. We have books in English, Spanish, and German (as well as Italian, French, Mandarin, & other languages from our travels). My husband reads all sorts of subjects. I mostly read non-fiction books – I really enjoy biographies, leadership books, history, fashion, and self-improvement topics. I think I’ve only read two novels, even though I do like watching movies often (just for entertainment). I love visiting libraries and regularly check out books. Reading is one of my hobbies, a guilty pleasure. I can spend an entire weekend reading a book cover to cover. For the most part I am reading two to three books at a time.

Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. We went to a catholic school and they had a program with a local library to encourage children to read more, when students reached a goal they would get ribbons and a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut. Funny the things we remember from our childhood. Reading lead to spelling contests, my mother says she was proud her little Latina daughter would win spelling contests in English. Growing up I don’t remember thinking I was Hispanic or different, not even encountering racism. I played with our neighbors, was involved in clubs at school, became a Brownie and a Girl Scout, we were perfectly assimilated. I think being born here and learning the language at an early age helped.

I have learned so much from books, about so many topics….a book can transport you to another country, teach you about other cultures….and even take you to another world! I have many favorites….the Oprah Winfrey biography has been inspirational, as have the Jack Welch books, and more recently Lean In…..too many to list! Now, even with tons of information at our fingertips via the internet, I love to curl up with a good book, to feel the pages, and get lost in the story….trying to find some type of a learning experience from every book!

Happy reading to everyone!

Did you have  a favorite book growing up? Do you have a favorite book or which was the last book you read? Any suggestions you recommend on good non-fiction books?



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